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Posted 10-12-01
Jim Thomas EN1, 1966

I have kept a check on the Naval Message block since May and no Messages.I and a group of Sailors landed at Clark AFB.PI. in 1966 in transit to Subic Bay. We were going to Subic to train RPI Naval personell on Swift Boats for their Naval Service use for coastal patrol.I am sure that we would had enjoyed the area around Clark as much as the many times that we had been in Subic Bay.Had to return and fly back to the NAB, Coronado, Ca base. Then left there for another tour in Da Nang RVN with MST-1.

Posted 10-19-01
Chris Callahan, CTRCS (Ret)
NSGA Clark, Philippines (1982-1985)

Anyone out there interested in a reunion for NSGA Philippines, please drop me a line. The reunion would be down the road a ways (2003), and only if we can generate enough interest. The reunion would be open to any Sailor that served at NSGA Philippines, no specific timeframe. We'd probably do it here in the Ft Meade, Maryland area.

Posted 10-26-01
Russ Meredith, CTRSN, NSGA Clark, July 83 to Apr 85

Went TAD to USS Reeves, USS England while at Clark. Anyone remember CTRCS John Jernigan, CTR3 Frank Vamero, CTRC Barnett? aka Buff. Remember the Yellow Submarine bar, Showboat? What was the name of the "Navy" bar where we would have a whites muster every once in a while? It was on Fields Ave. Anyone remember any other bars? I remember a few other "R" branchers. Barnes, McBride, Green, a 2nd Class R brancher nicknamed "Mo". How about CTRC Art Gladue? He conducted orientation for everyone. How about CDRs Frank Zak and C.W. Maillefert? Who was the career counselor? I remember when he got frocked for Chief. He had to carry that log book and the chain around.Wow so many memories, seems so long ago. I miss the PI, but have many Filipino friends with me today. In the 19 months I was at Clark, I taught myself Tagalog. Thanks for this site. It brings back so many wonderful memories.

Posted 10-29-01
Richard "Flyer" Tuck, CTR1(NAC), RET, Oct 77 - Jul 79 (also) Jul 85 - Aug 88 / /

I was with NSGA PI twice.  Oct 77 - Jul 79: HFDF.  Ran Fields with Steve Nesthus, Greg "Pick"Picklemeyer, Bob Miller, Dave Cunningham, Steve Cant, Denny Eskins, Ozzie, John Goode (the late John Goode), and Bob Stump"er".  One of the few to arrive and leave single.  Kicked some butt and field goals with NSGA's football team.   Anyone remember CMD J.L. Jensen?  Held a personnel inspection, Super Bowl Morning, 16 January 1978.  Finished watching the game at the Scoreboard with Bob & Dave.  Dallas beat Denver.  Played a little Ship-Capt-Crew too. Jul 85 - Aug 88: DIRSUP-AIRCREW.  Met up with a bunch of my buds from Korea; Bob"oh" Miller, Ralph "Rotten" Beaudin, Steve "Sleeze" Lee, Tim Shurhart. Bob Stump was there again.  I was married that time around and stayed that way too, not everyone could say that.   Kicked some more butt and field goals with NSGA's football team.  Loved to beat 6922nd. I retired in Jan 99 and have been living and working in Northern Virginia ever since.   Sorry for the names I left out but I made so many friends that I will always remember even if I don't recall all the names. Any and all are welcome to contact me.  I'm in for a reunion.

Posted 11-2-01

   I served at NSGA Clark twice, 1983 - 1986 & 1989 - 1991 (closed the base).  Really hope to see others sign on this board and tell their stories.  My first trip to the Phillipines was in 1981 TAD out of NSGA Hanza, Okinawa.  The first two people I met where CTR2 Ed "Fast Eddy" Quick & CTR3 Scott Sizemore.  I had barely gotten my seabag unpacked & they took me out on the town for a night I will never forget. 
   Got Stationed there in 1983,  origianally an 18 month tour that turned into 39 months.  Remember the overthrough of Marcos, People Power & the base closure that eventually was overthrown by the girls of Angeles.  During the base closure my house was our mustering point every morning.  I remember CWO2 Jerry Mills, Chris Callahan, Steve Lee, "Mouse", Rick Wermers, Russ "Quasar" Meredith, JD & Laurie Cook, Frank Vamero (my room mate). Casey Gately & so many others.
   Went back in 1989.  First thing I remember was that everyone there now was almost the same as 83-86.  Served in DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM.  Before that, we had the Earthquake that rocked Bagio.  Came home, yes I considered the PI home, in March on my 5th wedding anniversary.  Then in June we had the pleasure of expierncing MT Pinatubo.  Remember the base evacuation, AirForce personnel had no clue how to get to Subic.  Then on June the 13th we had an awards ceremony and almost as soon as it was over Pinatubo erupted.  We got all the dependents out & we started shoveling ash.  Went from being Naval Security Group Actity to Naval Shovel Group Activity.  We all spent 6 weeks shoveling ash every day.  To this day I can not stand the sight of a shovel.  I know during this period we all pulled together & did a job than hardly no other command in that area can say they did & I was proud of every damn one of us.
   There are so many stories I remember from my time in the Phillipines.  Most of them, no make that all of them are great memories.  We were a family & know one or nothing could tear us apart.  NSGA RULED, ESPECIALLY THE DIRSUP SHOP.
   I hope Cal's idea for a renunion goes through.  Would love to see everyone in 2003.  Look forward to seeing more messages on the board.

