___ON BASE___

Over the years that this site has been open, I have had many comments and short stories sent to me from those who have experienced many things while stationed or passing through Clark Air Base. I appreciate all the comments and short stories that many have taken the time to tell me. I thought that I might pass these comment along to you as well. If only one of these, jogs the memory of an experience that you had, it will make this small effort worth while. Hope you enjoy these as much as I have and thanks to those that took the time to share these stories with me!

1) Running Free

Kelly Theater, which my wife and I often frequented, was only a shot of the Kelly cafeteria. One night, after watching "Two Mules for Sister Sara" at the Bamboo Bowl, my wife and I were caught in a sudden downpour. We ran over to the Kelly cafeteria, which was closed for the day, and found shelter from the rain in it's doorway. While waiting for the rain to stop I amused myself by watching the large rats roaming freely throughout the cafeteria.

2) Re-Batching plant

In the 50's we had a Milk plant for Subic and the 13th Air Force.  They had the re-batching plant at Clark to turn Powered Milk back into liquid.  Talk about bad!  I still don't drink milk to this day!

3) The Wall

No where else in my military childhood did I have so many things to do; youthcenter, bowling, football, soccer, basketball (Dad coached), baseball, boyscouts, golf, a BMX bike track (where a Nigreto was kind enough to leap over "The Wall"  grab my brand new dirt bike and throw both it and himself back over the wall, neither to be seen again)  two movie theaters,  endless jungle to explore in search of  W.W.II leftovers (although not by Lily Hill because there was supposed to be old landmines still waiting for their victims up there) the list goes on and on.

4) The Barracks was close!

We lived in a barracks next to a small BX, so had lots of Lucky Lager and San Magoo. We were also one of the closest Barracks to the main gate (only gate), so was just a short taxi ride to town. Really enjoyed my time there.

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