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(updated 8-12-07) REUNION (updated 8-12-07)
 USAF Hospital Clark
The Viet Nam Years, 1964-1973

Plans are in progress to hold a Reunion of USAF Hospital Clark personnel who were assigned to the Hospital Squadron during the Viet Nam years, from 1964 through Operation Homecoming 1973 when our POWs were released by the North Vietnamese. USAF Hospital Clark was their first Freedom Stop, and their first opportunity for Western medical care except for the medical attention they received aboard the 141 Starlifters from the Med Evac crews who accompanied them to freedom.

The Reunion will be held in
Grand Hyatt DFW
2337 South International Parkway
DFW Airport, Texas 75261-9045
Telephone: 972-973-1234
26-28 October, 2007






Donna at,
Bonnie at, or
Cris and Cathy at


If you know of anyone who may be interested in this information please let us know so we may make every effort to contact them, or forward this data to them on our behalf. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the reunion team.

DL.   or_____   Bonnie Cooper, CMSgt, USAF Retired
Captain Donna L. de Wildt, USAF Retired       6803 Forest Crest N
BSN/FN; MPA/NSA; IBC       San Antonio,TX 78240-3311
President & Protocol Officer       210-520-5580
Diplomatics, Inc. "Protocole de Chancellerie"        
107 Market Street, Suite One        
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801        
Principal Subject Matter Expert on Protocol        
Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)        
875 North Randolph Street, Suite 325, Room 3-079        
Arlington, Virginia 22201        
603.433.1163 /603.512.9324        

To whom it may concern:

I / We plan a reunion every year in June. The date is not yet firm, but will be
held on
Mexico Beach Resort, Florida Panhandle just near Tyndall AFB, FL.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I will attempt
to contact the organizer and let them know.

The units represented most are from the 3d TFW AGS and CRS squadrons.

Information and Contact:
Ken Seif

Headquarters & Headquarters
Squadron - 13th AF

Looking for Airmen who served in the Headquarters & Headquarters Sq.,
13th AF during time frame 1951-1953. 

We (a group of 10 ex-airmen) have a get-together each year and
we are always looking for others who served about the same time.  

If you or you know anyone who served during this time period,
please respond to e-mail address.  

George Jernigan A/1C - 13th AF, 1951 -1953

Plans have been finalized to have a


19,20,21 September 2008

Fitzgerald Hotel and Casino
Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

This Reunion is opened to everyone assigned to Clark or any US Military installation
within the Philippines whenever. We just want to see old friends and meet some new ones.

Point of Contact:
Samuel Hannibal

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