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Posted 11-27-06
John de Soto, 1954 - 1955
3208th Medical Group, Ward 35 (locked psychiatric ward)

Anyone left who worked at the hospital?  Anyone frequent the Stateside Club on Mabini St.? 

Posted 11-27-06
Jay Wilson, Buck Sgt, Camp O'Donnell, 1976 - 1977

I'm wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of AF Sgt Mario Lanza.He was stationed at COD. Mario had been in the PI for several years and had a girlfriend named "Winnie". They (she) ran a place called "The Depot". It was right where the bus stopped on MacArthur on it's way to COD. Just wondering if anyone knows what ever happened to Mario and Winnie.

Posted 11-27-06
Ted Bilak, 1981 - 1989
3rd AGS (always going shortime)

Where the heck are all the F-4 Wild Weasel crew chiefs 69-7218. I want to hear from ya!!!!

Posted 11-27-06
SSGT ED McHenry 1980-1984 and 1987-1991

From 3rd CES squadron, anyone still around? I am surprised we survived, not the volcano but the partying.---(;

Posted 11-27-06
Chuck "Brooksie" Brooks, SRA, 3 AGS/AMU Blue Section, 1987 - 1989
"The big blue screw will get you too"

I worked in Blue section with all the other knuckle heads who worked there...What a crew we had!! I was  asst. crew chief on acft 71-1089, 71-1392, and finally the wing-kings jet 71-1203 with my crew chief Gregg Paquette. Some of the people ( last location) I remember and would like to hear from.  Gregg Paguette most likely retired to Florida, Berkley Shelton, lost contact with this bud in Virginia. Don Mc kraken (Ohio), Last headed to Vegas to gamble on horses (lol). Scott "Boz" Bozio, Fat head Steve Wicker(Nellis), Joe Mixon, Balderama, (Cali), Jimmy Gary ( South Dakota), Chuck Greem, Arnel Docena and Mike Domingo "killer beeks" Dale Stewart, and "Troll" Gary "wang" Wescott, Louie Martinez, I have contact with Paul "weeble" moss, Val Kucera ( remember her?) and recently lost contact with Kerry McKaskill after he converted to Islam.... Go figure? If you know me and /or see yourself, or maybe I forgot you Rifle off an e-mail to me. Later.... "Brooksie"

Posted 11-27-06
Mark McCammon, Sgt, 1961st Comm Group, 1967 - 1969

I was a ground radio operator at Clark.  I would enjoy hearing from anyone who was in that outfit at that time.  I remember Robert Trantham, Arnol Calhoun, and Jim Kubiak.  There were others but it so long ago...

Posted 11-27-06
Mike Miller, Sgt, 3rd EMS  Missile Maintenance Shop, 1985 - 1990

Hello out there!  Remember me! I always had a motorcycle and out ran those motorcycle cops more than once. Had the time of my life there and never forgot anyone. If you were there during the late 80's and were in 3rd EMS, I would love to here from you. E-mail me. Yes, I am still drag racing bikes! Well I hope to hear from someone!

Posted 11-27-06
Dan North, 605th Tactical Squadron, Nov 1968 - May 1970

Of all my three years, seven months, and fourteen days in the Air Force, my eighteen months in the P.I. were ny most memorable. We were a mobil radar group and were in and out of there alot. I had a great time there, Fields Ave, Pig Alley, the Brown Derby, and a girl named Penny. Oh how I miss San Miguel beer. The girls wre beautiful, beer cold. and music was out of this world.  I would like to thank the Philippino people for their hospitality.  Made alot of great friends there, wish I could just reminber their names. Seeing the old calender from the Airmans Club sure brought back some fond memories. Thanks for the memories.  Great site.

