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Posted 3-27-99
Art Proctor, Cubi Point Feb 87' to July 88'

I served at Marine Barracks Cubi Point Feb 87' to July 88'. Looking for Airman Elaine Molina.

Posted 6-21-01
Kenneth O. Decker, 1966-67

I am looking for  a Kenneth Fine, stationed at Clark's during Vietnam 1961st squadron. He is from Michigan, possibly a Staff Sgt during the war. Anyone with any info, please email me. Thank you for any assistance you can offer in my search.

Posted 8-5-01

 I am a Filipino living in the United States for more than 15 years. You have a great web site. I was very disappointed of the Philippine Government's desison to close US Bases in the country. I have been back home to PI 5 times the past eight years and always pass by Clark when traveling to Manila. My cousin lives in Baguio City and and took me around Camp John Hay (previously called Club John Hay, then back to Camp John Hay). The place is usually pack with tourist amd other visitors during the month of April. Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines and Camp John Hay is one of many tourist spots. The last time I was there was sveral months ago and I remember noticing a sign at the front gate (already closed, other access is through the other gate) saying something about the Base being converted to a housing division. By the way, I don't know if you have seen Kevin Costners movie "Thirteen Days", but Patrick Air Force Base, Florida was actually Clark Air Force Base. The Philippine Air Force still had F-8 Crusaders and F-5 Tigers which were used in the movie. "Cuba" was the surrounding vicinity. Great site, keep it up. 

Posted 8-13-01
Sara Henick or

I am an american citizen looking for some information.  If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it since I am on a personal mission to find some information about my past.  I am looking for anyone who knows anyone with the name of Russell (first or last name who was on the base around march to may 1975.  I am also looking to track down a Philipino by the name of Eligia Saracho (first name may also be spelled Alicia) who should be about the age of 52-55 now.  If anyone can give me any information please send me an e-mail. A million thanks if I could obtain some information.

Posted 12-11-01
Gerald White and/or

Hi, My name is Gerald W. and I'm trying to locate a very close relative,  Melvin King.  He was stationed at Clark back in the sixties.  I don't know what rank he held or his squadron during his assignment at Clark.  We really lost touch and I would like to know how he's doing.  Please let him know I'm married.  My wife's name is Victoria and we have a beautiful little girl, Ava, who was born March 6, 2000.  There hasn't been a day when I haven't thought about Melvin King.  Other than this message board, I have no idea of how to contact him.  If you know of his whereabouts or condition, please contact me or forward my email address to his attention.

Posted 12-16-01
Felictas Peredo, Angeles City, 1949 - 1955

If anyone remembers me, I am Fely Peredo, a Filipina now living in the US who worked in Angeles from 1949 - 1955. I had many nice friends in those years there and wish to find out what has happened to some of them, in particular Luz, Lina, Pat and Elena, all of whom worked in Pauline's Club during those years... when things were quite different from what I understand it is like around Balibago today. I will appreciate any information that will help me to get in contact with any of them. I do know that some have passed on, including Julie, Felipinas and Nancy. Thanks in advance for any information.

Posted 1-25-02
Katherine Stanislawski Early 1970's

I am searching for a Patrick Johnson (or a Patrick Johnston) who served on Clark in the early 70's.  He may have worked in the communications department, I don't really know for certain. The description that I have of him is that he had red hair, freckles and was tall.  If anyone has any memory or information of this person, PLEASE contact me.  I am searching for my father whom I have never met, and that's all I want, just to get in touch with him.

Posted 3-3-02
Michael C. Watson
Absalom Jones Foundation

Trying to reach an old friend William (Bill) Ficklin, he left the P.I. around 1972 and he was a pretty good football player, for the Air Force team down there. He's in the states somewhere probably retired. Can anyone help? Thanks

Posted 9-18-02
Gloria (Donald) Lee

My ex was stationed at Clark in 1969 and 1970. We lived off base, and sadly I can't remember the name of the Barrio. We loved it there and the people were wonderful to us. Do you know where there is a web site that shows Clark in the 60's? or pictures of Balibago? My ex was in the supply squardron. does any one remember sgt jimmy [volney] donald or his wife jeanie? would love to hear from anyone who might remember us or know where my ex retired. After all this time, I still miss it and will always have great memories.

Posted 2-02-03

Hello, I would like to correspond with any Filipina dependent wife who was in Balibago working in either Clovers, Gold Coast Bar, The Beavers and Al's Disco.  I worked in one of those places sometime between 1979 and 1982.  I am very excited just to hear of anyone that knows about these places!  Please email me.