Posted 11-24-01
Jay Hammond, CTRCS(SW) (RET), (aka Dancing Bear)
NSGA Clark Dirsup Shop 1977-1980, 1987-1989

Believe the saying was "IF YOU AIN'T DIRSUP YOU AIN'T SHIT."  Just read Chris Callahan's proposed reunion message and as long as I'm still around I will certainly plan to be there.  For those who do not know of this yet, Jim Racca has put together an NSGA Clark web cite you can access at following:   Exchanged E-Mails with Ralph Rotten a few days ago.  He told me about it and is handling my inviation to join.  Once I'm a member if I can assist any deserving sailor in joining contact me and I'll be happy to assist.  Hope to hear from old friends soon.

Posted 1-27-02
Gary Rosenbaum, CTOC(NAC) RET, NSGA PHIL 78-80, NSGD SUBIC 82-86

Was at CTF75 in Subic in 77 and made an IO run with a team of DIRSUPers from NSGA PHIL and as luck would have it got orders to Clark after that trip.  I checked onboard Jan 78 as a CTO2 and made CTO1 that April. I was in DIRSUP but on the flying side.  I left Clark in Nov 80 and went to Pcola on the EEAP program. Returned to PI in Sept 82 as a CTOC and was at the Det in Subic. I made many trips to Clark on business and of course for some R & R.   I met so many CTs passing through Subic and Clark that it would be impossible to name them all, but I can guarantee you that I probably had a cold Sam Magoo with them from time to time.  Retired out of Skaggs Is in 89. 

Posted 4-11-02
Sylvia Halberg, A1C, medic 4/S, Regional Medical Center, 81-82

Desperately seeking any information on the location of the Navy Liason/Corpsman stationed at the hospital during the early 80's.  His first name was Randy, but I cannot remember his last name.  He drove a white Monza and was known to hang out and party with hospital personnel on a regular basis.  Anyone that can help me, even with a last name, please contact me.  This site is the greatest!

Posted 6-30-02
George R. Dean CTR2/1, Naval Security Group Activity, Dec75 - Dec78.

Arrived at Clark at Christmas after leaving Karen and our almost 2 year old son Justin back in Pensacola.  Finally got the family there in February after jumping thru all the hoops.  Was a DF watchstander for a while and then DF statistician with Lt. Benny Green, CTTCS Gary Cooper etc.  Arranged a number of VP observer flights out of Cubi.  Also served as Balita Editor, Station Photographer and Command Career Counselor.  #2 Son, Gary was born at Clark AB Hospital,  CO for most of the tour was Cdr. J. L. Jensen.  Lived next to CTR1 Major Nailor on base on Dinagit Street.  Before that lived off base in Plaradel II.   Had many great friends, Navy and Air Force alike.  Enjoyed going up to Bagio for R & R.  Went to DG next tour.  Hope to hear from old friends from the PI! Retired at Winter Harbor in 1988 as CTRCS.

