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Posted 1-05-03
Jim Davis, Kokomo, IN, SRA, 3rd LE Squadron, 1990 - 1991

I was at Clark during the Pinatubo days. There from start until one week before the flag went down. Was a member of the regulators. Whatever happened to Cpt Doogie Howser? Better question, who cares? If there is anyone reading this there when I was, e-mail me.

Posted 1-7-03
John J. Sarver, MSgt, USAF

Looking for folks stationed at Clark from 1965-66 and assigned to the 405th FMS.  I'm looking to get a hold of John W. Richards.

Posted 1-7-03
SSgt Joe Monday, 3rd Supply Sq, 83 - 87

My name is Joe Monday and I was a SSgt stationed at Clark AB from 83-87. Those were then, and will always be, the best years of my life. I've returned to AC almost every year since I left with plans to take another trip this summer. I would like to get in touch with anyone who was assigned to the 3rd Supply Sq during the time I was there (military or civilian). I worked in the Bench Stock Element with Brian Schultz, Clark Frymier, Jun Laquindanum, Beth Lapus, Frank Calhoun, Rick King, Calvin Daniels and others. Also anyone interested in hooking up for a return trip this summer shoot me an e-mail. There's safety in numbers.

Posted 1-9-03
Jerry Schauer, 3rd CES from 1987-1989

Hello, Jerry Schauer here... Stationed with the 3rd CES from 1987-1989. Carpentry shop interested in hearing from anyone else out there during the same time frame.

Posted 1-9-03
Ralph Toot, 6925 Radio Squadron, 1968 - 1971

I was stationed in the 6925 Radio Squadron and looking for anyone that remembers me from 1968 to 1971. Need help for my son there. I will be in the PI from Jan 31 2003 till Feb 20 2003.

Posted 1-10-03
Don Marksberry, Det2 57th WRS, 604th MASS, 1967 - 1968

My name is Don Marksberry and I was stationed at Clark in 1967-68.  I was assigned to Det2 57th WRS and also worked out of 604th MASS. Have many good memories of Balibago. When I was there balibago and Angeles City were segregated, have never seen this mentioned on any site. One bar I recall was the Creatures Crypt and a girl named Emma Villanueva. I lived with her a short while and had a ball. Anyone that remembers me can E-mail me. When I was there not much was happening on Fields Ave except the Billie Boys. All the action was on on the main road in Balibago. I also remember the Binjo ditch that ran thru town.

Posted 1-16-03
Mike Dizney, 1971 - 1972

My name is Mike Dizney. I was at Clark in 71, 72. Looking for anyone who knew me. Please e-mail me.

Posted 1-17-03
Benjamin F. Willianms Jr., 1966 - 1967

Hello.  I was an E-4 assigned to the 605th TCS from  2/1966 to 7/1967.   Actually I spent most of my time TDY to Vietnam and Thailand.   I would love to hear from anyone who was there at that time.

Posted 1-29-03
Sgt. Mike Tompkins, 608th TAC, June '69  Aug. '70

I just found the site so haven't explored as yet.  Bearing that in mind, anybody from SEATOC around?  That was the Southeast Asia Tactical Orientation course given to those going TDY in those days. I worked at the site with a group of guys setting up parts of the compound and running supplies in from the main base. Had an interesting TDY to Pingtung Taiwan. Long shot if anybody would remember that. Also flew "in country" once. At least that's what they told us.  Maybe more on that later.

So anyhow, I'm going to explore. Maybe somebody from that group and/or era has already been here. Oh, almost forgot. I flew into Clark on a PBY when I was a dependent kid while my dad was in the Navy stationed at Subic.  I had need of the hospital facilities and in those days they were the best.  That was in 1954.

Looking forward to exploring the site. With fond memories for that time and place.

