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Posted 1-1-04
John Loubengeiger, Sgt, 1838 EIS, 1972 - 1973

I have good memories from my time at Clark. I regret not keeping in contact with the friends I made there. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew me.

Posted 1-6-04
John August, 1974 - 1975

I was stationed at Clark in '74-75 in the FMS 405th sheet metal shop. I was wondering if anyone remembered Mr. Samuel, he was a civilian tech who was a T.O., all by himself. I remember telling him that I needed the Tech Order for a hydraulic tubing.  all I did was mention where it was and he bent the tube, attached the fittings and sent me on my way. When I got to the F-4 all I had to do was tighten it up, it fit perfectly. Spent a lot of time in the Happy Valley Bar right outside the main gate.

Posted 1-10-04
Ruth Jernigan, 1951 - 1953

Am seeking contact with any airmen who served in the Headquarters & Headquarters Sq., 13th AF or Communications Sq. whos barracks were next door, during the period 1951 - 1953.  I am one of a group of 10 who have a reunion each year and still do not run out of stories to tell about our tour at Clark.  Because of our age, it is now getting critical we contact as many as possible who are interested in reliving old-times and telling a few lies and in some cases the unbelievable truth.  If you read this and know or may be a relative, please make them aware of this message and e-mail me.

Posted 1-17-04
Tim Pacura, 1977 - 1979

I was stationed at Clark from 1977 to 1979 working on F4's on the flight line. Anyone out there recognize my name, be glad to hear from you.

Posted 1-17-04
Randy Green, A1C, 1984 - 1985

Looking for anyone that knew me or worked with me at the Regional Medical Center. Especially in the O.R. Those were the best days of my enlistment with the AF. Capt. "Candy" (Candice) Young, Major "Dick" Richard Daffin CO, Lt. White, "Doc" Bodary, Capt. Tito Playton, SRA Jeffrey Sanagustine, A1C Barbara Hess, SSgt. Sherri Nichols. SSgt. Russ Banks....I didn't marry your housegirl. Though I'm sure you thought we were a perfect match. Anyone in the hospital dorms? James (Jim) Eilman Jr. (K-9 Cop) from the dorm next door, and 32 laps at the pool. And many names I can't remember....too many trips to the Airman's Club or Downtown. You were my family over there. And in my heart still.

Posted 2-7-04
Tony Cornett, Sgt, 1973 - 1975
Base Fire Dept. CES

Looking for anyone who knew me and worked in the base fire dept. with me. Also flew at the base Aero Club. Great years of my life and would love to hear from any of my friends back then. Time slips by and it would be great to hear from anyone. It's tough trying to find anyone after so many years. If you knew me please email me!

Posted 2-22-04
John S. Yoder, SSgt/TSgt, 1972-1977
604th MASS and 374th APS CMB (Combat Mobility Branch)

Many fond memories of my time at Clark AB and I consider Clark the best assignment during my AF career.  Interested in hearing from anyone assigned to the 604th or 374th during this time.  Retired 1 October 1994 at Scott AFB, IL and still reside in the area.

Posted 2-22-04
Bruce Case, 1955 - 1956
6932nd Comm Security Squadron

I was with Det. 2, 6932nd Comm Security Squadron from Mar. 1955 thru Feb. 1956.  We lived in WWII quansets just next to the base fence at the western perimeter.  It was off to the left about a mile in from the main gate.  It was called the Maned Area.  Anyone out there who might remember anything about this area?

Posted 2-22-04
Fred Nietzel, 6200FMS, 1967 - 1968

I have been writing a book for the better part of a year now.  It is ficitional charactors during the actual events from spring 1941 to 1961.  I have been trying to find discriptive information about Angeles City BEFORE the war.  (i.e. What was there?  Bars?  Restrictions for military (if any), Theater in downtown? )   If any one has information like this it would sure help.   There is plenty after the war but little of Angeles before.

Posted 2-22-04
Dan Sea, 1961
st Comm Group, 1974 – 1976

Motorcycles … all over Luzon. Thousand Islands to Legaspi. You heard my voice as “Wallace, Subic, Cubi ,John Hay, & Clark on 1510 kilocycles AM … Your Armed Forces Radio Outlet in the Philippine Islands.