Posted 7-21-02
Tom Dixon, 1977 (updated 8-23-04)

This is Tom Dixon Former CTR. Arrived Clark from Diego Garcia in Aug 77. Was stationed at San Miguel 63-66 also. San Miguel is still my favorite beer. I retired from Guam in 86. 73 de Uncle T

Posted 10-25-02
Michael Scribner, SK1, USN (Ret), Feb 82 - Feb 85

My name is Michael Scribner, SK1, USN (Ret). I was stationed at PSD/NATCO Clark from Feb 82 thru Feb 85 as an SK2. I am looking for anybody who was stationed there at that time, in particular, I am looking for marcy Holzinger (PNSN) who was there for 18 months (I think). Staring from Feb 82, SKC Dato, PN1 Danny Aloot and also some guys from NSGA (I lived in the barracks for a few months), CT-3 Steve Broussard, SK1 Gary Gosdzinski (2 Time shipmate, also made LDO, maybe LCDR or Lt Supply Corps), and the DK. All I can remember is that they called him DK Dan. Clark was 3 of my best years in the Navy. I was married (now divorced) and my oldest daughter was born there plus I met a lot of great people. I am also looking for a picture of the NSGA barracks and a picture of the Hospital at that time so that I can show my daughter where she was born, and both of my girls where their dad used to live. Phone 619-887-1550  Cell 619-423-3643 (San Diego area), CA.

Posted 11-27-03
Clyde Wilson, 1977 - 1979

This is Clyde Wilson.  I was stationed at NSGDept Guam/CTF-75 from Oct 1977 to Oct 1979.  Made any trips through Clark AB to Subic for TAD trips.  Spent time working at the COMUSNAVPHIL SPINTCOM center when not actually TAD on a ship.  I have attached a picture taken at Sunny's Bar in Olongopo.  Some people in the picture are: myself (center with glasses and a beer - I was a CTO2), CTOSN Hildebrink (top center), CTO2 Harry "O" Fullmer (top right), CTO2 William F. Richardson (aka Skobie) (in front of my to the left), CTO1 JJ Bales (two people to the left of Skobie).  The remainders are a mix of CTOs, CTMs, and CTRs.  Very fond memories of the great people and times!

Posted 6-14-04
John Fahsbender, ENS, DirSup, 7/84 - 12/85

Clark was my first tour in the navy.  Rode on a WestPac, some SCS ops, and a 6-month stint in the Persian Gulf with COMIDEASTFOR.  Sailed with the two CTR1 Allens, CTR1 Bob Stum, CTIC (later CTICS) Howie Spaulding, others whose names somehow escape me.  Served at Misawa (DIRSUP, OWO) in 86-87, at CNSG (G52) in 87-90, and finally at Ft Meade in 90-92.  After that, got out and went to law school, now in Cleveland at a firm.   All in all, a great group of folks at Clark.  Despite my extreme greenness and tendency to be a smart-ass, I was treated well by all (or at least as well as I deserved) and was fortunate to work with some of the best (and hardest playing) CTs in the navy.  If a reunion is in the works, I'd love to hear about it. 

Posted 7-20-04
Bruce Chandler, CTRC(SW), DIRSUP, 1987 - 1990

Mates... as some of you may know, the PI hounds up, at Ft. Meade, holds an annual Pinatubo Party.  It usually happens around June and the person usually running the show is CTRC(SW) Quinn Sharpe.  This year's was combined with a little celebration commemorating CTIC Ronnie Vesperas's retirement.  I wasn't able to make it, but I hear several people were there including CTR1 (ret) Ted Bryan, CTRC(SW) Pete Farrell, CTRC(SW) Jim Receveur, CTRC(SS) (ret) Greg Conley, and CTRC(SW) Lloyd Winchell among a few others.  Seemed a little reserved this year (meaning less people, not less excitement), but I'm sure another will be held next year and the size depends on the participants only.  See you there! 

Posted 3-6-05
Nestor "NESS" M. Presa, SKC(SW)
NATCO/PSD Clark Air Base/NSGA/PSD Subic, Aug 1988 - Aug 1991 or

Hello shipmates,     Nice to see a website reminding the best and greatest moments in what I call Navy Carribean Of the Western Pacific (before the Pinatubo eruption). Still remember the best sisig by DAU with ice cold San MIguel. For ABHC Renato "ATO" Gonzalez, SKCM Flor Ragasa, then ABH1 Harry Schaum, then ABH2 Trevino and the rest of the NATCO best, drop me a line if anyone will see this. Too sad, SKC Rick Javinar did not make it long enough (RIP).