Posted 2-11-03
Ed Hurter,  Sgt., 3rd AGS (Weapons), 1979 - 1983

Great Site! This site brings back a ton of memories, Softball, on and off base, hangin' out at ALL of those bars! Holy City Zoo (Wild Bruce), Old Rangoon's (Jerry). Pistol Pete's, Crazy McCabes,Murphys, O'briens, 8-Ball, Stardust Lounge, I could go on and on! Ballute' Not Me!! Pandasal (little breads) a GI favorite, and BBQ Stands pork sticks. Would love to hear from ANY of the guys from softball or the squadron or anyone from that time who might have known me! Don Simmons, Wes Sanders, Craig Alcantara, Danny Olivar, Chevy Vega, Tim Espe,Dale Ambrose,Steve Nelson,Bob Rockwood, Mike Beard, Steve Corn (Cornbread), Joe Uvary, Cookie Rojas. Took many awesome trips to Bagiuo, still the most beautiful place I've ever been to! 1,000 islands in Long Beach. Pagsanjan Falls, McDonalds in Manila! And those stereo wars we use to have, surprised I can still hear! I really do miss those San Miguel Beers! If anyone does read this, Please get in touch!

Posted 3-02-03
Vito "Cap" Lumetta, Sgt., 604 MASS "Hump till you Drop", 1972 - 1973

Looking for those that knew me then.  Have been in contact with Doug "Pete" Peterson for years.  We "humped" a lot of freight next to the Passenger Terminal.  Was there when POW's returned.  I have some photos I will send when I can get them scanned.  One of our favorite bars was called the POW (Pearl of Wisdom).  Would be great to get ahold of Tom Armstrong (one of my old roomies), J.J. Bates, Paul Sloan (another native Detroiter), and Ron Braun (stood up at his wedding there, and we were stationed together at Wright-Patterson).  The winter of '72 I made it back to the states by attending the 22nd Air Force NCO Leadership school (I believe that was at Edwards AFB in San Bernadino, CA).  The entire experience was wonderful!  I hold dear the memories and experiences.  Thank You for opening up an important part of my past.

Posted 3-9-03
Sgt.Gary Knepper  USAF Hospital / 657 TAC Hosp.  4/20 1973 - 7/18 1974

I would like to here from any of the old gang , Bob, Rusty, Jerry, Herman, Phil, Hugo. Also, can anybody, like the guy who took the picture, tell me the girls name in picture #15 - 1980's . I think I know, but I have to know for sure. I think you'll all understand, some girls you never forget.

Posted 3-18-03
Byron Stephen Ater, SSgt, RMC, 1981 - 1984

Hello, My Name is Byron Stephen Ater.  At Clark AB I have fond memories and great time.  Looking for info on Jun Abria, Pete and Lynette Pedroso, Don, anyone else that was stationed at Clark during 81-84 at the Regional Medical Center.  For all of you who don't know I did marry Elsa and we had a son who is now 14.  We are still married and have a great life. What SMsgt Brown started there is now my career. I hold a masters in Information Technology and enjoy every minute as well.  I have seen Colonel Holub and Colonel Agrestti since they retired and since I retired.  Anyone that remembers me or not contact me lets hash over some old times.

Posted 3-18-03
A1C David Lunde, 374th Aerial Port Squadron-Fleet Service, Oct 1975 - Jul 1977

Mabuhay! Just wanted to throw something up on the wall here to see if any of the problem drinkers I worked/ran with wanted to get in touch. I lived in the Santa Maria subdivision with Dean Duke and Randy West for about a year. I never took a hot shower the whole time. It would have required actually starting a fire under the water heater. Favorite bar? The Midnight Special. Others I worked with whose names I can remember are Chuck Hill, Roberto Alicia, Larry "Midge" Hill, Mike Platt, Tony Hanes, Tim Collins, Dave Clermont, Terry Cheever. The years spent at Clark were one of the best times of my life. I still think about them often and am glad there are web sites like this that keep the memories alive.

Posted 3-22-03
Bing Matthews, 1957 - 1959

I was stationed at Clark AB 1957-1959.  I would like to here from any one that was in the 1506 Air Support Sqd. (MATS) during that period.  My name is Bing Matthews.  I hope some of the old gang is sill around and is computer savvy.

Posted 3-30-03
Larry Shumway, 405th Supply Squadron, 1960 - 1961

My name is Larry Shunway. I was stationed at Clark from 3/60 TO 9/61. Had a good time every day!!!!! I was assigned to the 405th Supply Squadron, POL. I would like to hear all the fuel jockeys and Filipino's that were there then.

Posted 9-2-03
Steve Beineke, MSgt Ret., 1975-79
3FMS/CRS/AGS blue environmental systems.