Posted 11-27-06
John Swarmer, A1C to SSgt, 405th SPS & 3rd LES, 1972-1974 & 1976-1978

I spent two tours at Clark AB as a Security Policeman in the 1970s.  The first tour I worked on three different flights, "E" Flight - a special surveillance flight, Gate Crew and a regular Law Enforcement Flight.  The second tour was spent mostly as a Flight Chief in Tri-Agency Patrol (Town Patrol).  I have lost contact with all but a couple of guys from this time period, but would like to get touch base with them if possible, especially those from Town Patrol.  Stayed in the Air Force for 24+ years and am currently living in Colorado Springs    

Posted 11-27-06
Don Pancoast,
405th Law Enforcement Sq., 1972 - 1973
3rd Law Enforcement Sq., 1976 - 1979

Hello, My name is Don Pancoast. I was stationed at Clark with the 405th Law Enforcement Sq. between 72-73. I returned again to the 3rd Law Enforcement Sq. in 76-79. That time I worked in Town Patrol. That was the best job I ever had. I got out and now work for the Navy as a civilian employee. Hope to hear from friends from the PI.

Posted 11-27-06
Bill Jensen, Sgt., 405th Supply Squadron, 1974 - 1976

I am searching for Leroy McDaniel.  He may have been "Retired" and living in Balibago when I knew him. He was the owner of  "The Big Apple"  bar on 1st avenue.  The bar was located just outside the Main gate And to the north  (left).  He drove a white 1963 Cadillac.  If anyone knew Leroy or can help locate him Please write me.

Posted 11-27-06
Kevin Lundeen, SSgt

Hello there, I was getting a bit nostalgic and did some research about Clark AB.  I was in the USAF, my first duty assignment was Clark.  Yeah, I had a great time there, trust me.  But years later I read a book by Hampton Sides, "Ghost Soldiers,"  I was so close to historic areas and I never took the time to appreciate it.  Hell, I was 20 years old.  We all know that Angeles City was Adult Disneyland.  When my Keesler AFB instructors knew that I was going to the PI, the pics came out quickly.  I love that country, not only for the LBFM's.  I was in the 3'rd CRS at Clark.  My job was DIFM (Do In For Maintenance) for F4 E&G Aircraft.  When I got there we were swamped with repairs, within a few months the workload dwindled down to a couple dozen pieces a week.  The USAF did away with the F4 in pretty much every theater.  My stay was curtailed and I ended up at Hurlburt Field, Florida.  I was then in AFSOC, Air Force Special Operations Command.  Damn I miss that.  MC-130H Planes.  Because of AFSOC I've been all over the world.  I was stationed at Clark, Hurlburt, and Kadena AB, Okinawa.  My father was a grunt for one tour in Vietnam, then had the US Army send him through college, and then went back to Vietnam as an officer, is my hero.  He earned the Silver star and two Bronze stars.  He also has a Purple Heart.  While stationed in Okinawa I was lucky enough to get TDY's to Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, and the PI many times.  The reason I separated from the USAF?  I got tired of being on the road 250+ days a year.  Looking back, I miss it.  

Posted 11-27-06
"Buddy" Virgil B. Vernon
1972-ish to January 1973 when he died at the Base Hospital
Tsgt Dental Technician

Daddy was from Alabama. My grandfather died right before my birthday in Nov. 1973 and Daddy came home to Alabama for the funeral. He then took his 30 day leave and was with us until about a week before Christmas 1973.   We lived in Wichita, Ks. Near the McConnel AFB.  Jan. 20 1973 he was pronounced dead. Daddy didn’t tell us everything, as I was still only 13, the Phillipines had changed my father greatly.  Daddy was quiet when he came home during his leave and I would find him watching me when I least expected it.  Daddy talked about working on the Vietnam POW’s.  How they didn’t have gums for their false teeth because they had so much gravel in their food in the prisons.  That he worked with an oral surgeon and a dentist so that those brave men wouldn’t have to go home looking so bad. He danced with me.  He talked about Flip Wilson and how they would watch it at the NCO club…. Where I think he practically lived.  Daddy was a very social person.  He taught his son to always extend his hand to shake when he met anyone new… and if that person didn’t shake his hand it was That Person’s problem… not his.  He had a great singing voice.  Not to mention a sence of humor he gave to both Dan and I. Because of my Daddy I was able to go to college and my brother is the marching band teacher in a High School.  That isn’t the fancy name they labeled him with though. I learned tolerance of other people and patience. He had a big heart and a fast temper… but he got over it quickly and laughed at himself many times. I miss him. Any stories or memories of him will be cherished by us. Sincerely, Sarah A.