Posted 11-29-03

My name is Shirley and was @ the Flying Machine from 79 - 84; worked @ Holy City Zoo in 85; Smut Hut, Proud Mary, and then Love Birds in 86.  If anyone who've worked @ those places around those times could remember me, email me.   Also, anyone who've hanged out in those places and remembers me even just vaguely, you can drop me a line too.  I am also looking for a very dear friend of mine from Holy City Zoo and her name is Jessica.  She had an older sister (forgot her name) that was married to an air force guy named Troy.  They had two boys and they lived in Carmenville and then Mabalacat.  Anyone knows her whereabout please email me and/or let her know that I am looking for her.  I now live in Virginia Beach, VA area.  Would really want to hear from anyone from those era that were there.  Just to talk about the good memories back then.  Thanks a million!

Posted 12-13-03
Jeanie Donald, 1969 - 1970

My Ex and I were at Clark 69-70. He was in the Supply Squardron. Does any one remember Sgt Jimmy [Volney] Donald or his wife Jeanie? Would love to hear from anyone who might remember us or know where my Ex retired.

Posted 1-21-04
Pvt. Billy E. Damron, 1946 - 1948

I am looking for anyone who might have known my father in law.  He was stationed at CLark AFB in the dates above, we are not sure about exacts though.  He was an aiplane mechanic,  Anyone that knew him or who has any information that might be helpful please email us.  Also, this might help, there was an article about him being shot while in a jeep during a gorilla attack.  Everything before and after that is a blur to us.  He died in 1987 of cancer, and did not like talking about his time there.  My husband thinks that he might have been married while there, and heard stories of his wife dying in the ambush.  My husband has also heard that he and this lady had a son.  Please any help will be appreciated.  After he was shot we think he was sent to California.

Posted 2-11-04
Harry Renton, 1953

Hello there I was a member of British Royal Air Force Police and live in the UK. In 1953 I passed through Clarkfield a number of times travelling between Hong Kong and Malay. I would like to say I met quite a few of Air Police and had a real Eyeopener when I was invited to join them on patrol in Manila,I tell you guys those sticks were long and very effective. Memory is fading but I do recollect the club was called higher 8 or similar and was there a lower 6 club?? I always remember the buses taking you around camp. One thing I could not get used to was the open toilets (no partitions) but did like free coke machines all over camp Fond memories, Good luck and health to you all.

Posted 8-2-04
Anna Mochen  1977 - 1980

Please help, I am looking for my father Clifford Nelson.  He was stationed at Clark between 75-80.  Any information would be helpful. 210-670-0571

Posted 12-27-06
Harris, AFPN, 1983

I'm trying to located a servicemember named 'Harris" who could have worked for AFPN in 1983.  If anyone remembers someone by that name, please drop me a note.  I don't know his age, but he was african american and an announcer.  thanks. Major Gene Mundy

Posted 12-27-06
Sgt. Chris Moyer USAF (Ret) Been at Clark AB from 1978 till present

To All  I am Sgt. Chris Moyer USAF (Ret) Been at Clark AB from 1978 till present. I also owned Bogie's Place which opened in the late 1980's. I am looking for anyone who may have photo's from Bogie's. I had a fire in my house and lost all I had. If anyone has any photos and are willing to e-mail some to me it would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Chris

Posted 12-27-06
Michelle Gardon

Hi there, im on a personal mission to locate Pershing Anderson in the 1961st Squadron based in Clark Airbase Angeles City between the years 1973-1976.  Any information of his current where abouts would so greatly appreciated or perhaps an old co-worker who has pictures of him would be also appreciated.  Pershing nickname was "shock" to those who knew him.  Its awesome to find this site although I am no longer living in the Philippines i do have fond memories, now living in Australia I am indeed fortunate.Best of luck to anyone who finds what they are looking for in this site

Posted 12-27-06
Nora, Worked at a bar in Angeles City

I am an Australian citizen and I have a daughter name Grace. I am looking for Danford Young, lived in Hawaii and left the Philippines around 1990-1991 when the Mt Pinatubo erupted. Just want to know how hes doing. please send me an email for any information

Posted 10-03-12
Phil E Baker, civilian assignment 1967 - 1971

My father was assigned to Clark for a four year period. I have many fond memories and loved the Philippines. I am trying to locate two A/F men that were regular visitors to our home. If you have contact with Dale Mickelson or Bill Kontz, or know of their last where abouts . . please contact me or pass along my email address. I would like to contact them for my family. Kathi Baker (age 4 - 9 at time of PI life)

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