Posted 02-08-09

Well Folks... I have everything in place. In other words... I'm ready to update and expand this site to the hilt! This is happening because of the following.

1) This site is now on it's own server. Updates and the size of files and photos are now totally irrelevant. This site can grow for years to come, with not a worry in the world.

2) I have just replaced the home computer with the latest and greatest "Black Edition AMD Phenom™ X4 9850 Quad-Core Processing Bla... bla... bla... computer. Sitting down and updating will take a fraction of the time it use to, and with this 16Mbp Cable Internet connection, (that I've been spoiled on for a year or two) placing anything on the site will take only a minute or two. This means a lot to me, because you all have made this site very popular and trying to keep up with it is increasingly harder with the messages, photos, and added sections that need to be placed on the site with all of your great items and info you attach. You know.... when I see and feel the vibe's that you send me in your emails of what you get out of this site, I can't help but what to do more! Thanks!

3) Replaced the scanner with an HP Photosmart 8180 that will do photos up in fantastic detail, whether prints, slides or negatives. Along with the dryer I had to replace, computer and other big ticket items that I bought lately, I feel that I may have started the economy back up all by myself. :-) Lets hope so, because I feel I have been lucky this time around, and I know that there are a lot of folks out there that weren't. If you are one of them, my prayers are out there for you. If anyone should make it out of any bad times, it should be those that offered their life to the protection of our country and to those that were family members who had to experience the special, yet hard life of the military. God Bless you all!

4) I'm sorry to say that I have to remove a section of the site. That section is the "Left Behind" portion. I have found that many have had great intentions on being responsable with that which they thought they created when in the PI only to find that, after spending a lot of money, they were not the responsible party. I will add a section for those that were stationed in the PI to find those that were locals and friends within the message board area, but for those looking for Americans they feel may be related, I will offer other websites and options for you. I wish you the best of luck in your journey and quest.

Thanks again for all that you do and have a great Summer. By the time the weather gets sh_ty again, and all there is to do is sit in front of a computer with a want-to-be San Mig, I should have this site filled with three times the photos, stories and items it has now. Everything that has ever been sent, and isn't posted yet, is sitting in a file getting ready to be posted. That also goes for that which needs to be posted to the message boards and check-in lists.


Any photos and memorabilia that you scan yourself, for submission to this site, should be scanned, in a size, larger than your screen. Nothing smaller than 800 X 600. Preferably larger. I will crop and downsize the photos to fit the site best. For detailed instruction on all submissions, please refer to the link below.

The Message Board, Information, Comments, Check-in's, Reunions and Unit Sections within this site will be updated on a daily basis, if possible, as the information comes in. The Photos and Memorabilia sections will be updated as soon as it is possible. Keep in mind that I'm still a working stiff. I drive truck for a living and spend 5 or more days on the road before I get home time. So don't make the mistake of thinking I'm an 8 to 5 jocky that gets to spend every night in my own bed. That's not a complaint. I love what I do. But it is a different type of life that makes scheduling other personal projects and hobbies different than those that have a more normal life.

Submitting Items To This Site


Sgt. H. James Holub, the Webmaster of this site, is a Military Historian residing in the Communist country of Cailfornia. Amoung other Military goals, the Webmaster has had the interest of preserving the memory of many Historical Military Bases that have closed over the years, and even though he has never been stationed at the majority of these bases (Clark Air Base being one of them) it is his goal to preserve the memories of those who have experianced these very special places.

Dave Stephens (Asst. Photographer)
Former Military Base Preservation Organization (FMBPO)

by Sgt. H. James Holub

An extensive look at another one of the United States former bases in the Philippines.

This is a site that will bring you back to all the bases that were closed,
over time, within the United States.

A site that will be constructed at a later date. Will consist of all other
bases the US had located in the Philippines.

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