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Posted 3-3-07
Sgt Zhon Henry, 3rd AGS, 1987 - 1990

 Looking for John yutuc - 3rd AGS 1987-1989.  We both worked Weapons Flight!!

Posted 3-3-07
C. Nied, A1C, 1989 - 1990

Hello Everyone, and thank you for hosting this site.  I served at Clark from 1989 - 1990, and was in the 1363rd Audiovisual Squadron.  For those who served in the 1363rd, you're welcome to email me. The time I served there was a nasty timeline in the history of Clark A.F.B.  From the coup de' tat in Manila (which sent Aquino to Clark, and Dan Quayle's stupid timing that got 2 Ford Aerospace civilian contractor's assasinated by the NPA), to the 3 airmen assasinated by the NPA (I had JUST got off of front gate gaurd duty when that happened!), -to the massive 7.7 earthquake which hit the base like a nuke.  I recall getting knocked off my bunk, running for the doorjam, and then rescuing/dragging out fellow airmen from the barracks before more aftershocks arrived. I left the base just before Pinatubo (plus a typhoon) pounded the base.  I called the base after the volcano dumped unknown tons of wet ash on it.  A buddy of mine was not thrilled to be placed on shoveling duty!  I now work in disaster response, and served as a wildland firefighter for many years. CONUS.

Posted 3-3-07
Sra Grace Quinn, 1985 - 1987
Passenger Terminal (PRC)

Had so much fun at WORK and in the P.I. I'll alway's remember sra John Turner (from Boston) Sgt Eder (Nickname Willie Eder) our extra LONG LUNCH breaks (beer) at the Airmen's club. Never did go back to work!! Also TSgt Sega. Whatever happened to him? Keep in touch if you remember me.

Posted 3-3-07
Steven B. Simmons, Sgt, March 1970 - July 1971
Survival Equipment Specialist, 463rd FMS,

I am trying to find information on the 463rd concerning the Vietnam War and if the 463rd received any citations for its effort in that war.  On my DD214 it always stated I received the Vietnam Campaign Medal and Vietnam Service Medal.  Upon my retirement I was told I was not authorized to wear either ribbon.  I do realize the campaign medal was for those "in country".  But I do know the 463rd hauled a lot of "trash" in and out of South Vietnam.  Prior to my departure (PCS), I was involuntarily extended a month to July.  I was to rotate in June, but there was a push going on in South Vietnam and so they extended us.  It bugs me to know that I served during the Vietnam War and saw the young guys coming to Clark, knowing their next stop was Vietnam.  And the ones who came back to Clark via a Medivac aircraft.  We would go silent when the medivac buses would go by out of respect for these guys who had been to hell and survived. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Posted 3-3-07
Loyd W Covell

Hello, My name is Loyd W Covell. I was in PMEL 1963 thru 1974. I was at Cam Rahn Bay Viet Nahm 1968 thru 1969. During that time I was TDY to Clark a while. I had enjoyed my time there very much. I would like to hear from anyone that knew me. Thanks

Posted 3-3-07
Kim Fletcher, 1984 - 1986

My name is Kim Fletcher and I was an A1C stationed at Clark AB from 1984-1986.  I was assigned to the Clark Regional Medical Center on 5 North the General Surgery Ward. I would like to send my warmest regards out to everyone who was ever stationed at Clark.  I would love to hear from anyone who even thinks they remember me. It would be great to have someone back me up when iIoccasionally blurt out a story about my time in the Philippines.  I don't think most of my friends believe that I am not embellishing my tales.  I guess if I didn't acutually live it I would doubt me too!  Anyway, hope to hear from someone soon.  My love to all !!!!!

Posted 3-3-07
Walt Durant, 1963 - 1965

Hi; My name is Walt Durant. I was with the 31st.Air Rescue Squadron from Dec' 63--Jun' 65. Looking forward to hearing from anyone at Clark.

Posted 3-3-07
Mike Pollot, 3rd SPS Nighthawks, 1985 - 1989

I have been surfing the information highway as of late to find old friends.  This is a great site.  I found two friends on this site, so hopefully a few more will find me.  I served 3 1/2 years on "B" Flt Nighthawks mostly as a security controller, then moved to the 3rd SPG to be a Training Instructor.  I retired from the AF after 22 years and I am currently a defense contractor in Qatar.  If anyone knows how to reach Gil Cristobal or Mike Carney, please let me know.  Last I knew Gil was at Nellis AFB near the end of his career.  If anyone wants to drop me a line, please do.

Posted 3-3-07
Carl Ford

After K9 graduation in Jan 1975 several of the dog handlers I went to dog school and then went to Clark. They would have been assigned from approx 15 Jan 75 on. Some names I remember are Grundman, Rogers, Charlene (Hutchins) George, McManus. All should be LE K9. If you or anyone knows whereabouts etc, I'd love to hear from them. Contact me or call me 610-741-9293. Name is Carl Ford and thanks for the oppurtunity to ask. I myself ended up at Loring AFB Maine for several years then on to Turkey and civilian time. Again, thanks for the time and letting me post this . Respectfully, Carl


Posted 11-02-07
Enrique B. Evangelista II, TSgt
1961st Communications Group 1985-1990

Just want to give a shout out to those of the 61st who served there during the time I was there.  The 1961st was my first unit and now I'm nearing retirement.  I'd like to get in contact with my former comrades. Thanks!

