Written Articles of Clark Air Base and Related Locations

RP-US Naval Exercises Kick Off Today
U.S., Filipino paratroops work together during Balikatan exercises
Balikatan exercises survive political, civil upheaval in Philippines
Earthquake Bulletin - Luzon, Philippines
Mt. Pinatubo and the adventure it offers
Liberty still restricted for troops in Philippines after Balikatan 2001 exercise
U.S. should shift military focus in Asia closer to potential hot spots
Philippines official: Arriving U.S. troops aren't there to help deal with rebels
Search, rescue of missing American soldier ordered
Missing U.S Navy lieutenant turns up
Navy officer's survival instincts kicked in after attack by guerrillas
Officials question wisdom of sailors' excursion to Mount Pinatubo
Subic-Clark toll road needs $425 M
Ten years after U.S. Military pullout, Filipinos debating economic effects
Many needy Amerasian children are legacies of U.S. presence in Philippines
Clark May Be Up for Rent. Manila Strapped for cash
Glo allows U.S. planes to use former bases
Gov't grants US request to land, refuel, fly over RP
Clark Renamed Diosdado Macapagal Int'l Airport
Filipinos Recall Hijack Suspects Leading a High Life
Smart, DoT open easy route to Pinatubo
250 American sailors were diverted
UK Company Firms Up Clark Investment
US troops instructed to go home
A pool shark's teeth - Philippine 'Maestro' just hates to lose
The US government has no plans for military bases
New Clark Investment Welcomed
More US planes, ships join Balikatan - Exiled CPP leader orders attacks
Gov’t to fast-track railroad projects
Subic-Clark expressway operational by 2005

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