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Posted 2-9-99
Victor Chandler, U.S. Army Sgt/WO2, 1973

Passing through only, stopped at both Subic Bay and Clark Airbase for R&R...  Stationed in Weonju, S. Korea (1973-1978) and other places around the orient!
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Posted 5-9-02
RJD, 85 - 92

First, I enjoy your web site. It is bringing back memories, good and bad, (some still a little foggy due to too much San Miguel!). I was stationed in Okinawa from 1985 to 1992. I probably spent a years time in the PI, especially Angeles. Oh the memories......Thunder Runs, Smut Hut, Nipa Hut, Girls, Food, San Miguel, Scatterbrain, Superhead, Girls, Food, Air Wolf Inn, San Miguel, Murphies, Mama Miya, Mama Yollie, all the girls and good friends remembered and left behind. And of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most...hahahaha The best of times were after the travel restrictions were imposed in the late 80s. 5 pm curfews and such. Many a night was spent behind locked doors at the clubs. I could write a book about my experiences there. Now, I close my eyes and think back, smile, and sometimes catch myself giggling. Ya had to be there, I tell my friends, because if you weren't there, you would never believe it! I am here in Korea now and have not had a chance to go back. I hope to someday.

Posted 3-2-03
Ken Bower, 1966

Ken Bower here.  Served 1954-1963 in USAF and 1964-1975 in US Army.  Was stationed at Clark AB 1966.  Installed and maintained the MSC-46 Satellite Communications Station at Clark until the first USAF Satcom class could graduate, PCS from Hughes Aircraft Co. Ground Division Training Facility to Clark and take over the PCAB site.  I used the Ships Store at Subic several times while assigned to Clark.  The Philippines was my second best duty of my 20 yr., 4 mo. and 19 days of active duty.  THAILAND was my best duty.  I was assigned to the TSC-54 Satcom site at U-Tapao AB Thailand 1971-1972 and later as Station Chief of the US Army Microwave Communications Station at Sriracha, Thailand.

Posted 4-02-03
Jack L Wilcher (Macon Ga) 1953 - 1955  

I was in 8609 AAU Army unit on Clark from 1953-1955. Sometimes my tour there was like a dream. The one thing I remember most was the aps in town. If I came to town, they gave me a free ride back to base, after their plush accomadations at the Sub Station. Oh well the duty was great and Clark will alway remain a great memory. It gives you a great conversation base in your golden years.

Posted 4-10-05
Robert D. Holland

My Dad was in the 24th Infantry in the Philippines during World War II.  He saw action in Luzon, Mindoro, Mindinao, and Leyte against the Japanese.  Dad just turned 80 and I wanted to see if anyone else was there and might have some memories of the time.  Wilbur Holland is his name if anyone might remember him from those times.

Posted 12-27-06
Thomas Utts, 13
th Air Force Public Affairs Office, 71 - 73

Hope most of you will be interested to know that my new Clark Air Base history: GI JOE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE is now available. The book covers the entire history of the base from the founding of Fort Stotsenberg to the act-of-God ending with the Pinatubo eruption with stories told by those who were there. For more information go to : Please tell your Clark friends.

Posted 12-27-06
Calvin J.Heid, E-4,  July 1988

Passing thru  Hello, I went to Manila on leave from FT.Benning,GA. to get married to a Lovely Filipino lady I meet in Germany. Well any way I ended up getting sick and went to Clark AB to get some decent medical help. Everything worked out ok, I even got paid from finance on the base. Had a great time back then. I'm still married to this day to the same girl, we have a wonderful 16yr.old son. Thanks

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