Came to Clark from Udorn (with Thai wife, later divorced...imagine that).  Married to Korean now for 20 years.  Favorite Bars:  Uncle Mitch's, Lily's pad, and that one directly across from Lily's when on second ex-wife could never find me down there...

Looking for: SMS Claude Carle (bought that bar on Fields and remodeled thanks to CE connections), Gary "Flash" Ramey (CRS pneudraulics)...went to Carswell B52D and then...reserves???, Arthur Herbert (Arturo!)...3 CRS env. sys, later at Kunsan, back to Clark in...374th or sos or something...came up to Kadena (where I was at) after the big blow...then to Florida?...Married Filipina.  Lots more...anyone out there remember???  Msgt Coles....CRS shop chief...brought over a lincoln town barge hoping to sell....Msgt Bill "DWI" Kennedy, CRS then AGS blue.

Posted 9-02-03
Don Cover, 1987 - 1990

Hello - I'm Don Cover and I was at Clark from 87-90.  Those were the best years of my life!  I would give anything to go back!! Where there is a will there is a way.  I worked at the CRITICOMM facility by the Elephant Cage.  If anybody remembers me, please email.  I remember more faces than names!! Probably too much San Miguel and Red Horse!! And if anybody remembers Kim, we divorced in 95 and I'm STILL paying for one of the kids!!

Posted 9-02-03
Dan Dare, 1983 - 1985

I was at Clark 83-85, what great memories!  I am trying to remember the name of a drink I used to order at the Port Orient Bar.  I can only remember that it had a fruity (I think pineapple) flavor to it, orange in color.  Does anybody know???  Thanks!

Posted 10-12-03
Geoffrey R. Carter, SRA 3rd, AGS/3rd, AMU Environmental Shop (MA), 1986 - 1989

I just wanted to say hi to everyone I served with at the most beautiful base outside the USA, Eglin is the most beautiful inside the USA There were some times, good and bad.  All I can say is thanks to those that supported me.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of  Sagucio, tell him I am not mad at him J  Dana Schrenk, where are you and that Honda Hurricane 500? 

Posted 10-12-03
Al Noguera, RMC Clark AB 1984 - 1988

Trying to find out what happened to our old RMC  NCOIC of Nutritional Medicine MSgt Harry (Kalbo) Ochs. He retired in believe in 1985 and ran our favorite bar the Big Apple. If anyone knows what happned to him you can email me.

Posted 10-12-03
Ed Rosina, Buck Sgt., 2876th GEEIA Squadron, 1966 - 1967

Looking for people I served with. I was in the Electronics Flight, Radio Relay(Microwave). Lots of good times there in the "DIRTY DOZEN"

Posted 10-12-03
Sgt. Ben Adams, 1967 - 1968  

I was stationed on Clark for a little over 18 months 1967-1968 and was assigned to Base Operations as an Air Op's Specialist. I can remember working with a SSgt Sherrie Pendelton, a fellow from New York named Brightberg and a Philipino national named "TX".  We all worked the dispatch and control room.  I'm still trying to find a friend who came to Clark in 1967 from Eglin AFB, Fla -33rd TFW along with me, actually just ahead of me.  His name is TSgt Frank Parker and I believe he was attached to the 405 Supply Sqd. He got married to a Korean girl named Kangchi (spelling might be off) If I remember Frank was from Kansas or Missouri. If anyone knows of him during or after Clark please hit me back with an email.  Also if you know anyone who was assigned to the 636 Combat Support Group from 1967-1969 I'd like to hear from you too. 

Posted 10-12-03
Joseph C. Haertsch, SSgt, Tri-Agency/Quad-Agency (Town) Patrol, 1981-1983

I am attempting to locate the following former Town Patrol personnel for an upcoming reunion. Anyone who knows how to find these folks please contact me ASAP. Thanks.      

Rick Halverson     Will Spears     Easy Apodaca     Darryl Collins     Paul Gray     Steve Baker     Ronald Scott Niccum     Robert W. Smith     John Kitto     Mike Dawson     Rich Pawlick     Steve Midkiff     Jerry Patterson 

Posted 10-12-03
Michael Maciariello, 1975 - 1976

My name is Michael Maciariello.  I was an A1C when I arrived at Clark Air Base, May of '75.  I was in the 3rd LES C flight.  my flight chief was TSGT Bartlett.  I remember SSGT Wilson, A1C Mary Tures, SGT Florez, A1C Kemp, SGT Andrey, SGT Schaffer, A1C Uglow just to name a few.  I was stationed at clark from May 75 to 12 August 76.  1230 in the after noon, Freedombird Flight never forget your Freedom Flight.  If anyone was stationed at Clark around the same time, feel free to contact me.