Posted 11-27-06
Sgt James McCormick, 3rd CES, 1983 - 1986

Looking for a few friends that I can remember only bits and pieces of their names.  I'm the ex of Sgt McCormick.  Was his wife at the time we were stationed over there at Clark.  Cannot even imagine how much the pictures that are posted don't even look like what it was like when we lived there.  I remember living off base for the first year and then lived on base in the hutt housing behind the bx.  The houses were wood houses on stilts and only had bath tubs no showers.  Well anyhow, looking for Sherman "Smurf" 3rd CES or maybe even Ray Chichon who worked at the hospital.  If I could only remember anyone else.  Ray, you were the one that helped our neighborhood start the neighborhood watch with the nagritos after our house was robbed.  And I stayed with you and Noy your wife when I was left behind after Jimmy boy had to early leave and I processed us out.  Give me a holler if you remember me or my ex.

Posted 11-27-06
Paul Wishart, 3 SPS & 3 LES, 1985 - 1988

Hi, I was assigned to the 3 SPS & 3 LES as a dog handler from 1985 to 1988.  As I’ve read in other post I must admit those three years were the best of my life!  First, I am looking for people I knew who were stationed with me at that time.  I am also looking for people who might have pictures from some of the bars I used to hang out in, especially during early 1985.  I spent a lot of time in Roxy’s, El Toro, and some of the other bars from that group of nine (or whatever it was).  Hope all is well with you.

Posted 11-27-06
James R. Hume A/1C, 405th FMS, Base Flight (T-33's), May 1962 - Nov. 1963

Had some good times while stationed at Clark. Wish I had kept in touch with friends I made while there, Paul Stump, Ralph Osborne, and others. I remember Robert (mother) Mink and his brother-in-law, Schultz. These guys all worked in the Instrument Shop.  

Posted 11-27-06
John Ellis, 13
th Air Force Regional Medical Center, 1985 - 1989

I'm John Ellis - primarily from the 13th Air Force Regional Medical Center, Clark AB. I worked in the radiology department at Clark from 1985 - 1989. I was the NCOIC, QA Manager, QC Tech, CT Tech, Special Procedures Tech, Block Instructor, and Clinical Training Instructor/Course Supervisor for the radiology interns. Whew! I had several jobs there and some I still can't talk about today!

I was lucky enough to go to Manila every six months to test and hand select the best of the classes for a one year internship in radiologic technology. I loved teaching the students there and they turned out to be the best in all the Philippines. This was evidence by the plaque I received from President Aquino when she visited Clark in 1988. Some of you may remember her visit to Clark. I remember the SPs on the roof top of the NCO Club. That was an exciting time for us and a really proud moment for the 13th AF Med Cntr. Any of you guy remember the applause we got when the first ever mobile CT scanner pulled up to the hospital? I video copied it from FEN. It looks funny now, but it was a big event back then.

I also x-rayed Cory's predecessor, President Marcos, when he flew up to Clark during the revolution in Feb of 1986. I realize I touched a piece of history there and will always remember that night. Colonel John Hayden allowed Marcos to stay at his house before flying out in our C-9 to Anderson the next day and then on to Hickham. I remember him talking about the air crew taking a handgun from Marcos in the chopper up from Manila. Marcos insisted upon going to Bagiou first. I later learned he wanted to retrieve a truck load of money before leaving the PI.

Some other notables I've x-rayed included Robert Garwood (14 yrs a POW in Vietnam) and Attny Gen John Mitchell after he was interned at Maxwell AFB post Watergate; just to name a few.

