Memories Around Fields Ave.
By: Ray Roney

I was stationed at Clark AB between june 1986-1988. I remember the rag man. The story I was told behind it was he was jilted my a gal, I believe an american gal and that is what drove him to dress like that.

I had many friends in the PI that always looked out for me. Jonny the tryke driver. Junior was a kid that sold peanuts. They were always there to look out for me and my friends.

I also remember the little cute girls that would sell gum. One was so cute I wish I could have adopted her. One day joking, because she did not understand english too well, I told her I should kill her parents so I could adopt her. I heard a lady near by gasp as I said that. Well turned out to be the girls mom. I told her that I was only joking, that I would never hurt anyone. We became good friends afterwards.

Also, who could forget the hotel near the main gate with all the billy boys in it. Standing outside waiting for some drunk to come by and try to pick them up. My friends and I would always come to the rescue of those drunken Airmen that did not relize, when they were drunk, that they were men and not women.

Last story, At the end of Fields Ave there was a building on the left hand side. I think it was a hotel or apt building were the billy boys also where. One night a friend and I got off a tryke at the end of fields and started to walk towards the base. We heard a couple of the billy boys calling us so we went over to give them heck. One of them said to us "want to see what she/he had"? We said sure. She hicked her dress up and sure enough she had female parts down there. Being a little drunk I asked her where in the hell did she get that vagina and she told me she went to Singapore and was fixed. We laughed and started to walk away. Two town patrol cops gave us a yell and said we should watch out for that building because it had billy boys in it and we told them they should look again because the one had a vigina she bought in Singapore. We all laughed. That billy boy was so proud of his vigina.