Posted 11-02-07
Bill Anderson, A1C, July 1969 - 1970

Hi my name is Bill Anderson. I was stationed at Clark as A1C from July of 69 till Oct of 70. I worked in K9, C flight and handled Pete a sentry dog and later Brutus a patrol dog. I would like to hear from anyone who was in K9 or LE at that time. Looking to hear from Larry Flowers or anyone who knows him, thanks.

Posted 11-02-07
Jensen, William L
405th Supply Sq.  1974 - 1976

Stationed in 405th Supply Sq.  1974 - 1976.   Would like to here from anyone that remebers me. Lived " Off Base" in Balibago  ( Mt. View ) sub-division.  Room mates were Brad Kane & Calvin _ _ _ ? Calvin or Brad write back !!!!!

Posted 11-02-07
Jerry Moore, 1956 - 1958

I am looking for members of the 26th Fighter Interceptor Squadron that served with my dad during the period of 1956 through 1958 at Clark AFB.   My dads name was Capt. George V. Moore and he was a F-86D airplane driver.  My dad passed on March 28, 1978.  I have a lot of fond memories of Clark AFB which I revisit often with respect to the time, places, and the people stationed there.  The 26th FIS was a close net family that did a kick-ass job.  Everyone would wind down on Friday at Beer Call on the Hill after a hard week.  Please contact me if you have any information.  Thank you and God bless!!!!!!!

Posted 11-02-07
Jerry B. Varner, A/2C 1956-58
6925th RGM,  USAFSS

Was in Radio Ops School at Keesler AFB, MS  '55-56  then went to Clark 1956-58.  If there are any old "ditty-boppers" from the 6925th, during that period, still out there, that might remember me, I would love to hear from you.

Posted 11-02-07
Edward R.  Kline (Ret E-7)
and 1988-Mt.  Pinatubo

Was stationed at Clark twice first time was 1982 - 1986 3rd EMS AR&R shop, and again 1988 - Mt. Pinatubo 3rd EMS and 3rd AGS 90th AMU.

Posted 11-02-07
Sgt. Gonzalez, Jesse

Hey guys, My name is Jesse Gonzalez, Sgt 3rd LES Clark Air Base. I'm looking for the good friends made while stationed at Clark. I can't stop thinking of the good times I had both while working and while off duty. Just remembering all of the men and women met and made friends with. Write if you remember me. What a duty location !!!

Posted 11-02-07
Jessie N Rachal, May 1966 - Nov 1967

I am trying buddies who worked at the old communication station --- James Pritchett, Jerry Lejoy, Neil, Young, Donald Paulk. The station was operated by the USAF right on CLARK AFB. We used to take the bus from the barracks and drive 3-4 miles best I can remember. The station had a 10 foot fence surronding with barbed wire stranded on top.

Posted 11-02-07
ENS John Fahsbender, DirSup, 7/84 - 12/85

Clark was my first tour in the navy.  Rode on a WestPac, some SCS ops, and a 6-month stint in the Persian Gulf with COMIDEASTFOR.  Sailed with the two CTR1 Allens, CTR1 Bob Stum, CTIC (later CTICS) Howie Spaulding, others whose names somehow escape me.  Served at Misawa (DIRSUP, OWO) in 86-87, at CNSG (G52) in 87-90, and finally at Ft Meade in 90-92.  After that, got out and went to law school, now in Cleveland at a firm.   All in all, a great group of folks at Clark.  Despite my extreme greenness and tendency to be a smart-ass, I was treated well by all (or at least as well as I deserved) and was fortunate to work with some of the best (and hardest playing) CTs in the navy.  If a reunion is in the works, I'd love to hear about it.

Posted 11-02-07
James Maxwell, 84 - 86 and 89 - 91

I was stationed at Clark with the 3rd LES from Apr 84 - Oct 86. I worked on Belcher's flight. I went back to Beale AFB, CA and then returned to "The Outcast's" of Camp O'Donnell, AS/Crow Valley Bombing Range complex from Jan 89- Pinatubo. I miss all my old friends from both places and have been able to keep in touch with some. It was the best of times!!!

Posted 11-02-07
Mike Lalim, A2C, 1958 - 1959

Radio op with 6925th RGM. Diddybops from that era are hard to find.  Give me a shout if you remember me---could be found at the Rotunda for starters very often! 