Posted 6-14-04
Bill Anderson, 1969 - 1970

Hi my name is Bill Anderson. I was stationed at Clark as A1C from July of 69 till Oct of 70. I worked in K9, C flight and handled Pete a sentry dog and later Brutus a patrol dog. I would like to hear from anyone who was in K9 or LE at that time. Looking to hear from Larry Flowers or anyone who knows him. Thanks.

Posted 6-14-04
Enrique B. Evangelista II, TSgt,
1961st Communications Group, 1985 - 1990

Just want to give a shout out to those of the 61st who served there during the time I was there.  The 1961st was my first unit and now I'm nearing retirement.  I'd like to get in contact with my former comrades. Thanks!

Posted 6-14-04
Bill  Jensen, 405th Supply Sq., 1974 - 1976

Would like to here from anyone that remembers me. Lived "Off Base" in Balibago  ( Mt. View ) sub-division.  Roommates were Brad Kane & Calvin _ _ _ ? Calvin or Brad write back !!!!!

Posted 8-2-04
Mike Lalim A2C   1958 - 1959 
Radio op with 6925th RGM

Diddybops from that era are hard to find.  Give me a shout if you remember me---could be found at the Rotunda for starters very often!

Posted 8-2-04
Roger Melin, A1C, 1971 - 1972
CBPO, 6200 ABWG and 405 CSGP

I worked in the CBPO (personnel office) at in & out processing from June 1971 until the end of September 1972.  If you came in to Clark PCS, or if you left Clark PCS, during this time frame, then you likely saw me.  I remember Clark and environs as if it were yesterday.  Have many photos still, and have posted some in my Webshots album.  Visit and member gallery, and do a search.  Would surely like to hear from anyone who was with the CBPO in the early 70's.  Especially Gary McCann, Rod Smith, Mike LoPresti, Jerry Sessions, Dennis Browning, L.T. (Bruce) Fogg, Charlie or Bernie Anzek, Nancy Saferite, and any others!  Cheers!

Posted 8-2-04
Don Cover, 1987 - 1990

This is Don Cover and I was at Clark AB from 1987-1990.  Just wanted to drop an update on my e-mail address – I have changed ISPs.  Clark AB has and will be a large part of my fondest memories of the Air Force.  I worked at the CRITICOMM facility supporting the 6922ESS as a member of the 1961st Communication-Computer Group.  I have seen some pictures of what Clark looks like now and it brings tears to my eyes, but when I think about the good times and the people I met, it puts life in perspective.  But then, maybe I just need another Red Horse!!!!  Have received emails from some that were at CRITICOMM and its great to hear from old friends.

Posted 8-2-04
Sgt. Ron Halman, 1961st Comm Group, 1970 - 1971

Worked in Radar Approach Control, (Air Traffic Control).  Would like to hear from anyone there during Sept 1970 - Dec 1971. Looking for, John "Doc" Shealy, Mike Sharp.

Posted 8-2-04
Bruce E. Shaw, Sgt. (E-4), May 1966 - Nov 1967
6922 Security Wing

It would be great to hear from any of the members of "Dawg" Flight that hung out in Ruby's Kiosk during this period.

Posted 8-2-04
Danny Hibdon, Sgt., POL, 1973 - 1975

Looking for anyone who remembers me while I was stationed at Clark AFB.

Posted 8-2-04
Robert G Green, MSgt (Ret), 1964 - 1975

I was at Clark AB from August 1964 until September 1975, as the Chief Clerk in the 405th Supply Squadron.  The squadron increased in size during this period from approximately 275 men to over a thousand.  One of the Squadron Commanders name was Capt. Arthur Bellezon (sp) and the 1st Sgt was MSgt Howard Miller.  We went through a typhoon during this time which was terrible.  Would appreciate hearing from former members of the 405th Supply Squadron.

