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Posted 1-10-01
SMSgt Tim Veen, 374 APS, Fleet Service, 82-84 or 808-672-3372

Currently stationed at Hickam AFB, HI.  Looking for 374 APS alumni who may remember me.  Also looking for some old friends by the name of Tom Huber, Mike Crawford, Harry Wilkins, Rich Rainy(sp?), Oscar Florez, and John Lewin.

Posted 2-7-01
Bob Biggs, 85 - 90

Hello, anyone know MSgt Robert S. "Steve" Walden who was at Clark between 1985 and about 1990? Aloha.

Posted 2-8-01
Sgt. Rick Reed, Crypto Maintenance, 70 - 71 or

I was stationed at Clark May 70 to Sept. 71. Worked in Crypto Maintenance behind 13th Air Force HDQTS. Would like to find any old buddies. Norm Smith and I lived off base part of the time. Fel free tyo send email to me at the addresses above. John McCoy was a good friend. Thanks for this page.

Posted 3-4-01
Sgt. Jerry Johnston, 3CSG/Chapel, 74 - 79

The best times of my life were spent at Clark and the Phillipines. I miss the PI a lot and am now looking into a return trip. Also, was wondering if anyone knew Msgt Gene Herman.  He was my First Shirt and one hell of a guy.  I know he got out and stayed there.   Salamat Po. Mabuhay, Jerry

Posted 3-8-01
David Laurin, A1C, 405th SPS K-9, 8Dec71 - 8Mar73

Looking for A1C Furman Hammonds, 405th SPS Law Enforcement or A1C P.J. Barr, 405th SPS K-9. Has anybody heard from these guys?

Posted 3-10-01
Jerry Johnston, Chapel Admin, 74 - 79

I was stationed at Clark from Dec 74 until March 79.  My name is Jerry Johnston. I was a Sgt. when I left. I worked in the Chapel as a admin guy.  I loved every minute there.  I am planning my first vaction back to the PI .  I sure would appreciate any suggestions.  Is there any ex-af people that I can e-mail to? Thanks Jerry.

Posted 3-20-01
TSgt Michael Evans,  1961CG,  Nov 85 - Jun91

Hi all!  May I suggest we divide up the message boards into the different squadrons?  If this works the air force message board could get overloaded.  It would be great to get in touch with everyone who was stationed there and talk about how great it was.    I was there in the 1961CG from Nov 85 - Jun 91 when Pinatubo went off.  Anybody have a copy of the final Philippine Flyer that went out?  It was a good bye newsletter that I got in the mail a few months after the evacuation.  I'd have to dig through my attic but I think I may still have it somewhere.  It was a pretty nice farewell letter.    Also, anybody know what happened to the cemetary that was out near the main gate?  There were a lot of Americans buried there and I've always wondered if anyone is keeping it up.

Posted 3-22-01
Sr Airman Brian Taylor, 3rd  Civil Engineering Squadron, May '88-The Big Blast

A big shout out to all, especially the interior electric shop.  A few names I remember are Frank LaCourse, Tim Klund, Larry Thompson, I can remember Ambrose but I can't put a face to the name.  Hope to here from someone soon.

Posted 4-2-01
Douglas S. Rajski, E-3, Oct 63 - Mar 65
Camp O'Donnell, 1961st Comm Group, Detachment 4

Interested in finding some old buddies from Camp O'Donnell.  I've already located Larry Coppock, and am looking for Sam Linder, Doug Marrs, and anyone else at O'Donnell during that time.

Posted 4-23-01
Tim Aukshun, Tsgt Retired, Clark 1961st from 1967 - 1969

Also, Wallace Air Station in La Union 1974-1976, Camp O'Donnell from 1978-1982, Wallace again 1983-1985 when I decided to stay. Now own my own Scuba Diving Center in the Wallace AS area. Come on over and do some the ocean also! Tim Aukshun PADI CD 6129 Ocean Deep Diver Training Center and "Learn from the best, we taught the rest"

Posted 4-26-01
SSgt Laura Coplan, 3rd CES, 1987 - 1991

To all my friends in the 3rd CES that I didnt get to say good bye too because of the big boom! I say it now I miss all of you it was the best 4 years of my life.

