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Posted 10-04-12
Mike Griffin,

My name is Mike Griffin. I was stationed at Clark from 1972 - 1973.  I was with the 6922nd Security Group and ran the DF shop while stationed there.   The 6922 was an intelligent gathering division that reported directly to the National Security Agency (NSA) in Ft. Meade Maryland.  Operators were called "ditty bops" because they were intercepting messages from our enemies sent in Morse Code.  The DF (Direction Finding) shop,  shot fixes on targets in hostile territory.  The FLR 9 antenna was a landmark of Clark and was referred to as the "Elephant Cage". I was honored to see the POWs come home when they landed there and I went home in December of 1973.  The Vietnam war ended a couple of years later.

Posted 10-04-12
Ed Dotson

I was stationed at Clark from 69 to 72. I worked as an SP and worked 50 which was a ERT for law enforcement. I worked with Jim Horne, McCormack, and several other people.

Posted 10-04-12
James M. Penne

Was stationed at Clarion Air Base 1967-1968.  Assigned 636 Combat Support Group, base OJT.  My office NCO was SMSgt Carley T. LADET.  Our office was located across from 13th Air Force Headquarters and next to base gym.  I can remember working with a Staff Sergeant John Funking who was from Michigan.  My roommate's name was John Hawkins, he was from around Seattle.  I also had a good friend who was also stationed with me at Brooks AFB, Tenner Smith, he was from South Carolina. There will never be a place like Clark AFB.  It was our hometown, we were all neighbored. Never forget the football games on Friday nights, working at base movie theatre on Saturdays making popcorn.  Climbing out on roof to change movie marquis. I can only remember the managers name was Angle. We had a super airmans club with great entertainment and food.  We had a matradee whose name was Joe Allepeo, does anyone have information on him I'll never forget the great times I had at Clark Air Base. For people who were stationed at Clark, don't ever forget it. Love to hear from you.

Posted 10-04-12
Tom Walker

I am trying to find someone who knows or was in a Broadway musical directed by Jean Normandy sometime between 1945 and 1950 at Clark Air Base.  I was in the Air Force from 1965 to 1968.    Jean is now 95 and lives in a retirement community.  I see her almost daily and she has told me a number of adventures she had at Clark Air Base.  I was hoping that I could find and old tape or film of one of her musicals that I could put on a DVD for her.  She would really appreciate it.  Thanks for any info you can provide.

Posted 10-04-12
John (Jack) Bell, A2/C, 1958 - 1959

31st Air Rescue Squadron for 3 months then transferred to SAMAP and returned to USA after developing Asthma. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Posted 10-04-12
Kathleen James

I was assigned to the 43d APS, Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX (USAFR) from 1986-89.  Our unit did a 2 week annual tour at Clark and met a fellow AF soldier, Paul Bruno… I currently work for Xanterra Parks & Resorts in Death Valley, CA.  I met a contractor from the PI who mentioned something about Clark AB reopening.  I was just curious… I found this message board and thought I would give it a try… thanks.

Posted 10-04-12
Darryl Wimberley

Thanks, first of all, for making this site available.  I was Medi-Vacked out of Clark AB in 1973 after a spinal surgery.  I had been assigned to the "Elephant Cage", 6922d Scty Group.  I shared a house on base with a JAG and with a pilot for the Rescue Squadron of HC-130s.  This officer drove a Harley motorcycle, had a handlebar moustache, and could mime any Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song on his guitar.  His name was John Wilson.  I believe he was a Captain at the time.   If anyone knows John or can tell him that Darryl Wimberley is trying to reach him to thank him for being one truthful and sterling officer, I'd appreciate it.  I have a website for business, too.  (Obligatory, nowadays)

Posted 10-04-12
Bob Carlson

My name is Bob Carlson,  stationed at Clark living in the Barracks right across  from the Terminal .  I was in the 604 MASS as a Jet Engine Tech working on C141s, c133s.  I remember many nights at Linda Reyes in Balibago or should I say I do not remember many nights at Linda Reyes.  I also stayed in what was called the chicken coups.

Posted 10-04-12
Wallace J. Cain, 1965 - 1967

I was stationed at Clark from Jan 1965 to July 1967.  I worked in NORS control, Research and Due In Due Out. I swam on the base swim team and went to the PACAF championships in 1966 held in Japan. I was a breast stroker and took 2nd place after a 3 hour review of the photo finish..I still think I won but, oh well!!.  The guy who beat me name was Phil Zanko.  There were other swimmers on the team but I do not remember their names except for one of the divers Jim Campbell who was a very close friend of mine.  If anyone gets this and who was a part of the swim team, drop me a line…I am still working for DoD in Pueblo Colorado at the age of 69. Hope to hear from someone…..

Posted 10-04-12
Sgt John Bussanich, 1974 - 1975

I am Sgt John Bussanich. I was stationed at Clark from '74-'75. I worked in the T-76 engine shop. I would love to hear from anyone in the jet engine shop that remembers me during that time period.