Posted 8-2-04
SSGT David Dwiggins 1971 and 1972

Transient PCS Udorn 1971 to 1972   I would like to locate SSGT David Sheward whom I met at Udorn as he was TDY from Clark AFB. He was a second term NCO with career goals. Any information as to his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

Posted 8-2-04
Bill Iager, 1973 - 1978

Greeting's.... My name is Bill Iager. I am looking for anyone who served with the 3spg security police from 1973-1978.

Posted 8-2-04
Rick Baumer, SSGT, 3rd Transportation Sq., 1982 - 1986

I was the NCOIC of the Auto Hobby Shop my last two years. I will never forget my time at Clark and I have been married to my Filipina wife for 20 years. I wish Clark was still there because my oldest daughter is now in the Air Force and since she was born there she would love to go back. 

Posted 8-23-04
Joe Zaladonis, Sgt, Hospital 1973 - 1976

Worked mainly in Pediatric Ward but also Immunizations and Surgical Clinic. Any other medics or other people in this board I might have known?

Posted 8-23-04
George W. Pollock
Stationed at Clark, 1955 and 1957

My father, George W. Pollock, (Capt. at the time) was stationed at Clark between 1955 and 1957.  He was a pilot.  I'm putting together a scrapbook for my son who just graduated from pilot training.  He'll be flying KC-135s at Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base in Columbus Ohio.  I am making a scrapbook of all of the planes my dad flew & I don't know what he flew at Clark.  Dad passed away in 1984 & Mom passed away in 2002.  If anyone remembers my dad please contact me. Thank you & God Bless, Mary Pat (Pollock) Kline

Posted 8-23-04
SSgt,Stephen H Morris JR., 1982-1990
3 Security Police Squadron D-FLT

Hello anyone and everyone!! Love this site and it brings back so many memories!!  Some good and some bad. George Vanzandt, where are you dude!! Love to hear from any of the cops stationed between 82-90. Hope everyone is doing good!! God Bless you all!!

Posted 8-23-04
Curt Rogers, 6005th Air Postal Squadron, 1982 - 1985

Love to hear from anyone that worked and/or partied with me.  Many many fun times.  Like to catch up.

Posted 8-23-04
Williams, Gary F, SSgt 1965-1967, MSgt 1971-1973

My first tour was at the AFPN TV station. On my second tour I was NCOIC of the AFPN TV station. My daughter was born at the base hospital in 1972. We had a lot of fun and broadcast live football games , including instant replay, from the Bamboo Bowl. We were really happy to welcome the POW's from North Viet Nam in 1973.

Posted 8-23-04
PFC Bill E. Damron AF16140433, Flt "D" 2nd Rescue Aqdn. APO 334

Went over on the U.S.A.T Gen. C.G. Morton, We think in Feb 1949, he was there, and returned to the States in March 1950, then Honorably Discharged.  Thank you, Dina Damron

Posted 8-23-04
DIEGO A. SIFUENTES, SSgt, USAFR, 1989 - 1991
Medical Administrative Assistant, 349 AMDS/SGP

I was stationed at our beloved clark back from 89-91, 3rd LES/Delta Flight and then the Armory,  and worked my tail off on the gates and towers (alot of action on the pedestrian lane) enjoy the bar hopping.  Just hanging out in Northern California (TRAVIS AFB) but I still have the memories.  Now Im playing the Reserve games with the Medical people out here, enjoying all of it.

Posted 8-23-04
Jimmy D Davis,
1982 - 1985

Although I was a dependant between at Clark, I would like to have this posted in the (Clark AB Air Force Message) category, because the people I am trying to locate served in the Air Force.   The people I would like to get in touch with are:   Dr. Lee R. Dorey, Chief of Orthopedics of Clark Air Base Hospital 1974   Paul W. Buehler, Colonel, USAF Staff Judge Advocate.

