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Posted 12-29-02
Terry S. Clutts Civilian Manager for COPARS (Wheeler Bros., Inc.) inside 3rd Trans., 1975 - 1985

Like to hear from any former Air Force members or Filipino civilians who remember me or Wheeler Bros. I was the tall guy with a full beard. I also worked with several guys who were supply types inside Material Control. I left in 1985, never returned until 1999, have since married a Filipina and have been back about 8 times since. Hoping to retire in Angeles in 2003.

Posted 12-27-06

Hi Donna:   I am a Filipino who worked at Clark Air Force Base as Messboy, specifically at Vinnell Corporation, a privately-owned company from California, that built houses/quarters, roads and runways, right after I graduated from high school in 1964.  For four years, I stayed at the base so I know lot of things as to what the folks are talking about their experiences at Clark and Angeles City.  Although I am not affiliated with any US military service, the mere fact I was there reminded me of many wonderful memories while reading tons of e-mails on this website.   About your e-mail trying to find out  where you can get "Philippine" version of "Mancala", I would suggest you e-mail me back for its descriptions.  I might be able to help you out because I live in Los Angeles where there are so many Filipino stores.  Or you can "Google" it.   By the way, not that you care, I was a Messboy then, but I later went to college and earned a degree in Accounting.  I now work at the Corporate office at The Walt Disney Company here in Burbank, California.   Thank you. 

Posted 10-03-12
Phil E Baker, civilian assignment 1967 - 1971

My father was assigned to Clark for a four year period. I have many fond memories and loved the Philippines. I am trying to locate two A/F men that were regular visitors to our home. If you have contact with Dale Mickelson or Bill Kontz, or know of their last where abouts . . please contact me or pass along my email address. I would like to contact them for my family. Kathi Baker (age 4 - 9 at time of PI life)

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