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Posted 2-5-05
Ted Burt/AB to A1C/3rd LES, 1983 - 1986

Hi, my name is Ted Burt/AB to A1C/3rd LES.  I was stationed at Clark Air Base from 1983 to 1986.  My squadron of assignment was the 3rd Law Enforcement Squadron.    What a wonderful time for all of us. Without question the best assignment in the Air Force.  I separated from the Air Force after 9 years of service in 1992.  The past 12 years I have been working in civilian law enforcement, and really enjoy my work.  Anyone who remembers me, please drop me an email.  Finally, a big thanks to the developer of this site.

Posted 2-5-05
Ken Rice, 1980 - 1983, 1985 - 1988

Hello everybody, Ken Rice here. I was stationed at Clark AB twice; Aug 80-Aug 83 and from October 85 to October 1988. My first tour, I worked CMSgt Ricesinger/Resource protection, B Flt, until it was disbanded. I then worked SPOLB, than SPLOA until I PCSed to FE Warren. In October 1985 I returned for a second tour, and worked SPOLA and a short stint in Town Patrol. I retired from McClellan AFB in Nov 2000. My Filipina wife and I now live in Ermita Manila, about eight blocks from the US Embassy. We purchased a condo in Robinson Place ( ) and live in the PI each year from Oct to early March. The remaining time, we live in the Sacramento area, where we own a home. I am looking for old friends. Anybody that knows me, please contact me.

Posted 2-5-05
Richard "Dennis" Shows, II, {(M)Sgt-Now}, Sgt
3rd Component Repair Squadron (CRS), 1988 - 1991 (Pinatubo)

I was stationed at Clark as my first assignment right out of Tech School.  I heard the stories, but as most do, did not believe them.  I soon found out they are true and loved every minute of it.  I would love to hear from anyone that was in the 3rd CRS with me.  I am married to a Philippina cutie, nearly 15 years now.  My oldest daughter was born on Clark.  We got a chance to go back in 1997 and 1999 while stationed at Yokota AB, Japan.  The base is looking okay, for the most part.  My old dorms by PSC 1 are now a barracks. The old Officers club is a casino, golf course and Chambers Hall is now a golf resort- Memosa (sp?) and a Holiday Inn.  Commissary is now a duty free store, which are all over the place. Off base has changed a lot of course.  Most of the old bars are gone, but new ones have popped up.  Still have good places to eat--pork & chicken stand right by 'Genesis" hotel.  Nepo mart is still good for shopping.  Dau is still Dau, can still find equipment from on-base with the PMEL sticker on it.  I have kept in touch with a few guys-- Mark Hess (Ret), Bobby Gouge, Steve Sparks, Jim Burton, Rodney Krause, Joe Grant, Frank Tisdale (Capt now), Mark Vanderveer(Ret), and a few others.  I have know someone from Clark at every assingment since.....the last two names I ran into here at Tinker in OK!!!  I really miss the ole place.

Posted 2-5-05
A1C John Duarte 1989 - Nov 1991
3rd CES, Interior Electric Shop

Hi. I had a hell of a tour. I am hoping someone may pick up on this and email me. I was recently in the PI and freaked out on the use of Clark and it's present condition. But then again how would I remember, I stayed drunk for most of it!

Posted 2-5-05
TSgt Alexandra Burns 1977 - 1991 or

My father, MSgt George Burns, belonged to 1961st Comm Group from 1977-1981 when he was killed in a car accident over Labor Day weekend.  I was only 10 at the time and Pops was always TDY during his last years.  I’m just looking for individuals who knew him and could tell me stories about him.  Thanks for your time.

Posted 2-5-05
Robert D. Holland, 1984 - 1988

Hi, I was with the 3rd SPS from 1984 to 1988 on the Nighthawks.  Just ran in to a kindred soul here in the states in, of all places, Dodge City, Kansas.  That brought back so many memories.  Anybody still out there who remembers the good times, I would like to hear from you. 316-838-2500

Posted 2-5-05
Leonard, 1968

Hello, My cousin, Leonard , is looking for anyone who served with him  in the 636th CES during 1968.  The squadron was sent to Cam Ranh Bay, Tan Son Nhut and Tuy Hoa to repair the runways.  He also mentioned that they were sent to a base in Thailand before finally heading back to Clark.  This TDY duty took place February of 1968 to about April of 1968.  Anyone who was a part of this squadron, please respond by sending me an email.   Thank you.

