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If you are Amerasian looking for your other parent who was once a serviceman passing through or stationed at Clark or other bases nearby and wish to post a message in order to find this person, send your message in an email with...
"CK - Looking For Parent"
written in the subject line. I will post your message to the site as soon as I receive it.

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Posted 11-11-01

Posted 12-18-01
Donna Lee Watson

Hi! I am looking for an air force guy who was stationed in the Philippines probably during the year 1970-1971 because I was born August 24, 1971. He was stationed at Clark Air Base in Angeles City and my mother said that he is in the Supply Squadron, I never knew him because he left when I was still a kid and now that I am in the United States I am thinking that it will be easy for him to find him but I am not having any luck. The reason for my looking is just to meet him my father I only know his name William Ficklin "Bill" as his friends and my mother call him and by the way my mother's name is Clarita Bioc and I was in Angeles City. If there is someone that can read this and have information about him please help I have been looking for him for a very long time.   For the people who created this site may God Bless you for creating this. If you want to contact me for any information about my father you can send me an email at the address below. I will appreciate to any information that you can give me.   Thank You.

Posted 12-18-01
Doris Gritz Baker
Contact: Donna Lee Watson,

Hello, I am helping a girl named Doris Gritz Baker to look for her father Dennis L. Baker he was stationed in the Philippines the year of 70's to 80's in Angeles City, Doris was born April 8, 1979 and his father's birthday is April 23. Doris is a grown up lady and she is trying to find her father for a very long time and she's hoping with the message someone knew him and be able to give her information about him we have his Social Security Number they say it will help us but we are still having a hard time.  If someone know about Dennis L. Baker you  can email me. Thank you.

Posted 3-17-02

I am searching for an Air force personnel who was stationed in Clark Air Base during the late 70's, but particularly around 1976 to 1977. I don't know what rank he served by or have any description of him, other than he was an African American who may go by the name of Alfanzo Maury (name can be pronounce closely to that spelling) who was involved to a young Filipino woman by the name of Nelda Igneo during his stay in the PI. She concieved a child during his departure. This is all the information I know of him, I'm searching for help in trying to find more information in contacting him, he has a daughter who's sincerely looking to find him. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Posted 3-30-02

I am looking for James E. Ryle whom I was told was stationed at Clark Air Force Base starting around mid May/June of 1971. He was stationed at Arlington Hall in Arlington, Virginia sometime prior to Clark.  I am really only posting this to tell him he may have a 30 year old son and a beautiful 10 year old granddaughter.  I realize some biological parents would rather not be found.  It would be nice, but at least this is here in case he reads this. I he reads this message and would like to make contact, feel free to email me.  Thank you.

Posted 3-30-02

I have a friend in the Philippines who is now 27 years old. He is part filipino/american. He was told his father was Dennis Ferguson, and a year ago, an american was looking for him through the radio station. Unfortunately he wasnt around the village and it was too late when he was informed. He is still looking for his father.  He is also named Dennis. He was born in Angeles City July 22, 1974. He was told that his father was a member of the 405th Security Police Squadron at Clark Air Base from 1972 -1975. He was also told that he used to work with a certain John Kelly and had a friend named  Darrel Cracker who married a filipina called Lani. These are the only information we have. When Dennis (my friend) was little, he used to get an allowance from Pearl S Buck Foundation, and whenever he was sick he was treated at the Clark Air Base Hospital. He hasnt seen a picture of his dad but he was told that he looks like his father. I am a very close family friend and I live in Sydney, Australia. Dennis is in the Philippines and we thought we might be able to locate his father from here, as we have better resources. Any info or contacts would be welcomed.

Posted 3-31-02

Hi! I just found this website. I've been trying to locate my father for a very long time but didn't know how with the very little information I have. My mother's name is Teodora "dory" Lim. She was 22 years old at the time of my birth. She told me that my father's name is Vernon Milles and that he was stationed at Camp O'Donnel. I was born on Feb.10,1958 at # 34 Burgos St. Angeles City, Pampanga. I was christened on Feb. 4,1959. My godfather's name is George Bucola. I'm sure that you've noticed that most of the information here pertains to me and not of the person I'm searching for. That's because I really know next to nothing about my father. Since I'm the only child of my mother I'm also wondering if I have any half-brother or sister. If by any chance anybody has any information please contact me.