Posted 5-25-01
Greg Eggleston, 1979

My name is Greg Eggleston, E-1.  Got there late 79. 374FMS

Posted 6-1-01
Todd Sullivan,  May 86 - Mar 90
3d Law Enforcement Squadron/Town Patrol

Still looking for my roomate Chris Cox after 13 years.

Posted 6-7-01
Mike Mizak Sgt, 405 FMS,  1967 - 1969

It is good to see that Clark AB is alive and doing well.  I like to hear from some of the guys that I was there with.  Like to find Msgt Charles C Green or Sgt William M Shaw who were with me at Clark and even old Sgt Ken Wilklow. I do miss seeing Fields Ave.

Posted 6-12-01
Dick Lawson, Air Force Stationed Clark 1972-1976
NCO Club Ass't Mgr., Airman's Club Ass't and Manager 1974-76

Thanks for getting this site going, know it's lots of work, thanks ever so much.

Posted 7-13-01
Sgt. Eric Ogren, 6922 ESS, FLR-9/Radio Maintenance, July 90 to June 91

Hi, it's great to see this site and even better to have the privilege of being the first "Cobra" to post. The year went by fast, but I tried to pack in as much fun as I could, while keeping hangovers and "late shows" at work to a minimum! Hope to see some other Cobras post on the board as well as anyone else who might remember me. I have my own site with some pics on it from my travels, including some of Clark. Last visited AC and Clark in December of '98 and I was astonished to see that the former grounds of the 6922 (Double Deuce) had been turned into Expo Pilipino! It was surreal walking through a themepark and remembering what used to be here or there. Congrats on a great site!

Posted 7-14-01
Larry (Les) Sweeney, 1961 Communication Group, Cypto Maintenance, 78 - 82

We had a lot of fun and good times while stationed at Clark, just looking for some old friends to reminisce with.

Posted 7-30-01
Brent Grant, 374 FMS, 624 CAMS, 87 - 90

Stationed at Clark from 1987 TO 1990. Assigned to 374 FMS, whiched switched to 624 CAMS. Looking for a few old buddies, Fred Jennings, Larry Lloyd, Johnny Fever, Snake Doctor, Sam Diovanetti. Had s great time.

Posted 8-2-01
Cindy Lajoie, A1C, 3rd CRS, (sheet metal, F-4's) 1980-1981

Dependent wife of Staff Sgt. Jim Gardner, F-4 crew chief, until 1984.  Looking for anyone in our squadrons, or anyone who lived in the Plaridel 1 subdivision.

Posted 8-14-01
Ezekiel "EZ" Allen, 1987 - 1990

Stationed the the 6922 ESS "Double Deuce" squadron from 1987-1990.  Presently stationed at Hickam AFB.   TSgt Ezekiel "EZ" Allen (207X1/1N2)

Posted 9-7-01
Wm Carl Jackson, 66 - 70

Thank you for this msg board. I worked at CAB with SP's. I worked Horse Patrol for three years and SPI for two. Would like to hear from any one there. So many memories. Thanks again.

Posted 9-14-01
A!C Jose M. Avena,"the bean" , 3rd Ags, Pair of Dice,  1981-1983

Looking for anyone who worked on the flightline, went TDY to Korea, visited bars like Fire Empire 1 and 2, Kontinki's, Lipstick, Earthquake Magoons, Murphy's,  Yellow submarine, Thousand Islands, Puerto Gallera, use to have parties in the barracks until the tv and the couch were thrown out,  looking for people like, SSgt Milt Olson, A1C Kenneth Borowitz, A1C Gloria Smith, A1C Ron Dylick "PI Fox", A1C Tony Blades, A1C "Fuber", A1C Joe Loverme,  Its time for our 20th reunion, it would be nice to meet again and roam the streets which we have fond memories of.