Posted 2-5-05
Donna Hertzberg, 1977 - 1978  

My name was Donna Hertzberg and I was an Airman with the 3CSG in Administration (BITS).  I was stationed there in 1977-78.   When I wasn't working delivering mail to all the base offices I was playing tennis at the Silver Wings.  Know me or worked in the same office as I did or played tennis at that time,  contact me.  Thanks.  Donna 

Posted 2-5-05
Ted Burt, 1983 - 1986

Hi, my name is Ted Burt.  I was stationed at Clark Air Base from 1983 to 1986.  My squadron of assignment was the 3rd Law Enforcement Squadron (3rd LES).  All of have is great memories and friendships during that time.  A big hello to some of the peace keepers: Mike Della Russo, Menelio Fuentes, Chuck Trim, Robert Minifield, and many more.  We were all young airmen; some of us already married with children, others single enjoying the off base festivities. Without question the best 3 years of my life!! I left the Air Force after 9 years of service in 1992.  The past 13 years have been in civilian law enforcement at a sheriff's office in the Washington D.C. area.  Looking to reconnect with old friends who might be interested in retiring over in the Philippines and starting a business.  Take care to all. 

Posted 2-5-05
Thomas A. Bowe, 1990

My name is Thomas A. Bowe. I was TDY to Clark/Crow valley in Jan-Feb 1990, I had come from Kunsan A.B. Korea with the 8th SPS Stinger Missile section. My rank wasE5/Ssgt. I stayed at the Maharajah hotel right outside Clark. I currently reside in Erie Pennsylvania.   I'm asking to contact anyone that hung out at the "El Toro" club in Jan-Feb.1990. I am looking for a girl who worked there. Her name is Marissa Estopace, she worked at El Toro at least until Pinatubo blew up. Her room where she stayed was close to El Toro, the address was as I recall 125 B Vian Street. Yes after 15 yrs. I still have the "PI Fever". If anyone has any info. on her let me know!

Posted 4-10-05
Don McFarland, 6922th Security Group, 1971 - 1972

I am looking for anyone who was assigned to the 6922th Security Group during 1971-1972.  I was on Able Flight during this time.  Any info on fellow airman assigned and their current status would be appreciated.

Posted 4-10-05
Paul Thompson, E4, Dec.1968 - April 1970
6200 SPS Intel & Recon unit ( REDPATCH )

I put together a web page about me & the REDPATCH.Please look it over & let me know what you think of it. PS. This is NOT I repeat NOT the official REDPATCH site, this is my own site. From  an old red patch, Paul Thompson.

Posted 4-10-05
William P. Consani Sr, MSgt, USAF (Retired), 1950 - 1951, 1953

I transferred to Clark AB in May 1950 from Kadena AB, Okinawa with HEADQUARTERS, 2D RESCUE SQUADRON (later 2nd Air Rescue Squadron) upon relocation of the Headquarters.  I was at Clark until November, 1951 when I returned to Camp Stoneman, California.  I was married on February 1951 to Maria Cuenca, who came to the states a couple of months before I returned.  We returned to Clark in July 1953, with our daughter Betty, who was born at Camp Stoneman. I was assigned as NCOIC of the Headquarters, 13th Air Force Pipeline Unit, where I processed and shipped several thousand Korea vets home for discharge. In November 1953, I was reassigned to the Legal Office (JAG).  On November 2, 1953 my wife had our second daughter at Cark AB Hospital.  On 22 May 1953 my wife Maria was killed in bicycle accident at Camp John Hay.  She is interned at the Church of The Bamboo Organ, in Las Pinas, Rizal, PI.  I returned home, with our two children after her funeral. I remained in JAG until my retirement on July 1, 1971. I would like to hear from any of the people that I knew or that Maria knew. 