Posted 11-02-07
Bill Anderson, 1969 - 1970

My name is Bill anderson I was in the PI from july of 69 till oct of 70. I worked C flight. Looking for others I was stationed with over there. I would like to know if anyone still remembers these people and where they might be at now. Larry Flowers, Larry came to K9 from horse patrol. Steve Casper, Richard Baily from security. There was another guy, all I remember his first name was Steve. Before he entered the air force he worked in the UP of Michigan and was from Ohio and was a star football player.  I hung around with Joe Merrill and Craig "Zim" Zimmerman. If anyone knows any of these people or where they are please contact me, thanks. K9 Forever!

Posted 11-02-07
Roger Melin, A1C, 1971 - 1972 CBPO, 6200 ABWG and 405 CSGP

I worked in the CBPO (personnel office) at in & out processing from June 1971 until the end of September 1972.  If you came in to Clark PCS, or if you left Clark PCS, during this time frame, then you likely saw me.  I remember Clark and environs as if it were yesterday.  Have many photos still, and have posted some in my Webshots album.  Visit and member gallery, and do a search.  Would surely like to hear from anyone who was with the CBPO in the early 70's.  Especially Gary McCann, Rod Smith, Mike LoPresti, Jerry Sessions, Dennis Browning, L.T. (Bruce) Fogg, Charlie or Bernie Anzek, Nancy Saferite, and any others!  Cheers!  -- Roger Melin

Posted 11-02-07
Rick Baumer, SSGT, 3rd Transportation Sq., 1982 - 1986

I was the NCOIC of the Auto Hobby Shop my last two years. I will never forget my time at Clark and I have been married to my Filipina wife for 20 years. I wish Clark was still there because my oldest daughter is now in the Air Force and since she was born there she would love to go back. 

Posted 11-02-07
Don Cover, 1987 - 1990

This is Don Cover and I was at Clark AB from 1987-1990.  Just wanted to drop an update on my e-mail address – I have changed ISPs.  Clark AB has and will be a large part of my fondest memories of the Air Force.  I worked at the CRITICOMM facility supporting the 6922ESS as a member of the 1961st Communication-Computer Group.  I have seen some pictures of what Clark looks like now and it brings tears to my eyes, but when I think about the good times and the people I met, it puts life in perspective.  But then, maybe I just need another Red Horse!!!!  Have received emails from some that were at CRITICOMM and its great to hear from old friends.

Posted 11-02-07
Sgt. Ron Halman, 1961st Comm Group, 1970 - 1971

Worked in Radar Approach Control, (Air Traffic Control).  Would like to hear from anyone there during Sept 1970 - Dec 1971. Looking for , John "Doc" Shealy, Mike Sharp.

Posted 11-02-07
Bruce E. Shaw, Sgt. (E-4), 6922 Security Wing, May 1966 - November 1967

It would be great to hear from any of the members of "Dawg" Flight that hung out in Ruby's Kiosk during this period.

Posted 11-02-07
Danny Hibdon, Sgt., POL, 1973 - 1975

Looking for anyone who remembers me while I was stationed at Clark AFB.

Posted 11-02-07
Bob Tierney, 1974 - 1976

I was stationed at Clark AB during 1974-1976. I was assigned to B Flight, then transferred to Traffic Section. I rode a motorcycle for SSgt Robinson until I left the AF in Aug 76.

Posted 11-02-07
CTRC(SW) Bruce Chandler DIRSUP 87 - 90

Mates as some of you may know, the PI hounds up at Ft. Meade hold an annual Pinatubo Party.  It usually happens around June and the person usually running the show is CTRC(SW) Quinn Sharpe.  This year's was combined with a little celebration commemorating CTIC Ronnie Vesperas's retirement.  I wasn't able to make it, but I hear several people were there including CTR1 (ret) Ted Bryan, CTRC(SW) Pete Farrell, CTRC(SW) Jim Receveur, CTRC(SS) (ret) Greg Conley, and CTRC(SW) Lloyd Winchell among a few others.  Seemed a little reserved this year (meaning less people, not less excitement), but I'm sure another will be held next year and the size depends on the participants only.  See you there!

Posted 11-02-07
Robert G Green, MSgt (Ret), 1964 - 1975

I was at Clark AB from August 1964 until September 1975, as the Chief Clerk in the 405th Supply Squadron.  The squadron increased in size during this period from approximately 275 men to over a thousand.  One of the Squadron Commanders name was Capt. Arthur Bellezon (sp) and the 1st Sgt was MSgt Howard Miller.  We went through a typhoon during this time which was terrible.  Would appreciate hearing from former members of the 405th Supply Squadron.

Posted 11-02-07
Bill Iager, 1973 - 1978

Greeting's.... I am looking for anyone who served with the 3spg security police from 1973-1978. Thanks

Posted 11-02-07
SSGT David Dwiggins
1971 and 1972 transient, PCS Udorn 1971 to 1972

I would like to locate SSGT David Sheward whom I met at Udorn as he was TDY from Clark AFB. He was a second term NCO with career goals. Any information as to his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,   David Dwiggins San Pablo City, Philippines

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