Posted 10-12-03
Bernard Doctor, 1971 - 1976, 1981 - 1984

My name is Bernard Doctor I was stationed at Clark from 1971 to 1972 405th Services Sq Aic, 1973 to 1976 405th Supply sq sgt, and 1881 to 1984 3rd supply in the compound. If anyone remembers me please dorp me a line or two would like to meet some of my old friends. I now live in Las Vegas NV.

Posted 10-12-03
Sgt.John Varga, 1970 - 1972

Sgt.John Varga, I was at Clark AB from Dec.70 to Mar.72 I worked in TMO Freight 6200 Transportation Squadron. I would like to here from anyone who new me. My nickname was BEAR. I'm also looking for a fellow G.I. named Joseph Fagan who also was at Clark.

Posted 10-20-03
Ray Roney Sgt, 1986-1988

3rd CES. I worked on the base fuel systems. LFM Party buddies where Paul S. Ed, Hodges, Used to play pool at the Birds of Paradise. guys in the shop, Greg, Neil, Kilgore, Pat, Carpenter. I got out of the service in 1991, I am not a computer tech in Ohio. Favorite bars where, Birds of Paradise, Gold Coast, Stinger.

Posted 11-16-03
Rodney Eastman (East), then SSGT., 3rd AGS/3rd AMU Weapons, 1987 - 1990

My time at Clark was definately the BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE.  The Air Force made a mistake and actually sent me to a place I wanted to go!  Looking for anyone who was stationed there during this time and/or stayed in Barracks 7513 (The Ghetto).  Looking forward to connecting with old friends.

Posted 11-24-03
Todd McMichael  A1C, Clark Air Base - K-9 & Armory 1981-1983

Lackland AFB,TX-1980,  Hurlburt Field, FL-1980-81,  Lackland AFB TX-1981, LES & K-9 (first 6 week course) Blytheville AFB- K-9, Kennels 1983-1984. I was at Clark, as you can see, 81-83.  I met and made many friends during that time and would love to hear from you.  Martin Bagasan, Wes Dickey, Rich Goggin, Tom Simone, etc.

Posted 11-24-03
George Jernigan A/1C, 13th AF, 1951 - 1953

Looking for Airmen who served in the Headquarters & Headquarters Sq., 13th AF during time frame 1951-1953.  We (a group of 10 ex-airmen) have a get-together each year and we are always looking for others who served about the same time. Also, noticed a picture you had posed of General Lee's birthday party.  He arrived, I believe, sometime in early '52 and was AG of the 13th AF.  I was working the night the message came in confirming his promotion to B.General.  I think that was one of the first official acts by Eisenhower was the recommend his promotion.  Gen. Lee was demoted by Truman sometime in the 40's for slapping one of his secretary members.   Back to subject: If anyone knows who served during this time period, please respond to e-mail address. Thanks!

Posted 11-24-03
Larry Fletcher, 405th Air Police Law Enforcement, 1960 - 1962

I have enjoyed the site,very interesting. Names hard to remember I was there with. Crawford, Hanvey, Fulks, Viernes, Kurash, Kuzma, Lakowski and many others, really good guys.Big fire in Angeles City and Jeff Chandler made Maraders movie on Lily Hill and in the jungle.Something always going on. Thanks for the site.

Posted 11-24-03
Mike (Mouse) Reilly A1C, 3rdCES, Roads & Grounds, 1985 - 1989

Hello people. Mouse here. Just wondering if any of my old buds are out there somewhere. Me and Jeff Rowell used to have an apt. off base on Fatima street. ALOT of good times there! If you know of anybody that used to hang out with us, Please email me. I hope to hear from someone. Thanks! MOUSE