Posted 8-23-04
Jean R. Farquhar, A1C, 3rd CRS Engine Shop, Oct. 1981 - Oct.1983

I was stationed at Clark Air Base for a year and a half, and I have to say those where the BEST days of my air force career. I am looking for then A1C David Gray. David was a fellow Texan from near Houston, went to tech school with me at Chanute AFB, ILL., was my roommate in the barracks at Clark AB, and worked J60 motors in the engine shop. He was a very good friend, like a brother to me... and i would love to rekindle that friendship. If there is anyone knowing of Davids where abouts, that infomation would be truely appreciated. If there is anyone else stationed at Clark who knew me I would like to hear from you also. I would also enjoy hearing from Staci Miller, from Arizona, whom I met coming back on base one night after a night on the town. Staci was the 17 year old dependent of SMSGT Miller 3rd CES, if my memory does not fail me. I dated her for a little while and spent time with her and her family while stationed at Clark AB. Please contact me at or call 325-518-2475.

Posted 8-23-04
Sgt. Andrew McGovern, 9 Feb. 74 - 7 May 75

Corrosion Control Shop 405th / 3rd FMS Like to hear from Gary Butt, Charlie Carter, Pat Garner, Mike Pierchalski, Ed Snyder, John Zazzi, Terry Conklin, Ray Puckett, anyone else from cc or sheetmetal.

Posted 8-23-04
Bill Anderson, 1969 - 1970

My name is Bill Anderson I was in the PI from July of 69 till Oct of 70. I worked C flight. Looking for others I was stationed with over there. I would like to know if anyone still remembers these people and where they might be at now. Larry Flowers, Larry came to K9 from horse patrol. Steve Casper, Richard Baily from security. There was another guy, all I remember his first name was Steve. Before he entered the air force he worked in the UP of Michigan and was from Ohio and was a star football player.  I hung around with Joe Merrill and Craig "Zim" Zimmerman. If anyone knows any of these people or where they are please contact me, thanks. K9 Forever!

Posted 8-23-04
MSgt Michael (Mike) Hackley, 1986 - 1990

I'm MSgt Michael (Mike) Hackley.  I was assigned to the 3 SUPS from 1986-1990.  I started in Warehouse 17, and moved to Stock Control after 15 months in the warehouse.  I worked in the requirements and requisitioning sections.

Posted 9-1-04
Larry A Waggonner, Sgt., July 1967 - Dec. 1968
636th CSG/6200 ABW

I worked in the Accounting & Finance Office. Would be interested in hearing from Richard Elliot, Maurice Lay, Kelly, or anyone who was there at the time.

Posted 9-5-04
Ron Prescott, Msgt (ret), 1985 - 1990
3rd AGS/3rd AMU "The Blue Screw"

I would love to hear from anyone still interested in having a reunion.

Posted 9-5-04
James Maxwell, 1984 - 1986

I was stationed at Clark with the 3rd LES from Apr 84 - Oct 86. I worked on Belcher's flight. I went back to Beale AFB, CA and then returned to "The Outcast's" of Camp O'Donnell, AS/Crow Valley Bombing Range complex from Jan 89- Pinatubo. I miss all my old friends from both places and have been able to keep in touch with some. It was the best of times!!!

Posted 9-5-04
Bob Tierney, 1974-1976

I was stationed at Clark AB during 1974 - 1976. I was assigned to B Flight, then transferred to Traffic Section. I rode a motorcycle for SSgt Robinson until I left the AF in Aug 76.

Posted 9-5-04
Greg Eckhard, MSgt, USAF (Ret), 1987 - 1991 (updated 8-31-10)

Stationed at Clark Air Base from January 1987 to June 1991 (yes, I was a Mt. Pinatubo refugee).  I was assigned to the 1961st Communications Group at the AN/TSC-39 SATCOM facility.  I was a SSgt while assigned there and would love to hear from anyone stationed there at the same time.

Posted 9-6-04
Norman Paratore, 1959 - 1961

My name is Norman Paratore and I was a 292 code catcher stationed with the 6925th RSM from 1959-1961.  I would love to hear from anyone with the unit from that time, especially if you have any pictures of the barracks or base in general.  Will be putting up a web site and will include my military days in it.  But I really don’t have any pictures. From there I went to the 2nd FIS at Suffolk County AFB, Long Island, New York (1961-1963), and then to my final duty station – the 38th TRS at Ramstein, Germany (1963-1966). I live in Maryland and if anyone is in the area, send an email.

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