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If you are a Former Serviceman that was stationed at Clark or any nearby
bases and wish to find your Amerasain Child, you may post a message by placing
"CK - Looking For Child"
written in the subject line. I will post your message to the site as soon as I receive it.

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Posted 4-14-02
I am
William Carl Jackson. While stationed at Clark AB I fathered a daughter, Charlotte Jane Jackson (Borja), born Jan 1966. Her mother is Josephina Editha Borja. Jose married an Air Force member and departed the PI. I believe that Charlotte remained in the PI in the Manila area. I would dearly love to make contact with her or anyone who knows her. Her mother had a brother Danny who was a waiter at the Ponderosa Clud and a sister Bing. Thank you for you help.

William Carl Jackson

Posted 5-13-02
I am
Jeffery "Chip" Beck, I was stationed at Clark AB from Oct. 87- Nov. 90, 3rd AGS, 90th AMU Weapons Flight. While I was stationed at Clark I fathered a daughter. I never got to meet her, only seen her picture once. All I can remember is that her mother was named LORNA, and she lived with me in Mabalacat. My daughter would be approx 12 -13 yrs old now. I would really appreciate any help that anyone could give me. I do not know if Lorna married a serviceman or if she stayed in the PI.

Jeffery "Chip" Beck

Posted 12-07-02
My father
JAMES PERRY was stationed on Clark AFB in 1979, and at that time he conceived a child.  Her name is Erika(Erica) and her mothers name is Mercedes. I was born maybe a whole year later, or a few months after her when my father got stationed in Hawaii.  I first found out about Erika since I was 7 (my mother told me) and since then I have been drilling my father about any information about my big sister.  I am now 22 and I am determined to find my sister.  If anyone has any information or can assist me with going about looking for them please let me know. I wish I had a last name, but what I gave is all I have to work with.  Thank you.

Josette Hutchison

Posted 2-02-03
I am looking for my daughter
Mary Christine Hofer born in Angeles city in 1972. Her Mothers name is Viola Lim and I believe she was from Cebu. Any info on her please contract me.

Bob Hofer

Posted 3-9-03
My name is
Anthony Hall. I was stationed at Clark from 85 - 89. I worked at the RMC Dental.  I am looking for Angelica Juaquino (check spelling) or Angelica Hall (per the papers I signed). She would be 14 now. Born Feb 2 in Dau. Mother is Elizabeth Juaquino, originally from Mindinuo (excuse spelling). Last contact was March 1989. Mother was living on 2nd Street. Any one knowing anything, please contact me.

Anthony Hall

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