Posted 7-03-02
Anne Joyner

I am looking for information regarding RONALD O'NEIL JOYNER who was stationed at Clark Air Base, up to abt. 1969. My name is Anne Joyner, and I am 32 years old. I am her daughter. I kinda like for him to meet his 4 lovely grandchildren from me. My thanks for your kind assistance.

Posted 7-30-02
Justin A. Ramsey

Hello. My sister, as far as I'm concerned, is looking for her father.  She was born at Clark in August of 1977.  Her mother is Gloria Galasi.  Gloria married my father while she was pregnant with Jessica.  My father's name is Andrew Ramsey.  The only information we have about Jess' father is that his first name is "Carl" and was either stationed or residing in the Clark area until 1977, when I guess he mysteriously disappeared while Gloria was pregnant. Any information pertaining to "Carl" is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted 8-16-02
Imelda (Dimarucut) Hicks

Would like any assistance that anyone may give in locating Ronnie Carl Dates, he was a light complexioned Black man from Chicago or the surrounding area.  He was stationed at Clark Air Base from about 1984 until his PCS in 1988.  He was in the 3rd Civil Engineering Squadron.  He is probably retired now. The reason for this search is that he has two children, Vanessa Dates who is presently 14 years old and Vincent Dimarucut (Dates) who is  13 years old. Ronnie was dating my sister, Dolores Dimarucut prior to both childrens birth. He later denied that Vanessa was his child.  And he PCS'd from the Philippines before he could find out about Dolores being pregnant with Vincent.  I would like to see them reunited and Ronnie at least acknowledge that he has two children in Angeles City. Pleas contact us Ronnie, or If anyone has any information on where he can be contacted, please send an email to me.  Your help will greatly be appreciated.

Posted 11-04-02
Your biological son,  

Hi! I'm trying to search for my biological father [a US Air Force pilot(Caucasian)] or someone who knew him, who was stationed or passed through Clark Air Base sometime in 1965-1966. He met my biological mother at the "La Copa Cabana" in Balibago and visits her at home in Dau.   From the information I gathered from my babysitter, he was said to have been sent to Vietnam by the time I was born in August 26,1966. He wasn't able to come back and there was no word about him(only rumors that his plane was shot down). Three months after I was born I lost my biological mother when she gave me away to a childless couple 'cause she was unable to support me.I stayed in Dau until 1983 when I had to move to Manila for college. I've been trying to look for him since 1987 but with such sketchy details its quite diffficult.   If anyone know or knew my biological father, pls tell him that, I want him to know that I survived the tragedy that befell us and wish that he did as well. Even without his presence and identity he inspired me in a way 'cause I always wanted to be a fighter pilot especially when I see those aircrafts flying from Clark.(these dreams are still alive). I'm an aeronautical engineering graduate (thanks to the Pearl Buck Foundation) and I've been workin in the aviation industry for 15 years now. I've been in and out of the States for quite a number of times in the past learning about our people and our heritage. I was educated & bred by Americans, I work with Americans therefore I'm basically an American. Someday I hope to go home Stateside for good with his grandchildren (they don't know yet that that their dad is a Philippine Amerasian or most people for that matter). If by chance he reads this.....GOD bless you! It's okay, it was nobody's fault.  What's important is your blood flows through my veins, that's enough to make me feel close to you. Peace be with you.

Posted 12-07-02
My name is
Mary Ann McGuire and I am searching for my biological father George Martin unknown middle initial.  His possible hometown is Traverse City, Michigan.  He is a W/M between 50-60 yoa,he has at least one brother close in age and was in the military in the PI during 1968-1972.  My sister's name is Mary Grace born in 1968 and myself 1970, in Angeles City.  My mother's name is Cora Baylon 56 yoa.  I'm unsure of what branch of service he was in, possibly something to do with helicopters or in the medical field..Our purpose for this search if for any medical information that is pertinent to us. We are financially secure and do not seek any support. Thank you for your time.