Anyway, back to Clark; I've met a few of those x-ray students here in the United States; working in radiology. They came to Clark at my invitation, trained with me for a year or more, married, emigrated to the US, started a new career, and have a completely new life. I'm proud to have been a part of such a positive change for so many. I'm proud that they made a good life for themselves, too. Most of the women I brought to Clark got married in this way and started a new life abroad. As for the men I also brought up, only one ever married a female Sergeant! I wonder how they're doing now. If you read this, I'd enjoy knowing that, too.

At Clark, I was also assigned to the 657th Tactical Hospital and went on many a TDY to Korea and around the PACAF region. I probably have the record for Team Spirits and such when I consider all the tours I also served in Korea at Osan, Kim Hae, Suwon, and Kunsan!

I was shot at three times while assigned to Clark. Once in Zamabales during a deployment with the 657th Tac. We all took cover after my canteen was splattered across my right thigh. I looked up and saw our PCs laying there, too. I told them, "Hey! They're shooting at us!" One of them looked at me and asked, "Well, what do you want US to do about it?" I exclaimed, "Shoot back!" I was about to grab one of their weapons when they grudgingly got up and flanked the tree line where the shots came from. We heard a lot of gunfire and then saw the PCs coming back. They slaughtered who ever it was in there and brought back an AK.

Another time, I had $800 worth of bullet holes put into my car while driving home. That's at an exchange rate of 20:1. I just heard it's up to 50:1 now. Imagine, guys, how far your dollars would go right now! Anyway, five Americans were killed that day. Two were shot at the main gate (I also x-rayed them) and one on the corner where I usually turned into Timog Park; where I lived. That guy saw a car crashed against a pole and several people standing around. He walked up to the car to see what happened. The driver had been shot and killed. The guys who killed him were standing right there by the car. They killed him, too. He owned the furniture store there on the corner, but hadn't heard the gun shots for some reason. He was a retired Filipino-American. That was a heck of a day. If you were there, you remember the 13th AF Commanding General on FEN telling us to stay put and his reaction to all the nonsense going on. I nearly killed the third guy myself. But that's another story.

There were several incidents I'd rather forget, but they really made that tour one heck of a ride. I do want to personally thank those who made my tour of duty at Clark worth remembering. Especially Gary Vahue - my supervisor and dearest friend who took me on Friday night runs that I still dream about and kept me sane through it all, Jim Timmons - who always made me laugh and enjoy life. What a wonderful family you had to keep you happy, and Flor Dizon - who made breathing a worthwhile endeavor. God, I miss her! I failed to appreciate what I had when I had it so good. It was a lesson worth learning and a tragedy that we can't go back and live it all again in a more appreciative way. I miss you all so much. In the 25 years I spent on active duty, these people were the best. You are truly loved and appreciated for sharing my life in the PI. I'd say more, but you already know. For all those others who were dear friends and became my extended family, I love you all. No other assignment ever came close. Clark was an experience to hate and to love at the same time. For all those things we loathed, let's let them wash away in the ash we left behind. All that's left now are the giggles, the beauty, and the sweet memories of a time and an experience our current military may never know. I certainly never felt it in the Middle East! I'm retired now and have a new career path. It holds none of the passions and joys we shared at Clark, but it certainly pays better! I wish we could be together again. I'd give it all up to relive those years with you. God bless all of

Posted 11-27-06
Robert L Mills MSG, Personel, Mar 67 - Oct 68

My father was at Clark Air Base in personel.  He would love to talk to someone that was there then. He was with the 6900 Security Squadron.  He remembers a Holt Pittman and a Major Watrey.  When he letf Clark he went to Key West from Oct 68 to Dec 70.

Posted 11-27-06
Charles D. (Charlie) Millsap, SSgt, Clark Hospital, 1976 - 1977

Worked in Plant Management Section at base hospital.  Spent a lot of time playing in the dart leagues downtown. Anyone who knew me please give me a shout.