Posted 4-10-05
Jim Boardman, Sgt, 3
rd CRS WCS, 1985 - 1990

5 years of my life was spent at Clark, where I was able to have fun regardless of what else was going on in country.  I worked in CRS, spent time taking class through CTC, and spent every weekend I could out diving around the area.  Would be interesting to hear from anyone who may or may not recall me.

Posted 4-10-05
Dennis Price, A1C, 3rd SPG, 3rd LES,
Traffic Police Motocycle Unit, 1982 - 1985

I can close my eyes and still see the sights and detect the aroma of the local cooking fires. I sorely miss all the personnel of the 3rd SPG from former Col. Allison and Col. Plummer to the AB who worked the gates. What a great bunch of folk. Looking back it was the best time of my life. We worked hard, played hard, struggled together, laughed and cried together. My first two of three children were born in the PI. I would love to hear from all of the former 3rd SPG, 3rd LES, and 3rd SPS and would like to put together a reunion. Would like to especially hear from Tom Wollenhaupt, Neil Smart, Tom Loprete, Tony Perry, Richard Mace, Lee Darrow, "Bubba" Smith, J. Alaimo, Steven Davidson, Chuck Millard, Eric Pino, Crystal Ledding, Kelly Owens,  Steven Decker, Larry Saldi, Carla Kenny, and any regulars of the Peace Keepers Pub! Hope God has kept all of the SPG safe!

Posted 4-10-05
Sgt. Norm Fuhrer, Clark AB, 1972 - 1974

Hello, I was assigned to USAF Hospital, Medical Supply. Looking for any of the old gang, Steve Krumpak, Dennis Moran, Pete Miazga, Dave Booth, Joe Poole, and anyone else from that time. Great site, lotta memories. Thanks

Posted 4-10-05
Phil E Baker, Civilian Assignment, 1967 - 1971

My father was assigned to Clark for a four year period. I have many fond memories and loved the Philippines. I am trying to locate two A/F men that were regular visitors to our home. If you have contact with Dale Mickelson or Bill Kontz, or know of their last where abouts . . please contact me or pass along my email address. I would like to contact them for my family. Kathi Baker (age 4 - 9 at time of PI life)

Posted 4-21-05
SSgt Foy B Cates Ret., 1967 - 1970

Was working at Merchandise Control at the BX area actoss from the bank.

Posted 4-22-05
Robert H. Amerault, 1989 - Present

Hello! Im hanging out in Angeles City, Still. It's still a cool place and Tick's still here catering to us people who live in the past. We love to sit on a bar stool and complain about how awful it is now, how much better it was when the base was here. The same thing we always complained about (the good old days. Anyway, anyone who knows Tick from the DMZ, well he's still here. And the DMZ is celibrating 20 years in Angeles, Under same owner. (the flaming is still here, but different owners) But if your free, c'mon down for a Ice cold San Miguel and a short time. Photos of Fields avenue (present day) coming soon. Have fun! (we will!!!) Daddy Rob and Skinflynnski. P.S. Anyone who may know whereabouts of SSGT Robert Piccarillo (3rd Special ops) from NYC. please let me know. Thanks!

Posted 5-5-05
Jerry Moore, 1956 - 1958

I am looking for members of the 26th Fighter Interceptor Squadron that served with my dad during the period of 1956 through 1958 at Clark AFB.   My dads name was Capt. George V. Moore and he was a F-86D airplane driver.  My dad passed on March 28, 1978.  I have a lot of fond memories of Clark AFB which I revisit often with respect to the time, places, and the people stationed there.  The 26th FIS was a close net family that did a kick-ass job.  Everyone would wind down on Friday at Beer Call on the Hill after a hard week.  Please contact me if you have any information.  Thank you and God bless!!!!!!!