Mary McGuire, So. FL

Posted 12-17-02
My name is
Josefina D. Ocampo. I met Luis Cortez, a U.S. Marine, which was stationed at CLARK AIR BASE, Philippines between 1982-1983. I had a short relationship with Luis Cortez between December 1982 to January 15 or 16 1983 which bear me a son Lewis Ocampo on October 11, 1984. During our short relationship we stayed at PHILIPPINES RESTAURANT & INN, I hope this information will bring memory to Luis Cortez. We're now residing in CANADA , and my son Lewis Ocampo is a fine young man now. We are asking HELP PLEASE !!!   whoever has any information about this matter, thiis is not about me, but for my son, to at least will know who his father is. Again, my name is JOSEFINA OCAMPO, I can be reach at (514) 369-1598 between 09:00-17:00 during week days or thru this e-mail address which belongs to my friend.Any information please dont hesitate to contact me. Hoping & Longing,

Josefina Ocampo

Posted 1-7-03
My father was stationed at Clark in 1965/66.  His name is John W. Richards and I believe he was from Maine.  I also believe he was related to a Maxine Barker for New Hampshire (or Vermont).  I say "I believe" because I've never seen him; I don't believe he knows I exist.  After 36 years, I found out that I was adopted and that I was actually born Robert John Richards, also son of Violeta Corpuz of Baguio City, PI.  I'm over the initial shock, and I'm now a great big ball of curiosity wanting to know things like: do I look like my father, do I have siblings, and especially if he's still alive.  I'm trying to dig up historical references to help my search, but if anyone remember John W. Richards (1965/66), who was about twenty years old at the time, please let me know.  Thanks a million and if you can point me out to some resources, I'd be greatly appreciative.

John J. Sarver, MSgt, USAF

Posted 3-19-03
Hi, I was wondering if you know of any
"James Seeberg" I'm not really sure how it's spelled but that's how my mother pronounced my father's last name before my mother Tessie Borja passed away. I would really appreciate it if you could give me any information of my father. I am now a family man and need no financial support, just need to know my roots. Thanks again. Note: I was born on July 1970 so I believe my father was in the Clark air base between 1968-1970

James Borja

Posted 3-18-12
Hello. The details of my life journey are complex and baffling. My earliest memory was living in a hut type house on stilts, over water. There were several other children there as well. It was some sort of corrupt orphanage? Around the year 1975 or 1976, a filipino woman (named Elena Tambidao)  and an American man came into the orphanage, and bought me. Elena, claimed she was my mother, and that she had left me there when I was a baby. However, it's safe to say this was a lie. I clearly looked like I was not full blooded filipino, and thats why I was chosen. I was told that I was 5 years old, when they bought me. Yet, I already had a couple of my adult teeth. So, I believe I may have been around 7 or 8.  Elena, married two American navy men, in the span of 2 years (the first marriage was  6 months before I was bought), in the hopes of immigrating to the United States. She was a very abusive, and emotionally unstable woman. We spent some time at Clark Air Force Base. Once, we finally came to the U.S. (in about 1976) the abuse became apparent to my teachers, and I was put into foster care. I am now in my 40's, and I am on a quest for answers. Recently, I found the man who bought me (I hadn't spoken to him since they divorced before we left the Philippines when I was around 6?), and the details surrounding my adoption were hazy for him. However, he does remember that he believes the orphanage was in Caloocan City, PI.  I know that it would be unrealistic for me to expect that I would find my birth mother or father, given the complicated circumstances. Therefore, I am just hoping to find some answers. For instance, are there any G.I's out there that recall an orphanage in Calacoon City? Does my story sound familiar to anyone? If anyone has any information, insight, or advice, PLEASE let me know.

Tenielle Hefner

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