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Posted 5-20-08
I wonder if you can tell me if Dwight Eisenhower ever had a 1959 Lincoln Continental on that base. My boss has a car that allegedly belonged to Eisenhower and he is looking to sell the car. It has a Clark Air Base sticker in the center of the windshield. Ckick on photos to see car and decal. It has the number '1561' in the center of the decal.

Click Here For Photos

Greg Gossett

Posted 11-27-06
I was a dependent at Clark in 1966-67 and again from 1971 to 1973, but my query is really historical. I would like to know why Crow Valley was called Crow Valley and if the name was in use prior to World War II. Thanks.

Richard Meixsel (Wagner High, `73)

Posted 10-12-03
I am looking for information on the 1 Test Squadron active at Clark AFB 15 Oct 1969 - 30  Oct 1991.  Detachment 9 at Vandenberg AFB is being reorganized and is standing up a new squadron named the 1 Air and Space Test Squadron.  We are trying to track the lineage of the original 1 Test Sq and I came across your website.  Do you have any information or contacts that could help us identify such information as mission involvement, patches, shields, traditions, commanders.  We would like to have this history represented in our squadron heritage.  Please respond with any information or direction that you may have regarding our search.

2Lt Scott M. Tyley
IFTTLV Test Program Manager Assistant
1515 Iceland Ave. Suite 2, Vandenberg AFB, CA  93437
Phone:  (805) 866-3760    Fax:  (805) 606-8168    Cell:  (805) 588-8870

Posted 3-31-02
My Dad was stationed at Clark AFB from 1946 to 1947...during the rebuilding of the base.  Mom tells me he set-up and ran the club there (don't know if it was NCO or Officers)!  His papers...(he passed away Christmas Day 1999) ...say he was with the 72nd Air Service Group, 313th Bomb Wing. His MOS is listed as Bombardier (1035).  He always told me he was a Navigator on a B-29...maybe on the trip over...or (?) but he entered the Army Air Corp in 1943 and separated in 1947.  One lady sent me information that he had been to training at Camp Kearns in Utah?  Just trying to put it together. He never really talked about it much. Just looking to see if I could locate anyone that might have been at Clark AFB during that time period and knew Dad...or has photos!  I have attached some photos of him that I have found in family photo albums.  His name was: Edwin J. Stanton, most people called him "Joe" or "Stan."  Thanks for any help you may give me.

Click Here for Photos of my Dad

Cathy lou (Stanton) (HOLM), Huntsville, Texas

Posted 4-9-01
I am trying to locate information on the mission and types & frequency of vehicle and aircraft maintenance conducted at the base.  This is for a university project - Any assistance is appreciated.

Noel, Gina M

Posted 10-29-00
I'm interested to learn from someone in the area about economic and industrial developments happening at present on the site of the former Clark Air Base, particularly those related to the production of microfactories for producing WorldStar vehicles for international shipments. Can anyone describe the state of affairs on the grounds regarding the soon-to-be-producing facility?? Thanks

Gil Hedley, Ph.D., USA

Posted 3-4-01
I'm looking for anyone that might have a ball park idea about the functional state of the family housing units on base from the 80's till pinatubo.   Specifically, when there might have been renovations going on and how was it done?  On a recent visit there, I couldn't recognize most of the housing that was on the hill, but that was mainly because they had undergone some structural changes and not because of any damage or foliage covering them.  One are East of Clark Ave on the hill from 35th - 45th places looked like they were in the middle of being rebuilt when they were abandoned.  Was that true?  Where might I be able to find this kind of info? Thanks!

Mike Ward
At Clark from '64-66 and Re-visited Nov '00

Posted 1-10-02
I am looking for information pertaining to what happened to the EC-47's that were ferryed to Clark late in the summer and early fall from NKP in Thailand (I left NKP just prior to this after we installed the extra tanks for the flight). I have been told these aircraft were put on the auction block while at Clark, I would like to have that confirmed by anyone who was on the base at this time. I looking into the disposition of AN009 an aircraft I had the privilage of crewing for a short period of time. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

Guy Plumley N9XBG  (NKP 73-74 Udorn 74)