Posted 11-27-06
George P. Crofton, 1953 - 1955
(MSgt - Retired in 1972)

I was assigned to the 6200th Air Police Sq., Clark AFB from Sep 53 to Feb 55. I worked most of that time in Angeles as Town Patrol. May God Bless Everyone...

Posted 11-27-06
Ben Wallace Airman 1
st Class, 1968 - 1970 and 1971 - 1972

Stationed at Clark in the 1961st Comm. Group, Dec. 1968 - Apr. 1970 and Oct. 1971 - Apr. 1972, Air Traffic Controller-RAPCON

Posted 11-27-06
James E. Maddox Jr or or

Hello, my names is James E. Maddox Jr, sometime called (fatdog) or (kojack). I spent 4 tours at Clark, 1962 -1964 1961 Comm Gp DCS Relay, 1965 - 1967 605th TCS, 1968 - 1970 Hq 5th TAC, and 1979 - 1982 13th AF and 3rd AGS.  I am current working for the Army as a Logistician in Korea (Camp Carroll). Been here since December 2004, and leaving December 2008.  I can be reached at the email addresses posted above.  I will be returning to Clark in August of 2006 for the first time since 1984 for a week visit.

Posted 11-27-06
Thomas Utts, 13th Air Force Public Affairs Office, 1971 - 1973
Webmaster: Clark Air Base Scrapbook

Hope most of you will be interested to know that my new Clark Air Base history: "GI JOE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE" is now available. The book covers the entire history of the base from the founding of Fort Stotsenberg to the act-of-God ending with the Pinatubo eruption. Stories told  by those who were there. For more information go to: Please tell all your Clark friends.

Posted 11-27-06
Richard Furr (Rick), 405th Air Police, 1961 - 1963

My name is Richard Furr (Rick) and I served as an A/1C in the 405th Air Police from 1961-1963 working Law Enforcement, Main Gate, and Town Patrol. I have a jpeg of town patrol if anyone is interested in seeing if they know anyone. Msgt. Crestle Watson was my NCOIC in Town Patrol, replacing MSgt. Tommy Cole.

Posted 11-27-06
Fred Baclig, 1969 - 1971

Anyone work with Sam Basco at Clark around 1969-1971 timeframe?  He was my roomie and best man at Hickam.  Lost track of him after I went to Yokota.   Thanks

Posted 11-27-06
Raymond F. Parks,  A2C, 1964 - 1965

I was a radar operator with the 605th TCS and went TDY to Udorn, Thailand twice.  I have tried for several years to locate John E. Gibson and Billy R. Green who served with me.  If anyone knows how to contact them, please e-mail me.....Thanks

Posted 11-27-06
Alan Hughes, 6005 AIRPS, 1986 - 1988

What's up? My name is Alan Hughes A1C stationed at clark Nov 1986-1988, worked at the main post office and then moved to Postal service center one. My time at Clark was priceless and wish I could do it all over again. This day and time I am a Warehouse & Logistics Manager in Lawrenceville Ga. I would love to hear from anyone that worked in the postal squadron or anyone that knew me, I was known as Hillbilly and stayed at the 3rd CRS barracks while there. Appreciate the website hope to hear from someone soon. Take Care .

Posted 11-27-06
Paul Keyser, A1c, 1961 Comm Gp. AFCS, 1965 - 1967

I worked in the DCA communications building, (photos #312 & 313) near 13thAF Hq. I was stationed at  Clark AB from 1965-1967. I’d love to hear from anyone I served with or knew at that time. Thanks.

Posted 11-27-06
Jim Beauchemin (BEAU), AIC, 1985 - 1987
RD Security Police Squadron D-Flight (Dragons)

So many memories come to mind reading everyone else’s stories; the PI was definitely a part of my life I will never forget. Would love to hear from anyone who might remember me. Would also like to know if there are any reunions out there for any of the 3RD SPG group. Regards.

Posted 11-27-06
Ricky Boucher, MSgt, USAF (retired), Oct 1982 - Jan 1985
Morse Systems Operator, 6922 ESS

Former Double-Deuce logging in to locate former Cobras I used to work with inside the Elephant Cage at the back of the base. O-O Siga!!!