Posted 9-18-05
Mendel Hinson, 1948 - 1951 

My name is Mendel Hinson was at Clark Field 1948-1951 with the 622nd AC&W Sqdn. Would like to hear from anyone, especially those who worked on Lily Hill installing the old AN/CPS-1 radar.

Posted 9-18-05
Julio Balolong, 1971 - 1972

Mabuhay…I’m a Filipino-American that was stationed both at John Hay AB (1970-1971) and then at Clark AB (1971-1972). At John Hay, I was assigned to the 1961st O/L Comm Grp and maintained the MARS equipment.  Then the Air Force decided that the station was no longer needed and so my tour at John Hay ended. I was hoping to “touch bases” with anyone that was stationed there at the time.  I can remember some of the faces but can’t put a name to them. Also, if anyone was stationed at Clark AB (1961st Comm Grp) between 1971-1972, I would love to hear from them too!  Thanks/Salamat…Former Sgt. Julio Balolong

Posted 9-18-05
Adam Morse, SRA to SSgt., Sep.1982 - May 1985
4th Combat Communications Squadron, Det. 3

Spent 2 1/2 excellent years in PI. Just wanted to know if anybody from that time is lurking and wants to say "what's up?"   Love the pictures here from that time, brings back a lot of memories. Also have a stack of around 1000 pix from the PI that I am getting around to scanning now.   Hey there, Jerry, Don, Kurt "Gamma", Ed, Leslie, Dennis, Neil, Tom, Capt. Jerry, Kimberly (God she was hot!), Bob, "Cheap Charlie", Didi, Tim, James (Ol' Man River), Eric (Pusa), Brian, Brian, Mike, all of the pinochle players, John, Pete, Phil, Dante, Reo, Snake, Don, Jim, Cliff, Chuck, John, Wayne, Bama, Stuart (Just like a little bro'), Rick, and anybody else I might have temporarily forgotten. And to all the ladies, mahal kita!

Posted 9-18-05
Kelley Seiler, 1982 - 1987

I love your site! It brings back lots of memories for me! My wife and I lived at Clark from 1982 to 1987 and loved our time there!.                         

Posted 9-18-05
SGT Jim McDonough, 1986-88
3rd LES, SPOA Flight

Hello, Thanks for a great Site. I worked on Dempsey Belcher's "A" flight with Scotty Dunham, Jamie Lawrence and AIC Atkins. AIC Herron, AIC Sutton, AIC Sammy DeArmon, AIC Sweeney, SSGT "Juice" Outen, SGT Ricky (Yo-P) Raymond and AIC Garivella... where are you! Please e-mail!! I was the "Peace Man" on the LES desk. Peace on earth to all at CAB!!!

Posted 9-18-05
Douglas Jenkins Sgt., K9 unit, Feb.1968 - Aug.1969

Douglas Jenkins Sgt., SPS, K-9, Handled Jill. Remember dogs named Rex, Toby, Pia.  Went back to Malstrome in Montana; remember Rex who I worked with at Clark. I'm Looking for anyone who was at Clark at this time. Also, looking for information about dogs that were there at that time. Remember Jill don't remember tattoo number. Any info. please email me.

Posted 9-18-05
(wife of)
Robert (Go Go) Gomez, 1969 - 1970

My husband Robert (Go Go) Gomez was stationed at Clark AB from 1969 to December 1970. He worked at the Base Theatre.  We are trying to locate two wonderful, sweet girls who worked with him during this time.  Their names were Annabelle and JoJo.  Does anyone remember these girls or know what happened to them?  If anyone has any information, please contact me . Thank you and God bless.  

Hilda M. Gomez 1425 Catherine Circle-West Brownsville, Tx 78520 Tel: (956) 546-4103

Posted 9-18-05
Mike Snyder, (looking for)

I'm trying to locate a "Mike Snyder" that was stationed at (or TDY to) Clark Air Base in the mid-70's.  He departed around Nov 1975.  I'm not sure about the spelling of his name and I don't have any other information.  I'm not even sure which service he was in.  I have some important information for him.   Thanks!   Lonnie P. Hammack, Major, USAF Camp Smith, HI

Posted 9-18-05
Curtis B. McKee, 1982 - 1985 and 1986 - 1990

I spent 2 tours in the PI,  The first I was with the 26th Aggressor Squadron and the second with the 3rd AGS, 3rd AMU “BIG BLUE SCREW”.  I have been married to the same Filipina for 22 years and still love it.  I am now retired after serving 21 years and I am now working for Lockheed Martin in GA as an F/A-22 Flight Inspector.  If anyone remembers me, just e-mail me. Love to hear from you.

