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If you are a Form Serviceman, who was stationed, or passed through the PI, looking for a Filipina that they knew in the area and wish to post a message in order to find this person, send your message in an email with
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written in the subject line. I will post your message to the site as soon as I receive it.

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Posted 7-28-02
I was stationed at Clark from 87- 89. I knew a filipino outside the gates. He was maybe 7 Years Old at the most. He would meet me at the gates and give me the lowdowns about what was going on in downtown Angeles.. His name was "Bonk", and that's all I knew, and for a 7 year old he sure was street wise and helped me out of some sticky situations. In return I would give him many many pesos and feed him. He would help me find my way back to the gate at late hours when I was drunk and made sure that locals would stay away from me at an opportunistic situation ( I remember him arguing with a guy that I was "His" American) and he saved my ass. It seemed whenever I needed eyes, he was there, almost like a ghost he would appear out of the dark grab my hand and at the least pull me toward the right direction till we made it to the main gate. He even knew what dorm. I lived in (7513) and my room (114) and told the cabbys to get me there. He was an orphan. I never saw family and he never went home. Had I not been so young at the time I would have adopted him and took care of him and brought him back to the states. I was wondering what happened to him, especially after Pinitubo. He would know me only by "Brooks" or "Brooksie". If anyone would know how to get hold of him, or if he would see this message. Please contact me right away. Thanks!

Charles Brooks, Crew Chief, 3rdAGS/3rdAMU

Posted 10-25-02
I would like to locate
Lilly Ariola, whom I met in the P.I. while stationed there in 1966 and 1967. I was a member of the 1961 Communication Group. USAF.    

Paul Henderson

Posted 12-08-02
Looking for
Romulo Pangilinan 47 years old from Barreo Lourdes Angeles City. Was our house boy and a very good friend, very trustworthy. Lost contact with him about 15 years ago. Really great kid, last saw him when he was 14 years old when I left Clark.

Phil Scholten
Former SSgt 6200 Sec Police Squadron

Posted 1-10-03
Looking for an old tennis friend from Angeles. I was the PACAF tennis champion in 1960 and 1961, and used to play with the Angeles city tennis champion on and off base...his first name was Tony, but I have forgotten his last name....he and his family were quite hospitable to me, and I ate my first balut and cameroons at his house, much to their delight.  Just wondering if he is still roaming the tennis courts of the PI.   Gene Waters of the 6925th RSM

Gene Waters

Posted 1-13-03
My name's
Cliff Huber. I was in the Navy but in and out of Clark AB in the early 80's.  The mamasan at the Show Boat was a very nice, very lovely woman named TinaShe'd have been there in 80 - 82...She made a good impression on me and my friends, very hospitable, always made sure that we were comfortable.  If anyone knows her whereabouts, please put her in touch with me, or at the very least, let her know that someone out there will always remember being touched by her kindness!

Cliff Huber

Posted 1-22-03
Kenny is looking for Edna.  I was stationed at Clark from June 1976 thru December 1977.  I met a young girl in 1977 that I have never forgotten.  She worked in town and used the name 'Sally'She worked at Louise's Beer Barn the last that I know.  Her family is from Manila.  I believe that one of her sisters had a baby that same year and married an Air Force guy.  Two of her sisters were married to servicemen.  She would be about 40-41 years old this year.  I am not sure of her last name, but if contacted I would be able to verify her identity.  Salamat po.


Kenny Pinto, A1C, USAF 3rd CES/ Power Production JUN 1976 - DEC 1977

Posted 3-2-03
My Name is
Bob MinottI was stationed at Clark AB from Dec. 68 to Dec 70.  I was in the Army Security Agency.  Our unit name changed over the years.  In the early 60s it was the 9th ASA Field Station.  Later around 1966 it changed USASA Comm Unit - Philippines.  Our barracks was across from the swimming pool and next to the Airman's Club.   Our communications center was out near the perimeter fence and known as Stotsenberg Station.   I am looking for any who worked in our barracks or knows anyone from our unit.  The Brown Derby in Angeles was an ASA (Army) hangout.  Many of us also went to the Shamrock Club.  Any from those bars please contact me.  I am in contact with many from our unit.  It would be great to re-connect with some of our PI friends.   Some names of the girls at the Brown Derby are Tita Bravo, Ester de Guzman, Rosie, Cellie, Auring.   I have attached a photo of my son Dennis being held by the girls from the Brown Derby.  I am in contact with Dennis who found me with help from the internet 1999.   Thank you.


Bob Minott

Posted 3-9-03
Hello. My names is Anthony Hall. I was stationed in the PI from 85-89. I worked at the RMC Dental Clinic. Use to hang on A Avenue, Doc, Space Lounge, Mr Kelly, Big Apple, Fields Ave, The Row, etc, etc. Looking for friends from those times and places, but specifically for Angelica and Beth, Mother and Daughter, or Faye Canete, or Louie David. I'll keep my fingers crossed. There where so many friends, to many to mention, but I'm looking for those who can help me find my daughter.

Anthony Hall

Posted 4-20-03
My first tour in the PI was from 1974-1976.  I dated a lovely lady named Leticia Halili Dey for about one year.  Her Uncle was Mayor of Mabalacat at the time.  I left the country and lost contact with her, but I know she still has my High School Ring.  I DON'T want the ring back....I would just like to say Hello to Lety and see how she is doing.  

Gregory E Krebs, SMSgt, Retired
3rd Law Enforcement Squadron  

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