A Filipina From The Philippines
By: Dave A., USAF (Ret.)

While stationed at Travis AFB, California, news had arrived that Mt. Pinatubo, just outside of Clark AB, was showing sign of blowing.  Travis AFB went into high gear generating missions to help with the evacuation of personnel & equipment.  I was working in the Director of Operations Section and reading reports coming in.  One day we arrived at work to learn that Mt. Pinatubo had in fact blown.  The people at Travis were informed that we were to make preparations to receive a "large influx of displaced persons", to include, service members, dependents, their pets, and some household items.  For the next few days, the base was in over drive.

Word came down that the first planes were inbound from Guam and the DO (a full bird Col.), rounded up a detail to assist the returning family members.  We were told that this aircraft had only dependent wives and children, no sponsors.  

Basically the way it would work was, the detail was to form a line behind the plane after it shut down the engines.  The doors would open, the people would exit the aircraft, we (the detail) would escort the adult, (usually female), along with any children to the processing line.  We were to stay with the adult throughout processing line, and until a bus arrived to take them to the airport, or to a hotel to sleep overnight until it was time to catch the plane to the next duty assignment.  I waited my turn and  when "my" adult female came off the plane, I greeted her with "Hello, My name is Dave, and I'll be your escort."  I helped her collect her belongings and asked if she had any children with her.  She said, "Yes", and pointed to 3 kids. I noticed that she was very pretty, Long black hair almost to her butt.  About 5 ft. 6 in. tall and very slender with a chest a little larger than the average Filipino Female.  I'd say off hand, she weighed about 100 pounds, soaking wet.

When she go to the first station of the line, the first question she was asked was, "What is your name?"  She replied, Maria with a Filipino last name.  The Female Sgt., began looking in her computer and could not find a name that was even close.  Finally, the Sgt., asked what her husband's name was.  Her reply was, Robby.  Thinking that Robby was the last name, she typed that into the computer.  That name also came up blank. Then Female Sgt. then said, "I'll have to try this a different way, what is your son's name, Maria said, Franklin David Jefferson, Jr..( A fictitious name here of course).  Again, that name was typed into the computer, without any results.  The female Sgt., then asked, what is the name of your daughter?"  Maria said, (another fictitious name) Marybeth Eleanor Montgomery.  The name was typed into the computer and yielded no results.  The female Sgt. then asked, "What is the name of your youngest son?"  Maria said Michael Alan Webster, Jr., (fictitious again).  Again, the name was typed into the computer, with no results.  By this time, it was obvious that the children were of three different fathers.  The Female Sgt. was at her wits end.  She could not find any record of these people on the aircraft manifest, yet there they were, standing right in front of her.

Finally, the Female Sgt. asked Maria, "Are you married to a Man in the Air Force or the Navy?"  Maria said, "Air Force."   The Female Sgt. asked, "What is his Name?"  Maria said, "Cliff".  The female Sgt. asked "Cliff is his first name, or his last name?"  Maria said, 'His first name".  The Sgt. asked, "What is his last name?" Maria shook her head and said, "I don't know."  Finally, the Sgt. asked Maria, "do you have your marriage paperwork?"  Maria, then dug into her bag and produced a marriage document issued at city hall the day before Pinatubo blew.  Maria was processed and was released back to me.

As I waited with Maria she asked me if I was ever stationed in at Clark.  I told her I was.  She then told me she only met Cliff, 3 or 4 days before Pinatubo became a concern.  She said that Cliff got drunk one day and went they went to City Hall.  Maria married Cliff.  They went home, Cliff went to sleep (read: passed out), Cliff woke up, ate something, then went to work.  Pinatubo blew while he was at work.  The next day, Cliff found his way to Maria's house, told Maria, "I'm going back stateside."  Maria showed him the marriage certificate. Cliff said, "OHHHH SHIT!"  He took her and the kids to base and that was the last time she saw him."

The buses were full up and another set was due to arrive in 2-3 hours.  I got tired of waiting.  I offered Maria a ride to San Fran Airport hotel area.  On the way, and after the kids fell asleep, she told me how the kids she had were all of GI's that promised to "Come Back" but, never did.  She knew that plans were being made to close the base anyway, but Pinatubo would only speed up the plans.  She decided she was going to get a husband.  She said she almost ran out of time, but she took what she could get.  She never learned how to pronounce his last name, (it was a French last name).  

When we got to the Hotel, I called the phone number of a Point of Contact she was to call when she got to Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona.  I informed the person that Maria was on the way, and what flight she and the kids were on.  Before I left, Maria said that she was embarrassed about not knowing her husbands last name, and was glad that I didn't give her a hard time about it.  I said, "Mine is not to criticize you,  I don't know what you had to do to survive, I can't pass judgment onto you.  She said, "Thank-you," and gave me a kiss, forcing her tongue into my mouth."  I was a little embarrassed."  I turned an quickly left, after I gave her my home phone number and told her to call me when she got to Arizona.  