Posted 10-02-01
Ken (HUK) Huckins, Sept 1967 - Sept 1969
' (updated 10-04-12)

I was a mechanic with 5th Tac and had a lot of friends I would like to hear from. Remember the Casanova Club in New Balibago, or any of the others along Macarthur Hwy? The trips to Bataan and the Baca boat rides to Corrigidor. What a wonderful time in my life!

Posted 10-23-01
Michael T. Manion A/1C - 1954-55 and a little of 56
6200 FMS - Base Textile and Parachute Shop.

S/Sgt Epley was my NCOIC;  Mstr/Sgt Johnson was my first NCOIC.   Lt. Bob Walker was our adj., Col. Kuba or Kubba was the Sq. Commander. Miss the PI so much!  Enjoyed good friends there. Would like to hear from some of them again.  Remember Hitch, Tarleton, Larry, so many.  Took trips to Bagiuo, Corregador, many to Manila.  Hitch and I carried that alter on Good Friday from the Church to the Cemetery in Tarlac. Just great memories.

Posted 11-21-01
James S. leonard III, ('Rusty'), Sgt. E-4
405th A&EMS, , Feb. '67 - Aug. '68

Supported MG10 weapons control system on F-102.  I'm hoping I can find Kenneth L. Long, who was in the same outfit.  He is originally from Dayton, OH.  Last known address was somewhere in Florida.  Any help would be appreciated.  Also, glad to hear from anyone serving with the 405th during that time.

Posted 11-22-01
Ray A. Conner, Sept 80 - Mar 83 and again Mar 88 - Jun 91

Hello to all, spent two tours at Clark in the 80's and 90's.  I worked at the 3rd EMS Survival Equipment section.  I'm at Beale AFB CA now and  have been for the last ten years.  Went back to Clark in June of this year for 40 days.  I was only dreaming but I wished they would reopen the best base the Air Force ever had.  Regards to everyone.

Posted 11-23-01
James "MAX" Maxwell, 84 - 86, 89 -91
3rd Law Enforcement Sq. and the 3rd Tactical Electronics Warfare Training Sq.

My name is James "MAX" Maxwell and I was stationed at Clark, AB from Apr 84 until Oct. 86. I worked on Belcher's flight and roomed with Ricky Smith and Tom McCarty. Looking forward to hearing from some of the old crew.   I was at COD from Jan 89 - Sep 91

Posted 12-8-01
Robert B Gordon Msgt Ret., 71 - 73 and 76 - 79

I was stationed at the MAC AGE shop from Jan 71 to Jun of 73 and again from June 76 to 79. Met a ton of very fine locals there and brought one home. I used to hang out with the folks at the civilian housing area. We would go on trips all over the PI. Never did run the bars and met my wife while she was working for Smsgt Perogeni who lived behind the main chapel . We were both in a group called the Catholic Young Adults. Those were good days despite the war.

Posted 12-10-01
Fred Randell, E3, 1961st., Comm. Grp, 1964 - 1965

Worked in Antenna Maint.- Outside Plant Section under S/sgt. Hires and T/sgt. Detherage. Have fond memories of my stay in the Philippines and the fine people I worked with, both military and Philippine Nationals. Also spent short periods of time at Camp O"Donnell, Camp Wallace and the U.S. embassy in Manila.

Posted 12-18-01
David Morgan, 2nd Lt, USAF, 605th Tactical Control Squadron, 1969 - 1970

Just found this site.  Looking for any of the Weapons Controllers (174X) and Weapons Techs (276xx) that were stationed at Clark in 1969 and 1970.

Posted 12-19-01
Gregory Spurck, Sgt, 3rd CES, 1985 - 1988  

I am hoping to hear from anybody stationed in the 3rd CES, especially in barrier maintenance or the power plant. These were very fine years in my career and seeing the ruins of the hospital where my daughter was born in '87 is kind of saddening. Take care for now.

Posted 12-20-01
Sgt John Ploof, Smart Team, 79 - 83

Any of my buds stationed at Clark during 1979 - 1983 from the Smart Team out there? You know who you are.

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