Posted 11-24-03
Sgt BJ Morgan, USAF, Clark Air Base Purchasing, 1988 - 1991

I got to Clark as a Senior Airman in 1988.  Stayed until a few months before Mt. Pinatubo blew.  Was there to see the mushroom cloud in the sky.  I loved my three years there.  If anyone remembers me, email.  I turned my experience of being in sexual disneyland into a lucrative career.  Nothing about sex, love, drugs, etc. surprises me anymore.  I am now a love detective.  A private eye specializing in adultery.  What goes TDY certainly stayed TDY.  Now I am the one investigating infidelity after witnessing and poarticipating in it. 1-866-927-2233

Posted 11-24-03
Mike Rhine

Kumusta! Mike Rhine here, married to a Filipina and getting ready to retire in 2 years. Currently stationed @ Yokota AB and looking for business opportunities when we're all done. Would like to move to the area if the opportunity presents itself. I spent many a day at Clark from 85-91 while stationed at Kadena. Feel frre to e-mail me. Thanks!!

Posted 11-24-03
S/Sgt Alvin Smith, 1959 - 1962

Hi. This is S/Sgt Alvin Smith stationed  at Clark 1959-Dec.1962. I was with the 1961 Communications Gp. I was NCOIC of Base Communications and was responsible for Crypto. and Teletype Maintenance. Often remembered in the "Top 3" NCOIC Club, as it was known in that day. Had many a wonderful time with Sgt. and Mrs Zwernamann, Sgt. and Mrs Tom English, Sgt Jones and wife. I hope there is some still who remember me who I worked with in the Communications Center as well as "underground". It's like loosing a part of your family when you must leave your Filipino house boy "Bert" and house girls "Dele and" Mercy" they were with my family for three years!

Posted 11-24-03
John Varga, Sgt., 6200 Transportation Squadron TMO Receiveing, Dec 1970 - Mar 1972

I would like to say hello to all the guys that were in the Trans. Squadron from 70 - 72. Joe Fagan, if your out there, or anyone knows his whereabouts, please contact me, and of course, I want to hear from anyone who knew me. My nick name was Bear.

Posted 11-28-03
Murray Glidden, A/2C, Feb 1960 - May 1961
6925th RSM Ditti Bopper

I was on the B flight.  Had the time of my life while there.  I played on the squadron football and baseball teams.  Even found time to make it out to the site when it didn't get in the way of playing.  I am looking for guys I served and/or played with.  Anyone from the teams I played against.  That includes the 9th ASA.  Lots of memories from those days. 

Posted 11-29-03
Nancy Orfinada, 3rd CE, 1980's

Hi. My wife is Nancy Orfinada, who worked for the 3rd CE on Clark during the 80's. Unfortunately our apartment in Villa Sol burnt down and she lost all her papers and contacts. I have just moved back to the U.K. and am waiting for her (she is waiting for her settlement visa) and our beautiful 10 year old daughter to join me whenever the wheels finally turn. She will be looking for an Electical Engineering related job here, and - obviously - any job references she can get would be a great help. I hope we hear from you.   Best Regards   Ray Haffenden

Posted 12-13-03
John Cooper, E-3, 3rd SPG, 1986-1988

I worked most of my tour at the BCA/base consolidated armory. I was 3rd shift under SSgt Bibby. I went to Malmstrom after Clark, got out and joined the Army. After that, I ended up in the Air Force reserve/guard until the end of 98. Anyway, I'd like to hear from anyone I used to know when I was at Clark!

Posted 12-24-03
Bob Harold, 6200 Supply Squadron, 1966 - 1967

Looking for anyone that made liquid oxygen within this time frame at Clark.

Posted 12-27-03
Joseph Baker, A1C, May 90 - June 91, or

Bake here. Looking for anyone that was in the supply section , Mostly POL section. I remember a few of the guy I served with, mostly just last names, such as Hopper, Fry, Sherman, Meyer(ogor)as we called him, Peterson.   If anyone has info on anyone that was there please email me.

Posted 12-28-03
Harold J. Patterson

Looking at my old APR's, Orders, etc. There seems to be several different designations but the most prevalent is Hq. 13th AF. Under that, of course, were many different directorates, but I can't see any reason to list all of those. Myself, I was in the LGM directorate which dealt with Aircraft Maintenance. Thank you for the email concerning this.

Greg Gummersall, Sgt., 1967 - 1968

I am Greg Gummersall, Sgt. crew chief on F 102, at Clark AFB 1967-1968. Would like to hear from any one, NCO or Officer / Pilot. I live in Georgia.

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