The stories linked below have been written by all who have lived the experience.
Do you have a story you would like to tell? We know you do, and we would like to read them.

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SOME of these stories listed SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED BY CHILDREN without the presents of an adult to choose that in which they want them to read.

In order to bring out the true feel for how this wonderful place was, some stories may offer adult discriptions within the storie lines. Be assured though, that we will not publish stories that are highly offensive or gross in nature. We only wish to bring out the truth and beauty of this very special place.

  Bonk... The Life Saver
By: Charles Brooks
Short story about an amazing young Filipino.
  My battle experiance at Clark Air Field
By: Sergeant Dana Frame
Short story about a first hand battle experiance at Clark
  One of Our House Boys
By: Rusty Leonard
An experiance with one of the house boys
  Rendering My Salute
By: Phil Scholten
A story about the wound and those that gave all, passing through Clark
  Rag Man
By: Joseph Monday
The story of one wierd dude.
  Memories Around Fields Ave.
By: Ray Roney
Title is self explanatory
  A Filipina From The Philippines
By: Dave A., USAF (Ret.)
Story about a Filipina after arrival to the states
  TDY In The Philippines
By: Dave A, USAF (Ret)
TDY experience in the Philippines
  Two More Weeks of Heaven
By: Dave Rice
He was on his way out of the PI
  Assigned to Ward 35
By: John De Soto
An arrival experiance to the PI

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