Posted 11-27-06
Louis Pritchard, Msgt USAF retired, 1972 - 1974

I was in 2 different Sqdn's while at Clark AB.  First in 405 SPS Sqdn and then 405 AMS as a First Sgt in each.  I am trying to locate any one that would know or have knowledge about the TDY's that the 1st Sgts going to Viet Nam from Clark on the Med Evat flights.  They were scheduled on a weekly basis for the 1st Sgt's to visit the basis in Nam to see if any of there personnel that were TDY needed any assistance with anything.  I lost the orders that sent me there but beleive that it was generated by some one from higher than Sqdn level, maybe Wing.  Any one that knows a Sgt that was at Clark in this period of time and can give me info on how to contact them or someone from higher up that may have knowledge of this would be greatly appreciated. I have developed prostrate cancer and the VA needs this proof so that it can consider the cancer for disability. Thanks in advance.

Posted 11-27-06
Paul G. Pousson, Ssgt, 1983 - 1986

Hello! Was at Clark from 83-86 with 3rd SPG mostly A Flight Cobras Security. Looking for good ole Ron McFalls. Had him with me at Clark, Kunsan and Kadena. If anyone knows where he is please let me know. Also Mad Jack from Kadena 90-92. I am retired 1993 and miss the SP days. 

Posted 12-5-06
Michael Cummings, Tsgt, 1984-89
3rd CES Construction Management

Looking for any former 553X0 career field engineering technicians. I am a retired MSGT in Michigan. Also any friends from the Clark AB bowling center. Spent a lot of time there bowling in the intramural league, Thursday night men's and Friday night mixed leagues. We also teamed up for bowling tournaments in Bagiuo and Manila. Brad Newhouse was the base best bowler on the Clark AB bowling team. Give me a shout.

Posted 12-5-06
Wayne Martin, A1C, 1976 - 1978
90th AMU

I worked as a crew chief on the F-4E's. It was hard work but we partied hard after a long hot day on the flightline!!!! I have great memories of Clark and the P.I. I'll never forget those huge rice bug's when I worked grave yard shift and the hangovers the San Magu could give ya.

Posted 12-5-06
James Beauchemin (Beau) AIC, 1985 - 1987
RD Security Police D-Flight Dragons

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you’d like a good (excellent!) book to read, purchase ”G.I. Joes doesn’t live here anymore” By Thomas Utts. It makes you feel like your right back in the P.I., it is definitely an excellent read!!!....Wish I could’ve been there until the end. PS. looking for anyone who served with me, drop me a line. Peace

Posted 12-24-06
Kim Fletcher

I'm sitting here on Christmas Eve 2006 feeling very nostalgic about my time at Clark.  I was a medical services specialist on the general surgery ward (5 north) in the hospital.  It was my first assignment and I couldn't have asked for a more exciting experience.  Although I didn't appreciate it at the time, I think I learned more during those two years than I have my entire life.  If any one out there remembers me, please contact me.

Posted 12-27-06
Thomas Utts, 13
th Air Force Public Affairs Office, 71 - 73

Hope most of you will be interested to know that my new Clark Air Base history: GI JOE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE is now available. The book covers the entire history of the base from the founding of Fort Stotsenberg to the act-of-God ending with the Pinatubo eruption with stories told by those who were there. For more information go to : Please tell your Clark friends.

Posted 12-27-06
Rocky Cheadle, CMSgt, 1980 - 1982

I worked in the 374 FMS Aircraft Sheetmetal Shop.  Married my one and only wife there.  Great tour!  

Posted 12-27-06
Marion Coplan, 3CES, Equipment Operator, 82 - 85 & 89 - 91

Looking for anyone in that shop 82 to 85 89 to volcano.