Posted 10-04-12
SGT. John Varga, A.K.A. Bear   Dec.70-Mar.72
6200 Transportation Squadron  TMO  receiving 

Looking for anyone that served during that time period in the Trans.Sq. Also does anyone know the whereabouts of SGT. Joseph Fagan from Philly?

Posted 10-04-12
Tina Wilson

My name is Tina Wilson, my father was stationed at Clark AB from 1975 to 1979 then we were stationed there again from 1980 to 1984. During the time we were there from 1983 to 1984 I became friends with two guys that worked at the dental clinic. One was named Kevin McCreery and the other was a friend of his named Cliff (don't know his last name). I remember that Kevin was from Oklahoma City, Ok. and that Cliff was in Ga. around 1985, if I remember correctly. If anyone knows them or knows how to contact them, please let me know or give them my email address. I'd love to hear from them. Thank You

Posted 10-04-12
Russell L. Zimmerman, SSGT, 1967 – 1968
Hospital - 6200 Civil Engineer Sq.

I am writing this on behalf of my husband, Russell L. Zimmerman, who passed away on June 4, 2012. He was stationed at Clark for 18 months, from July 1967 through November 1968. Before his passing we had started paper work on him in hopes of me receiving his pension for when he jumped from a low hanging roof there at Clark AFB, ripping his ring finger off by catching his wedding band on a nail or whatever. He had a roommate when they moved off base, would love to know this Airman’s name also. But what I really need to know is that during the month of November 1968 just before he came home, he made two courier trips to deliver, I believe it was a non-confidential brief case, to Bien Hoa AB, Viet Nam to the U.S. Head Quarters there. Does anyone remember him or can anyone find his name on the AF planes manifest. Without this proof I really don’t stand a chance of getting anything. It’s the only piece of evidence that he did not keep all these years and that’s the piece the Air Force wants. There is no record of this in his records.  Russ thinks it may have been either the second or third week of November and believes that both trips were in the same week.  Any information on this trip you can find would be much appreciated.

Posted 10-04-12
MSGT Jack Molleur, Ret.
Clark from 1964-1965, again from 1967 to 1971

Was SEATOC instructor and would like to hear from other 5th TAC members or 605th / 619th people as well.

Posted 10-04-12
David Gabriel "Gabe", E4, AIC
1961st comm grp from fall of 1961 to May of 63

Be glad to hear from anyone, share some old stories.... always wondered if anyone knew my old girl friend "Ruby".

Posted 10-04-12
Sgt Christopher Bell

My group was the 636th Combat Support Group. I was a Security Policeman there at Clark til 1969. I was a radio Dispatcher, Ammun0 escort to Subic Bay. I was a supervisor of my own flight of airman at Customs. I also was one of the first perimeter motor bikes at Clark. I also took part in security to base clubs and their deposits. My overall boss, was Lt. Gen. O.B.Davis  

Posted 10-04-12
John Slusarz, Feb 1970 - May 1971

I was stationed at Clark from Feb 1970 - May 1971 and was stationed in the supply squardron. My duty was Inventory Management Specialist, station in the supply squadron. I'm looking for any one that was at Clark stationed in the supply squardron, or any one that was at Clark from Feb 1970 - May 1971. I'm also trying to locate a friend that I knew and his name was Roger Barger. My name is John Slusarz and my rank was staff sgt.when I left Clark. After leaving Clark I was discharged at Travis Air Force Base. I left Clark on May the 5th 1971. Well hope to hear from anyone out there that was stationed at Clark Air Base.   Thanks

Posted 10-04-12
Dennis Ellison

Hi-- my great uncle died in plane crash on Mt Taybayoc (?) in 1949 on an air force transport from Japan to the Phillipines, destination was Clark. He was an Armor officer, and I'm trying to determine his unit and assignment at the time of his death. Anyone know what Army units or commands were there in the late 1940s-1950s? Thanks

Posted 10-04-12
Linda Ragan

Searching for Donald Haywood Jackson served at Clark AFB during the mid 1960’s

Posted 10-04-12
Allan Connolly, 1968 - 1969

Hi There,   I am writing this with my father.    My name is Allan Connolly.  My rank at that time E-4 and his speciality code was 30450.  I was stationed at Clark Air Base with the 1st mobile communication group from May 1968 through November 1969.  I am trying to locate any of the guys that were stationed there at the same time as me.

Posted 10-04-12
Tom Farrell, 1968 - 1969

I am Tom Farrell, Brooklyn, New York-assigned to Clark AFB 1968-1969, 6200 OMS- Transit Alert- we worked on everything that flew     Anybody out there ?

Posted 10-04-12
CTR1 Les “Magic” Strowder
Nsga Clark Dirsup 1985-1989

I just wanted to say hello to all my PI brothers and sisters.  Hope all is well, keep the faith, and have a brew for me for old times.

Posted 10-12-12
Jerry Veno, E5, 1971 - 1972 and 1973 - 1975

My name is Jerry Veno, E5.  I was stationed at Clark from 1971 to 1972, then back again in 1973 to 1975.  I worked in POL up at the Hill Storage tank farm during both tours. I'd like to hear from anyone who may know me or also was in POL.

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