I never heard from her again, I assumed she got there OK.

About a year and 1/2 later, I got a wake up call, early one Saturday Morning.  The voice said, "Hello, this is Maria.  I said, "Maria, who?"  After a short conversation, I remembered about the Filipino woman with 3 kids, and a husband she didn't know.  

She was in Sacramento.  She was divorced.  She said she  wanted to thank me for taking care of her when she got to the USA.  I said "It was nothing, really."  She asked me if I could come help her carry some things into her new house, if she paid me for the time.  Since I was still single, a little short of money since it was the third Friday before payday, and I basically had nothing else to do today, I agreed to help.   She gave me an address and I went over to assist her in moving.  As I was helping her move boxes around, we began making small talk.  Maria said that Cliff and her started off well enough, but after about 5-6 months, the fighting started, he got busted on a DWI charge, lost a stripe, and was being processed for a discharge.   She decided to divorce.  

She packed the kids up and decided to head back to California.  She had some friends that lived in Sacramento, and she was letting the kids stay there, while she unpacked.  I asked her about her financial situation. She said, that she was only collecting a little bit of Alimony, and the court said that Cliff wasn't responsible for child support since none of the children were his.

After a while, I asked her what do you plan to do for a job here in Sacramento.  She thought a while, picked up a box of stuff, carried it into the bedroom and said, Is Sacramento always this warm in Summer?  I said, sometimes it gets warmer, it is only 90 today.  I asked if She wanted me to turn on the Air Conditioner, She said "NO, Don't."  I asked her again about her job prospects.  She said, "Well, I've been thinking of that".  

As I started to open a box, I listened to her talk as she continued to talk.  She said, "I worked in bar in the PI, so, I thought I could get a job here, working in a bar."  

I was sitting on the floor and I had my back turned towards her voice.  I replied, "Oh, so you know how to bar tend?"  I heard her say, "NO."  I said, "Oh, you mean a waitress then?"   

I heard her reply, her voice now in the same room,  "Well maybe something like that."  I said, "Something like that? In a bar there are only 2 jobs, bar tend and waitress".  Her voice came from directly behind me, and very close to me. She said, "No, not really, there is another job I can do".  I asked, "What job is that?"  Maria said, "Selling stuff"  I said, "Selling stuff, like what, Flowers?"  After not hearing a response, I turned to where I last heard her voice.  

Maria was standing behind me, completely naked.  I must say, after three kids, she did look pretty well maintained.  She said, "There, I'm much cooler now, I think I may be able to sell my clothes. What do you think?" as she threw her clothes into an empty box. Maria said, "It is so hot in here, why don't you make yourself cooler."  I hesitated a little, Maria said, "OK, I'll do it."  And proceeded to tug at my clothes.   

Maria told me that she wanted to really thank me for helping her on her first day in the US, and, for helping her move into her new place.  She said that when she got off the plane at Travis, she expected every man in uniform and that had been to the PI to treat her like a bar girl.  She said I treated her with respect, and dignity.  She said that she made a mental note to make sure that if she ever got the chance, she would "thank me".  She lead me into her bedroom and I know how she got Cliff to marry her now.  I have never had better, in the Philippines, in the States or, anywhere else than that afternoon and the rest of the weekend.

Maria would call or, I would stop by Maria's house every so often.  We are "GOOD" friends and "GOOD" friends only.  She has a few Massage Parlors in/around Sacramento, CA.  She is no longer in the "active role", but is the "Manager".  I still stop by from time to time. She now lives in a house with 8 large bedrooms, indoor and out door pool, 10 foot fence surrounding the place, 4 car garage, 3 cars. For Maria, living is good.  For some reason Maria is always running around with no clothes on, she said that is how she grew up in the Philippines, that is the way she prefers to dress here.  She is constantly skinny-dipping in her pool,  In fact, she has a rule, no clothes in the pool.  I can't complain.  She shares her house with "co workers."  I do not know where her kids ended up, I never asked.  I'm called on sometimes to perform repairs or maintenance on the house.  I don't mind a bit.  I get "paid" by Maria and/or her "co workers."  

I don't know why, but I never intended to have sex with Maria.  I was just doing my job helping her out.  When she called me to help her move into her new house, I was just being friendly, nothing more.  Maria says everyone expected something from her, and I was the first American male who didn't expect something.  I don't exactly follow, but then I don't ask.

Maria, while working in a profession I don't think I'd like to get my daughter, (if I had one), into, I don't pass judgment.  Maria is still a friend.  a very "CLOSE FRIEND".