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Posted 4-19-00
Bill Gunnell, E-4, 3rd Law Enforcement Squadron, 75-77

Let's help get this site off the ground.  I'm Bill Gunnell, was stationed there during the good old days of martial law, 75-77.  E-4 assigned to the 3rd Law Enforcement Squadron.  Remember one hurricane and one good earthquake.  Also looking to see if one of the DOD guards Vee Patungan is around.  Think she married another DOD guard, forget his name.  Let's talk folks....

Posted 5-29-00
Tom Utts, USAF Capt, Ret, 13th AF Public Affairs, 71 - 73

Tom Utts here, USAF Capt, Ret., 1981, author of the novel, KOREA BLUE, a military thriller. I was at Clark from 71/73, in 13th AF Public Affairs.

Your Clark site has a ways to go. For those who can't wait, hit the link to the my site: the Clark Scrapbook. It has 22 pages of photos and memories covering the entire spectrum of events at both Fort Stotsenber and Clark from 1910 to Post Pinatubo. Also includes lots'a links.

Posted 6-1-00
Jim Ambrose, 3rd Civil Engineering Squadron, Honor Guard, 89 - 91 or

Hey Everone from 3rd Civil Engineering Squadron and Honor Guard 1989-91! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive and doing well!   If you have any pictures or stories for any of these units, please scan them or mail them to me and I will see to it that they get on this site.  This is going to be THE site to look for when it is fully up and running. Also, if you have any possible ideas for reunions. Let me know. Hope to hear from you soon.

Posted 10-7-00
A1C Schrade, July ' 90 to June ' 91

I was doing some research, for a paper I was writing, and came upon this web page. This was the last thing I thought I'd find.  I thought Clark AFB was all but forgotten.  A1C Schrade reporting. Hello to my co-workers from the 13th AF Med. Ctr.!  Hello to my AGS dorm-mates!  Hello to all the guys I knew from CE.

Posted 11-9-00
Danny Rogers, A1C, 3rd LES, October 1981 - April 1983 

Back home now in Jacksonville, Florida. Am I the only one that feels like crying?  It sure touches my heart to see this site in the works.  God Bless the ones responsible for it and the ones that contribute. If at all possible: Looking for two people....

1.  A1C Allen Charles Tweedle.  Was stationed in the 3LES while I was there.  He left and went to Avon Park, Floirda.  He was from Southern California (LA Area).  If anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know or pass my name & address to him.

2. Civilian (Base Taxi Driver) Carlito Bansil.  Lived in the San Miguel area off base.  Wonderful person.

Thanks to all!

Posted 11-28-00
Michael Head, 84 - 88

I was stationed there from oct 84 to feb 88, looking for former members of 374 APS or 8th MAPS. anyone knowing Carl O'roke, ernie portell, or Steve Theiss.

Posted 12-3-00
William "Buddy" Skelton, SMSgt, July 1981 to Oct 1989,
Clark AB, 374 Aerial Port Squadron or

Would like to hear from any members of the 374 APS.  There is a 374 APS reunion every year and can pass on the information.  Also any old freinds e-mail me. 

Posted 1-4-00
MSgt Ray Paeth, 1961st Comm Grp, 1967-69

Worked for CMsgt J K Bell, Chief of Maintenance, and MSgt N Ottlinger, NCOIC Quality Control. Also worked part time at the NCO Club as Head Sound Technician. Would like to hear from any of the Old Timers from that era. We are beginning to be scarce due to age attrition so,don't wait too long guys. ....Also would really appreciate if anyone would remember my TDY to Da Nang in Dec 1967. Cheers!

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