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Over the years that this site has been open, I have had many comments and short stories sent to me from those who have experienced many things while stationed or passing through Clark Air Base and the outer areas. Being one that was never stationed in the Philippines during my tour in the Corps, deeply appreciates the comments and short stories that many have taken the time to tell me. I thought that I might pass these comment along for you to read as well. No doubt, these will mean more to you that were there. If only one of these, jogs the memory of an experience that you had, it will make this small effort worth while. Hope you enjoy and thanks to those that took the time to share these with me!

1) Jet Lover's Place

The "Jet Lover's Place" had been called "Jet 69" until the turn of the New Year of 1970. This was a very basic run of the mill bar, a hot sweaty dump. But the atmosphere was decidedly most congenial, if one were in a slumming mood, or, as we were on election eve 1969, breaking curfew. Caught out after dark, unable to return to base without suffering consequences we'd rather not, we roamed a nearly deserted Balibago, ducking in doorways at the sight of any vehicle resembling authority. We eventually arrived at the Jet 69 and knocked at the door, which was locked tight, all lights out and candles extinguished. Fortunately we were allowed inside and we spent the night drinking and talking in hushed tones with the girls, who were off duty & in their civies, sans makeup, etc. It was one of those weird nights one never forgets, where all bets were off, where Filipino and American, bar girl and G.I... were just people pondering the universe, such as it was that night.

2) Some of the best times

   Some of the best times off-base in Angeles City was from 1984-1991 at the Top 12 bars. They were owned by Harry and Bruce, a couple of ambitious American businessmen. The day to day operations was run by Joe, a bearded former U.S. Navy linguist. He was the heart and soul of the business. The clubs were very successful due to the managers they employed in their bars, specifically the 4 senior ones; Raquel, Tess, Tina and Beth. Other managers were Momi Abeth, Lucy, Baby, Faye, and Jackie. The  staff were always identifiable by the red and blue coats they wore, and they always treated the customers with respect and kept the girls in line.
   Add all that in with some of the best looking dancers and nicest club arrangements, and you had all the makings of success. They had a restaurant (Barney's Beanery) and had 12 hour all you can eat and drink tickets on weekends. Many TDY/station "dito" Airman and Sailors spent time partying in the Viking, Showboat, Flying Machine, Oliver's, Buccanneer, Speak Easy, Abbey Road, Roxy, Temple of Rock, Fantasia, Hotsie Totsie, and El-Toro's. These clubs dominated the bar scene in Balibago.
   I knew the forementioned people well. I had 10 private parties in their clubs from 1985-1991. Most of us were from the Naval Security Group Activity at Clark. We rode ships for 4-5 months at a time and then came back and rented out one of the Top 12 bars for a Battle Group party. Just incredible. Open bar for 4 hours, food, 40-50 dancers, rock music, and a bunch of hormone crazed young men. You can just imagine.....

36) A Young Cherry Boy

This is a story of what happened to a young cherry boy that I knew. I don't remember his name. He got talked into trying "Tuba" the Filipino version of white lightning. On his way back to base he met, in his words, "A very beautiful young lady". He got talked into getting a BJ in the park outside of the main gate. It being night and the park not lighted, agreed. They went to the park and things proceed the way they discussed. While he was being serviced he decided to feel up his new found friend only to discover she was a "Billy Boy" !! Needless to say, he got out of there quick and back on base with out finishing the act.

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