Posted 12-27-06
Thomas Larry McCaughn, TSgt, Jan 1968 - Nov-1972

Was in 6200 CAMS working base flight a/c (autopilot and compasses) when I first got there on the flightline side of the C-130 hangar.   463rd moved up from Mactan and tookover the space and we moved to a bldg off the tarmac by the 'Leghorn'   In Jan 1970 moved to on base housing in the "new' NCO stucco houses behind 13th AF (2278A Jane St.) which is nothing but a concrete slab there now using Google Earth.   Spent 6 months in 1969 in Det 1, 13th AF flying with C-97s on cargo and R&R flight runs.   When 6200 was absorbed by 405. I worked for MSgt Wilson Minnix in Autopilot.   When the big fuel fire spread thru base housing from the storage tanks in the hills it went by in the ditch across the street from my house.   Anyone out there that worked in Autopilot, Comm, Nav, or Instruments 1968-1972; give a yell.

Posted 12-27-06
Daryl Dean, 1967 - 1969

I 'm looking for anyone that new CMsgt Robert Dean. He was a air traffic controller in 1967,68,69. We are also trying to find out some information/records for flights air lifting wounded from Vietnam into Clark.

Posted 12-27-06
Joseph A. Deutsch, 1966 - 1967

Joseph A. Deutsch here. I was a member of the USAF BAND in 1966 to 1967 (A2C) Would love to hear from anyone in the band.

Posted 12-27-06
MSgt William P. Consani Sr., May 1950 to November 1951

I am MSgt William P. Consani Sr.  (USAF, Retired).  I was at Clark AB from May 1950 to November 1951 with the 2nd Air Rescue Squadron.  I married my first wife Maria, who was from Las Pinas, Rizal on February 24, 1951 at the Base Chapel at Clark.  We returned to the states in November 1951.  We returned to Clark in July 1953 with our daughter, who was born at Camp Stoneman, California.  I was assigned first to Hq 13th Air Force as NCOIC of the Pipeline Unit.  In November I was assigned to the Base Legal Office, working for MSgt John Myer and TSgt Jack Keese.  The Staff Judge Advocate was LtCol Chris Munch, who later became Professor of Law at the Air Force Academy and retired as a BG. My second daughter was born at Clark on November 2, 1953.  My wife, Maria was killed at Camp John Hay in a bike accident on May 22, 1954.  After her funeral at the Church of The Bamboo Organ in Las Pinas, Rizal, I returned to the states with my children.  I was assigned to JAG offices in the states and Japan until I retired in 1971.  I then went to Law School and was employed as a District Claims Manager until I retired from that in 1995.  I now live and have a consulting business in Claims in Chico, California. I would like to hear from anyone who I knew in the PI during my tenure there.  Or anyone from the 2d Air Rescue Squadron or the Legal Office at Clark during my time there.

Posted 12-27-06
A/1c Ronald Gudac, 405th Air Police Sq., 61' to 63

I worked security for six months and then TDY to Tainan for six months with the remaining six months in LE working for Sgt Slocum. Many fond memories of Bagiou, Manila (does anybody remember the Ever Barber shop?) and of course Angeles. I spent casual time at the Rotonda bar and just about every bar in town with girls and San Miguel, I have two San Miguel logo beer glasses in my collection. The best part of Clark was the friends I have made for life while stationed there, in particular, Dean Gattis, Hank Beyernink, Ernesto Galvan and just recently reaquainted with Larry Hartman, other names are Bob Hanvey, Nicols, Biggs and Chafin. I carried my love of Law Enfrocement to the Civilian side and retired from a police dept. any one wishing to contact me please do so.

Posted 12-27-06
David Wilhelm, A1C, 1961st CG, 1989-1991

Nice site...  takes me back to a really fun and personally fulfilling time in my life!  Clark was my first duty station, where I was a Crypto Tech with the 1961st Comm Group.  I PCS'ed to Colorado from there (Lowry for a year and Cheyenne Mountain for four years).  Made it to SSgt and then took my skills and experiences into civilian life in 1995.  Drop me an email, if my name rings a bell!   

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