Rag Man
By: Joseph Monday

During the mid 80's we had a fellah that wandered the streets outside Clark in the bar district "Balibago" that people referred to as Rag Man. He was called that cause that's all he wore, not clothes but rags tied in knots. Sometimes he only tied on a few and walked around almost buck naked, other times he layered the rags till they made him look as big as an NFL lineman.

The first time I saw rag man my new roommate pointed him out on our orientation jaunt up fields avenue, both of us having arrived in country the day before. Here came this mountain of a 110 lb Filipino wearin what looked to be his body weight in filthy rags. He looked huge. By far the creepiest dude I had ever seen. We were on the perimeter road portion of Fields by the Port Orient bar, so the street was pretty much empty, except for us and ragman. He walked by, and of course we gave him a real wide birth. He looked so damn weird I guess I just couldn't help but stare a little.

He passed us by and we kept walkin and we tried to pretended we hadn't noticed him. Then I heard something runin up behind us. I spun around and rag man screamed "AHHHHHHHH!!!". I almost sh!t my pants. He laughed his ass off and after the fact, so did my roommate. I never got the joke. I guess if you're a rag wearin lunatic you got nothin better to do than scope out and scare the bejesus out of the new guys. Welcome to the PI chicken legs.