Posted 9-18-05
Bruce E. Shaw, Sgt. (E-4), 1966 - 1967
6922nd Security Wing, Dawg Flt

I would like to hear from anyone in my outfit during '66 -'67.  Particularly any members of Dawg that hung out at Ruby's Kiosk in New Balibago.  Time has flown, but the memories are fresh!  Thanks.

Posted 9-18-05
SRA/SGT Sean M. Ross, 3
rd LES, March 1991 - Close

I must say I have done many exiting things in my life but still look back as the Pinatubo days as the best times of my life. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers the mud watcher post and all else that went with those last days at Clark. Email me. I would also like to hear of any reunion plans.

Posted 9-18-05
Jay B. Bigornia, TSgt, May 1981 - Nov 1982
26th Tactical Fighter Training Aggressor Squadron

Just dropping back in to see who else came around to visit.  Great memories of an earlier time in my life.  Retired now and living in North Dakota.  Still single and would love to return to the P.I. for an extended visit and maybe get together with other former Clark AB and Subic Bay Vets! Thanks for the great site! 

Posted 9-18-05
Sgt Jim Van Houtan, Nov 1985 - Mar 1989
"HOOTER" 3rd LES and 3rd SPG

I worked flight, armory and mobility (i think) With Perrry as your boss, there are alot of things that are a little fuzzy. Played ball in the downtown league for welcome inn and smut hut. I just wish I could remember it all! Played league ball on base too. Still living in Kansas City and probably always will. Anybody who remembers me, send me a note. ( I know, its hard) it will be good to hear from you.

Posted 9-18-05
Daniel J. Trudeau, AB to A1C, 374th OMS, July '82 - Jan.'84

I noticed this sight does not have the 374th Organizational Maintenance Squadron. Hopefully it will be added now. I am hoping to find some friends I was stationed at Clark with. I was a C-130 crew chief there. I wish I could remember all the guys and gals I was stationed with. Randy Strother was stationed there probably when the mountain blew in '91. If anyone has any info on him it is appreciated. Here is a few other names; William "Bill" Henson, Willis Colpitts, Robert "Bob" Peoples, James "Jim" Nolan. I don't know if I spelled all of them correct. I would surely like to say hello to these people, it has been many years now. My tour in the Philippines was good, I met alot of good people there. I can say if I knew then what I know now it would have been different. I did go back there last Nov.('04) and again in Feb of this year. It was great. I am going back in June and in Nov. When I saw the base I was pretty disappointed. It surely is not what it once was (at least in my memory). Downtown is still a great party. Alot less GIs and alot of Euro's, Aussies, and other tourists. I can't say thats a good thing or not. I can say the PI is a great place.

Posted 9-18-05
James " Buddy " Creel, 1980 - 1984

I am James " Buddy " Creel  looking for Jesus " Yogi " Ybarra.  We were in the 3rd CES Refrigeration and Air Conditioning shop from 1980 to 1984.  Please contact me if you know where Jesus "YOGI" Ybarra, Lawrence "Larry" Oribio, Howard Boudreaux, Robie Hundley, Robert Barker,  Ezel Coates or Thomas "TJ" James can be located.  Thank you.

Posted 9-18-05
Bill Jensen   Sgt.   1974 - 1976  
405th Supply Squadron

I would like to hear from anyone that knew me.  I would especially like to hear from Brad Kane or Calvin Watson  We all shared a house in the Mt View Subdivision with Rosie, Mary-Lou, & Lolita.  Brad or Calvin if you see this  posting please send me an  E-mail.

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