Posted 5-13-02
My Dad was stationed at Clark Air Force base in 9/1967. I graduated from Wagner High school in fact, in 1968. Today I find out that Dad was flying missions related to Viet Nam.  I never knew that! He never told us that. I was a senior in high school having a NORMAL TEENAGE LIFE! He said he flew over 66 missions.  He was with the 13th Air Force and they flew troops back and forth from Thailand and carried the payroll and supplies to them. I can't seem to find out anything about this on the web....and I am pretty good at searching!!  He mentioned four F102's and air defense in the conversation. Can anyone send me links about these operations?  I am writing a book about my Dad, who is 77 yrs old.  He retired LT COL, 30 yrs @1970?  He was a navigator. "William Morris Jones"

Please write me if you can assit me in this search for material for my book, as DAD does not to talk too long or too much.  He grew tired of my questions. Thanks


Posted 7-01-02
My husband Sgt. James Neal Pipes USMC, was mugged in the Philippines the wee hours of the 22Nov85 while in route, via local taxi, to Clark Air Force Base.  Neal was delivering a aircraft part necessary to repair a plane for flight.  Neal original departure was from Kadena Airforce Base in Okanawa on a C141.  He landed in the Philippines whereby he sought out the first available transport.  The taxi took him to an alley whereby, he fell prey to bodily harm resulting in a coma.  The information he can remember is sparse therefore,
we are trying to find anyone who remembers any part of this injury to provide testimonial evidence for a VA disability claim pending.  To elaborate more on Neal's memory he remembers riding in a Jeep and being literally dumped off at the Gates of Clark Air Force Base.  Thereby a Brigg van (only transport available to carry him) carried him to a facility for him to rest.  He got a key to the door then passed out.  The next thing he remembers is being in a hospital setting and he feels sure it is Clark Air Force Base still.  He then passed out again whereby, waking up in Subic Bay Hospital.  The only testimony so far, that we have documented is from Sgt. Robert Morris who claims to have visited Neal in the hospital.  In his letter he states that he is surprised Neal survived at all as he was in the hospital for a week and in a coma for several days.  Neal has suffered many health issues related directly to this incident therefore, I implore you to assist in any way shape or form.    There are several obstacles in our way,

J. Neal Pipes, Jr. or Sheri Pipes, 7 Tomahawk Drive, Damascus, AR, 72039 or Phone: 501-335-7020

Posted 8-15-02
There was a second cemetary on Clark west of Wagner High School on the way to the rifle range. This was very old and I regret I never stopped to check it out. Does anyone have any information on that cemetary? I was at Clark 68-69 Security Police.

Phil Scholten  Former SSgt

Posted 8-17-02
I am searching for an African-American man named Henry Turner who was stationed at Clark AFB around 1951.  I would appreciate any information at all about him, especially what unit he was assigned to.  He was possibly a Tech Sargent at the time.  He was my father.

Patricia Whitten

Posted 9-20-02
I am looking for information for my father, US Army Sgt Vasco E Rodrigues. He was in Vietnam and caught malaria in June of 1969.  He was transported to Clark Air Force Base Hospital. I need his records to prove he had malaria. If any one can help me help my Father, please contact me. Thank You very much. God Bless all the Vets, and all who served our  wonderful counrty. GOD BLESS THE  USA

Susan Howard

Posted 9-23-02
I've got a problem and I'm at wits end trying to run down information on me and my outfit at Clark. I've got a disability case opened with the VA and no one is able to find records of my flights into Vietnam during my years in the Phillipines. In fact I had a hard time proving I was at Clark. My son was born there in July of 1967 so one of us had to be there!!!
I was assigned to the 29th Troop Carrier Squadron from March 1966 to October 1967. We flew C-130s ferrying troops and cargo all over Vietnam. Many missions carried dead and wounded; many others carried troops on R&R to Bangkok, the Phillipines, etc.
Does anyone know a way you could track down old flight orders or manifests from that period? Any help anone might be able to give would be greatly appreciated. If you need more information on me, just email.   Thanks!

John A. Moran

Posted 11-03-02
Ron Bonner here, MSGT USAF ret.  I lived at Clark early 60's, went to high school , my Dad was stationed in 405th squadron with F-102 aircraft circa '61-63.   Anyway, there was also some sort of weather squadron at Clark during that time, would anyone happen to know what the name of that squadron was in early 60's? Great site and appreciate any info you might be able to pass.

Ron Bonner

Posted 12-4-02
My family was in the Philippines, at Clark A.B., from 1969-1971.  My sisters and I used to play the Philippine version of Mancala.  We bought a board and brought it back to the states with us, but somehow lost it.  I wanted to know if anyone has one they would like to sell, or knows of a website I could go to and buy one.

Donna Stewart

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