Posted 4-20-05
PN1 Misael "Mitch" Ramirez
VC-5 Cubi Point, 1979 - 1981
, 1986 - 1990

First of all, great, great site.  I came across it by accident and I'm sure glad I did.  I've barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer.   I was stationed in the Philippines twice.  First at VC-5 from '79 - '81 and the second time at PSD/Navy ATCO on Clark AB from '86 - '90.  My wife and I used to own a little hole in the wall called the  "Midnight Runner" on Gordon Ave in Olongapo.  I was a PN2/PN1 stationed at PSD Clark AB at the time so my sister in law, Grace,  would run the place for us.  Needless to say I was more than a little excited when I clicked on the link for the "Runner" on the bars and photos list and found a photo posted.  That's a sight I've missed for a long, long time.   I enjoyed my time in the Philippines immensely.  Your site brings back a lot of memories.  Mostly good and lots that are still blurred.   Having pulled extensive liberty in both Olongapo and Angeles I can say I had a great time at both duty stations.  Both different yet so much alike.    I haven't been back since I left in '90 other than a visit onboard the Nimitz before Mt Pinatubo erupted in 91.  That was the last time I saw the place other than pics and such.    I've been trying to locate a good friend named Keith H. (Cris) Crecelius.  He was a PNSN stationed with  VRC-50 Personnel at Cubi Point  from '79 - '82 and then later a PN2 on the USS Kitty Hawk before he separated from Active Duty.  Please contact me if you have any information.   Again, terrific site.  Keep up the great work and I'll definitely check in regularly for updates.

Posted 9-18-05
(daughter of) Clinton Elmer Davis JR

I looking for anyone who knew my dad!  Clinton Elmer Davis JR.  Some also may know him as “dave” Davis. He was married to my mom Elizabeth Davis. Died in 1977.  He bowled I would like to know about him.  Please email me with any information.

Posted 9-18-05
Mike Kiefer, YN1, Navy ATCO, 1967

Worked at Navy ATCO.  Lived on base in Navy Housing for two years.  Youngest son, now 38 and his present wife were born at Clark. While at ATCO loved bumping junior officers off flights to put on friends Space-A!  Sent them off to the O Club with their swords, then onto the bus to Subic. One of the last enlisted Navy pilots, Lew Canterbury, worked at ATCO.

Posted 9-18-05
Pat Anderson, 1968 - 1970

I arrived at Clark AB just before Christmas '68.  I worked at Navy ATCO for about a month or two and went over to the Cargo Terminal next door.  I believe it was called NOACT.  Navy Overseas Air Cargo Terminal.  I stayed there through the summer of '70.  I can't remember exactly were my barracks was, but I remember coming out onto the balcony everyday and looking at an unobstructed view of Mt. Pinatubo.  I believe the barracks next to us was for the Clark AB security police.  I remember the Coconut Grove Club, Kelly Theater, watching outdoor movies at the Bamboo Bowl, trips everyday to the Message Center,  and day rooms open 24hrs at the barracks.  But I must have killed off a lot more brain cells then others because for the life of me I can't remember the names of the bars downtown where I had most of my good times.  I can't believe it's over 30 years now.  My name is Pat Anderson, but they called my PJ.

Posted 12-27-06
PNSN Gary Weaver
NATCO/NOACT Clark AB (Dec 1968 – Jun 1970)

I echo the sentiment “Great Site”.  This site brings back a lot of good memories.  It is especially interesting in that while at Clark, I was a PNSN.  However I completed my career with NSG as a 1610.  I was stationed only once in the Philippines with NATCO/NOACT Clark AB (Navy Air Traffic Coordinating Office / Navy Overseas Air Cargo Terminal) but traveled through Clark and Manila several times during my naval career.  I too arrived at Clark AB just before Christmas '68.  I worked at NATCO for the duration of my un-accompanied tour of duty in the PI.  I recall that our group had a bowling team in the base league - the NATCO/NOACT Pirates.  My career took me to many of the duty stations mentioned in the earlier posting; e.g., Skaggs Is., Diego Garcia, NSGA Ft Meade, NSGD Sugar Grove, and Naval Reserve Unit, Oxford OH. 

Posted 12-27-06
Thomas Utts, 13
th Air Force Public Affairs Office, 71 - 73

Hope most of you will be interested to know that my new Clark Air Base history: GI JOE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE is now available. The book covers the entire history of the base from the founding of Fort Stotsenberg to the act-of-God ending with the Pinatubo eruption with stories told by those who were there. For more information go to : Please tell your Clark friends.

Posted 12-27-06
Joe Barr, CTR1, USN NSG, 1963 - 1970

Howdy, I am a plankowner (still have a plaque around somewhere) for the NSGA Clark AFB, RP.  I was stationed at San Miguel, up the coast from Subic, before being transferred to Clark and the 6922nd, so we could use their Wullenweber antenna.  I think that was in 1965, but I'm not positive. My wife and I lived off base in Angeles City.  It was an interesting time.

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